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Fw: Re: A day without illegal aliens ( PASS IT ON )

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  • Charles L Morse Sr
    ... From: Charles L. Morse Sr. Date: Sunday, April 09, 2006 20:10:36 To: millerandmiller@msn.com Subject: Re: A day without illegal aliens ( PASS IT ON ) Here
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 9, 2006
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      From: Charles L. Morse Sr.
      Date: Sunday, April 09, 2006 20:10:36
      To: millerandmiller@...
      Subject: Re: A day without illegal aliens ( PASS IT ON )

      Here is what I have to say about illegal aliens.

      Both political groups are playing us for suckers . Democrats and Republicans

      They both want the cheap labor , votes to protect their butt's , use the
      labor to break the unions .

      They both want the big business donations for giving them this cheap labor
      pool .

      Business will get a brake on benefits for these people and the middle class
      tax payers will pick up the bills .

      I have nothing against the Mexican people or any one that comes here legally
      . I think we should respect others border laws as we want them to respect
      ours .

      I personally plan to send a one dollar money order to my Senator and
      congressman , each . It will be made out to the independent party . But the
      envelopes will be special delivery addressed to them . Requesting a signed
      receipt .

      What better way to tell a politician your unhappy with the job he is doing .

      Sending him a nauseants some of money that he or she can't spend or touch .
      If he cashes the money order it will be the end of him or her .

      It will remind them we are one vote each and they are not doing their job .
      They don't have to listen to the poles . But they have to face argument of
      the vote .

      I'm lucky .


      I'm unhappy with both parties playing politics with the immigration issue .

      So they both will get a one dollar donation each .

      To give to the INDEPENDENT PARTY .

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      From: Jack Miller
      Date: Sunday, April 09, 2006 14:23:14
      Subject: A day without illegal aliens

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      From: Gene Dunks

      Sent: Friday, April 07, 2006 10:48 AM
      Subject: A day without illegal aliens

      A day without illegal aliens

      The reaction to my idea for "A Day Without Americans" has been
      overwhelmingly positive and strong.
      I have a feeling, based on my own sense of outrage among dedicated,
      hard-working, loyal, taxpaying, honest U.S. citizens, that most Americans
      are fed up with illegal aliens – and their new inclination to demonstrate a
      sense of entitlement is only making matters worse.
      It's one thing to sneak into this country in search of a better way of life.

      It's one thing to take up permanent residency and start dropping anchor
      It's one thing to take advantage of America's education system, its hospital
      care, it's Social Security system and its generous welfare system.
      It's one thing to be part of a wave of unwanted and unwelcome and
      unauthorized immigration that is changing the very character of our
      English-speaking country.
      It's one thing to be part of a population shift that has made it easy for
      drug dealers, criminals and terrorists to hide behind the skirts of ordinary
      It's another thing, though, to act like you are doing your host country a
      favor by being here.
      It's another thing to insult those hosts who have been so patient with you,
      so tolerant, so accommodating.
      It's another thing to fly the American flag upside down and to hoist the
      Mexican flag above it.
      It's another thing entirely when you start saying that you have more rights
      in this country than do American citizens.
      And those have been the messages American citizens have been getting from
      these massive rallies in Los Angeles and Chicago.
      Suffice it to say the illegals and their supporters are doing more to harm
      their cause – and alienating themselves from mainstream America – than
      anything the Minutemen have ever done.
      Now they are threatening to hold "A Day Without Latinos."
      They might be very surprised to find out how many Americans would be
      delighted to have at least one day without Latinos – especially without the
      illegal alien variety of Latinos.
      In fact, Americans are pretty sick and tired of all groups who label
      themselves as anything but Americans – all the while assimilating
      themselves into our lives and our pocketbooks.
      I think Americans will be grateful when May 1 comes along and we have a day
      without illegal aliens. I don't think the American economy will skip a beat.
      I don't think any Americans will lose a wink of sleep. Do you know of anyone
      – with the possible exception of Archer Daniels Midland Corp. – who is
      honestly worried about a day without illegal aliens in America?
      I don't know about you, but I could get used to such days. I'd like to sign
      up for more. I think that will be the attitude of most Americans as May 1
      comes along – especially if those illegal aliens are out in the streets
      calling the rest of us racists, bigots and imperialists, again.
      I don't really have a beef with Mexican peasants who try to make a way for
      their family by escaping the horrific conditions of exploitation and poverty
      that exist for them south of the border. But I do have a beef with George
      Bush, the U.S. Congress, the Ford Foundation, the Council on Foreign
      Relations, the Carnegie Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, George Soros
      MALDEF, LULAC, La Raza, MEChA and the rest of the pukes trying to override
      the rule of law and the will of the people in my country.
      So, while the activists are running "A Day Without Latinos" up their Mexican
      flagpole, I'm running my own idea up the U.S. flagpole.
      Consider "A Day Without Americans."
      I don't know exactly what it means. I don't know exactly when it is. I don't
      know exactly what we do or don't do. But consider the power.
      Maybe it's July 4.
      Maybe it's Election Day.
      Maybe it's right around the corner on April 15.
      All I know is that it's time for real Americans to stand up for freedom,
      self-government, the Constitution, independence, self-reliance, sovereignty,
      God and country.
      We had better start planning our own day of reckoning.

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