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PBX/ACD/WAN specialist

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  • troydmorris@yahoo.com
    Seeking part time work. Available Tues-Thurs. (days or nights) and every other Friday. 10 years experience. TROY D. MORRIS 9951 S. DEER CREEK CT. HIGHLANDS
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2001
      Seeking part time work. Available Tues-Thurs. (days or nights) and
      every other Friday. 10 years experience.

      9951 S. DEER CREEK CT.
      WK: 303-714-7174 Email: troydmorris@...
      HM: 303-470-7956


      Continue my established career in the Telecommunications and Network
      Provider industry by performing technical management, technical lead
      functions, or telco. operations.


      Network Operations Center Shift Manager for Quantitude/Galileo
      International, April 2001 - Present:

      * Provide management support for Global VPN, TCPIP carrier class
      * Manage CCNA/CCNP level technicians and provide worldwide escalation
      services for United Airlines and the travel industry.
      * Support installations of new customers on VPN and on interim Frame
      Relay networks using Cisco equipment.

      Customer Network Implementation Manager for Quantitude/Galileo
      International, November 2000 - April 2001:

      * Supervised the implementation of Kelly Services, Inc on
      Quantitude's world wide VPN.
      * Coordinated customer network installations in Australia, Mexico,
      United States and the UK.
      * Performed project and account management for Kelly Services.
      * Cooridinated the collection of data for use in Quantitude's network
      management systems.
      * Acted as a single point of contact for our Network Operations
      Center for all Kelly Services information.

      Network Manager for MCI Worldcom, April 2000 - November 2000:

      * Network manager for the western half of the United States covering
      Colorado westward. I managed ten network engineers in two states.
      * Management of projects such as network redesign, growth additions,
      new facility installs and turn up, trouble resolution, and
      maintenance of major networks connected to the internal data network
      consisting of Cisco, Bay, and Synoptics equipment.
      * Supported 18,000+ ports of switched ethernet, shared ethernet, and
      token ring in standalone and campus environments.
      * First line of defense and support for routers, switches, and hubs
      connected to the internal data network.
      * Management duties included: project management, reviews, staff
      meetings, trouble escalations, customer interfacing and escalations,
      time reporting, status reports, benefits management, and training.

      Operations Manager for MCI Worldcom, July 1997 - April 2000:

      * Operations manager for a large MCI call center. My staff of 8 and
      myself supported 750 users in a TCPIP based, Windows NT 4.0 LAN
      * Responsible for all software and hardware deployment as well as a
      consultant for the telecommunications department.
      * Responsible for all WAN support to the building using Cisco

      Second Level ACD/Telecom Support for MCI, August 1994 - July 1997:

      * Started and supervised national ACD support group for 15 MCI call
      centers using Rockwell ACDs.
      * Installed Rockwell Galaxy and Spectrum ACD software and hardware.
      * Responsible for MCI's ACD test lab. Performed integration testing
      on all hardware and software from Rockwell. Managed software
      upgrades and schedules for all 15 MCI call centers.
      * Traveled nation wide to provide support or trouble shoot ACD
      related issues.
      * Created and conducted an ACD maintenance class. Saved MCI money by
      training technicians internally versus going to Rockwell for training.
      * Worked with several telecom carriers to turn up DS1 circuits and
      trouble shoot ISDN problems. Installed, configured and maintained
      ISDN T1 spans, provided first level support for DS3 connections.
      Worked with network terminals to ensure D-channels and bearer
      channels were configured properly for ISDN trunk groups and ensured
      there were no identifier mismatches. Analyzed ISDN protocol using a
      spectrum analyzer. Configured T1 channels on Alacatel DS3 units and
      monitored DS3s for abnormal functions, installed channel banks for
      56K circuits. Conducted training class on ISDN and T1s for less
      experienced co-workers
      * Worked with development to ensure connectivity of X.25 data links
      to Rockwell switches were active and communicating. Assisted
      development in trouble shooting CTI applications using Rockwell

      First Level ACD/Telecom Support for MCI, July 1993 - August 1994:

      * Provided daily support for a 600-seat MCI call center using a
      Rockwell Galaxy ACD.
      * Performed all hardware and software administration duties.
      * Supported all telco issues.

      Field Service Technician for Rockwell International, February 1992 -
      July 1993:

      * Provided customer support for 6 of Rockwell's major accounts.
      Customer's included MCI, IRS, Social Security, Rocky Mountain
      BankCard, and United Airlines.
      * Provided software and hardware maintenance for customers as well as
      addressing general customer service issues.


      A.A.S. in Computer Systems and Networks - Indian Hills Community
      College - 1991


      ISDN protocol, DS0, DS1, Alcatel DS3 support and configuration,
      Fireberd test equipment, Rockwell Spectrum and Galaxy ACDs, PBX,
      VRUs, X.25, TCP/IP, DHCP, Windows NT 4.0 LAN Windows 95, OS/2 Server
      and Workstation, Server hardware, PC hardware and laptop hardware,

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