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student support for markup (including RELAX NG) conference

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  • Syd Bauman
    BALISAGE 2010 STUDENT SUPPORT AWARDS Students! An inexpensive way to attend a most excellent technical conference! Balisage is the premier international
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      Students! An inexpensive way to attend a most excellent technical

      Balisage is the premier international conference on markup languages,
      technologies, theories, and practice. It is held annually during late
      summer in Montréal, QC. (But don't take our word for it: try Googling
      it: http://www.google.com/search?q=markup%20conference.)

      This year, support for attending Balisage 2010 will be available for
      some full-time students in the field of markup technologies and
      related disciplines including Computer Science, Library and
      Information Science, and Digital Humanities.

      Thanks to our sponsors, award winners will receive substantial
      * Reimbursement for travel to and from Montréal
      * Accommodations at the Hotel Europa, the conference venue, for the
      * Full conference registration, including breakfast and lunch

      To be eligible, you must be currently enrolled full time in an
      academic degree program, as documented in your CV. And you must
      have a demonstrable interest in and commitment to our field.

      In order to qualify, please submit an application that includes
      the following:

      * Application Letter. Tell us, in a page or two, why you want to come
      to Balisage, and how attending Balisage will help you. Describe your
      academic research program, professional interest in the field,
      perspective on important issues (addressed and not adequately
      addressed by the community and in the industry), or anything else
      you feel will recommend you and your work to the conference
      committee and Balisage community at large.

      * Academic CV, listing any of the following: relevant course work,
      research projects (with links where applicable), published papers,
      conferences attended, professional employment and activity,
      blogging, etc.

      * Letter(s) of recommendation (at least one) by professionals
      (academic or not) who know your work and can speak to your
      engagement with markup technologies.

      * Permission to publicize, at the conference and in connection with
      it, your name and participation, in announcements and related
      materials such as the program. Part of the reason for Balisage is to
      develop professional contacts among the attendees. You want to know
      us, and we want to know you.

      * Optional: a paper submission for the conference. (See the Call for
      Participation at http://www.balisage.net/Call4Participation.html.)
      Papers submitted in connection with an application for student
      support will not guarantee you win support, nor will papers
      submitted by applicants necessarily be accepted for the program. But
      a paper submission, even if not accepted for the program, will
      strengthen your application.

      Application materials will be accepted in plain text, HTML, or PDF and
      are due on April 16, 2010 (the same day Balisage paper submissions are
      due). Please send applications to info@..., with the subject
      line "Student award application". Be sure you include contact

      Awards will be offered at the discretion of the conference committee.

      Find out more about the Balisage series of conferences at
      http://www.balisage.net Then come to Montréal to experience the
      cutting edge of this fascinating field at the crossroads of
      technology, textual studies, database theory, and philosophy.

      "There is nothing so practical as a good theory"
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