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Re: Schema with <interleave>

Yes, you cannot use interleave on multiple patterns that use the same element name. You can relax your model in Relax NG and enforce the additional constraint
George Bina
Jul 12, 2017

Re: Schema with <interleave>

... Hello, I'm replying to this thread since it seems to be what I'm confronted to. ... So, If I understand correctly, here is what I have: - There is an
    Daniel Dehennin
    Jul 11, 2017
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    Validate arbitrary sequence of fixed list of tokens in attribute

    Hi, I have a model in which an attribute is used to hold an arbitrary sequence (list) of known tokens (tags). Think of it like an "HTML element's class
      Christian Roth
      Nov 25, 2016
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      Re: Jing unable to process XML catalogs with multiple nextCatalog?

      On Sat, Oct 31, 2015 at 12:25 PM, Norman Walsh ndw@... ... Hi! I don’t think so, because testing it with resolver.jar works (that is, invoking
      Nikolai Weibull
      Nov 15, 2015

      Re: Jing unable to process XML catalogs with multiple nextCatalog?

      ... I managed to figure it out, see https://github.com/relaxng/jing-trang/issues/200. OasisCatalog wasn’t overriding newCatalog, as it should. ... I guess
      Nikolai Weibull
      Nov 3, 2015

      Re: Jing unable to process XML catalogs with multiple nextCatalog?

      ... Also worth noting is that Jing only seems to work with Apache XML Commons Resolver, not the new XMLResolver.
      Nikolai Weibull
      Nov 3, 2015

      Re: Jing unable to process XML catalogs with multiple nextCatalog?

      ... Sounds like a resolver bug to me. If you can post a reproducible test case at https://github.com/ndw/xmlresolver I'll take a look when I can. Be seeing
        Norman Walsh
        Oct 31, 2015
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        Jing unable to process XML catalogs with multiple nextCatalog?

        Hi! I’m having trouble getting Jing to process an XML catalog with multiple nextCatalog entries. If the catalog that contains the rewrite that I need is
        Nikolai Weibull
        Oct 17, 2015

        New Python 3 RELAX NG validator called Prang

        Hi, I've just released a new Python 3 RELAX NG validator called Prang: http://pythonhosted.org/prang/ http://pythonhosted.org/prang/ it passes the RELAX NG
        Sep 23, 2015

        Re: Implicit <group>ing of <define> [NEWBIE Q]

        Thanks John. ... yes, that's what I am looking for. ... How would this be done in my example, or specifically: What would the exact contents of a
        Christian Roth
        Jul 10, 2015

        Re: Implicit <group>ing of <define> [NEWBIE Q]

        you can define B and C in two separate patterns. or if what you really want is to inline a code snippet, you could use , which is just a
        John Madden, M.D., Ph.D.
        Jul 8, 2015

        Re: Implicit <group>ing of <define> [NEWBIE Q]

        Perhaps you are overthinking it? think 'div' in html? Just a wrapper. e.g. from Atom
        Dave Pawson
        Jul 8, 2015

        Implicit <group>ing of <define> [NEWBIE Q]

        Hello, I just fell hard on the implicit ing of . Hard, because I didn't expect it, it is not mentioned (that I can see) in the Relax NG
        Christian Roth
        Jul 7, 2015

        Deliberation RuleML 1.01 Release

        The Deliberation RuleML 1.01 spec [1] has been released [2]. It allows existential variables in the "then" part of, e.g.: a) Datalog+ rules, as required, e.g.,
        Harold Boley
        Aug 1, 2014

        Fixing issue 161: No formatting of messages coming from Xerces

        Why hasn’t ValidatorImpl been patched with the provided patch to issue 161? https://code.google.com/p/jing-trang/issues/detail?id=161 It seems to work fine
        Nikolai Weibull
        Jul 15, 2014
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