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264Re: skull cleaning

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  • Harald
    Dec 3, 2006
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      Perhaps a coating of polyuerethane would restore the gloss as well as
      protecting the bone. I rather like the stained look though, as it
      gives an 'old' quality to the skull.

      --- In roadkillandtaxidermy@yahoogroups.com, "Victoria Arundell"
      <baphomiss@...> wrote:
      > you could bury it to clean it but it stains the skull a bit. boiling
      > it in a large pot over a few hours will remove flesh but antlered
      > skulls could be tricky. i left a sheep skull outside until it was well
      > rotted-down. hosed it then soaked it in petrol for a fortnight to
      > degrease it. much cheaper than taxidermy supplies degreaseants and
      > just as effective. then a few days soaking in a mild bleach solution
      > left it white. it took the shiny finish off the skull though and left
      > it matt-looking. peroxide might be better and you can get big bottles
      > of it cheap from chemists.
      > Victoria
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