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CSICON -- Murray's Law -- Eternal Exponential Expansion of Science: Rich Murray 1997.04.05, 2001.06.22, 2011.01.03

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  • Rich Murray
    CSICON -- Murray s Law -- Eternal Exponential Expansion of Science: Rich Murray 1997.04.05, 2001.06.22, 2011.01.03
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2011
      CSICON -- Murray's Law -- Eternal Exponential Expansion of Science:
      Rich Murray 1997.04.05, 2001.06.22, 2011.01.03
      Tuesday, January 3, 2011
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      Rich Murray CSICON  April 5 1997
      Communion for the Subjective Investigation of Claims of the Normal

      Room For All 1943 Otowi Road Santa Fe, NM 87505
      rmforall@... 505-819-7388

      April 5, 1997

      Murray's Law -- Eternal Exponential Expansion of Science

      Millenia of worldwide commonsense traditions have culminated in a
      recent few centuries of exponential scientific work.
      Since 1660, the number of scientists has grown from about 100 to about
      Likewise, the volume of accumulated scientific literature, both
      doubling unstopably every twenty years, rather like Mickey Mouse's
      hordes of relentlessly marching brooms in Disney's "The Sorcerer's

      This global orchestration of thought and practice has been firmly
      founded on certain principles, rarely questioned, widely held to be

      Experience, available only in the ever changing present moment of
      personal subjective awareness, is held to be entirely based on and
      derived from a basic reality, itself "external" to experience:
      physical, or more abstractly, time-space-energy.

      This base reality is universally assumed to be impersonal,
      consistent, orderly, lawful, causal, uniform, single, measurable,
      describable, communicable, continuous, contiguous, inherently simple,
      and based on a small set of unchangeable (in themselves)
      logical-mathematical operations.

      Therefore this reality can be modeled and predicted by the
      self-qualifying global society of scientists, based solely on
      communication with perceivable symbols via the external senses.

      In short, the primary reality (along with its barely acknowledged
      orphan, conscious experience) is absolutely normal.

      The primary image of this paradigm is that of the machine, or the
      modern embodiment, the computer:
      well-defined elements interacting in three-dimensional space along a
      single one-way track of causality to produce utterly normal results,
      however marvelous, varied, valuable, or unpredictable they may be in practice.

      This towering edifice of established normality paradoxically
      both hides and makes even more significant any hints of "nonnormality"
      -- the illicit paranormal, the lurking transcendentals, from ghosts
      with the most to Lord of Hosts.

      Hitherto, "anomalies", such as random variations in offspring, the
      fogging of sealed photographic plates by uranium ore, or slight static
      in sensitive radios, have become mere fodder for the assimilation
      program of science, leading to vast extensions of the range of the
      normal, including evolution, quantum mechanics, and the Big Bang.

      "Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated"-- the implacable
      marching motto of the Borg juggarnaut.

      Willem of Occam proclaimed, "Thou shalt not multiply entities

      Indeed, hordes of angels, demons, ghosts, spirits, influences, and
      innate qualities have been relegated to the dustbins of our race's
      mythic heritage, from children's Saturday morning cartoons to
      incessant massively multiplayer video games for tens of millions.

      Mature minds, entranced by ever more lofty and subtle theoretical
      visions, fed feasts of observation and experimentation on every level,
      constrained by principles of parsimony, generality, and elegance, have
      exuburantly, soberly created in a mere century:

      at the ever tapering tail of the dragon, atoms that are .999999 empty space,

      said empty space as a fully occupied negative energy sea of prodigious
      density, with incessant particle pair production-annihilation within
      that good old vacuum,

      the equivalence of mass and energy,

      the relativistic variation of observed time, with irreducible
      randomness, fuzziness, discontinuity, and, feh!, nonlocality at the
      very core of reality,

      the weird phenomena of superconductivity and superfluidity,

      the ever fecund boson-fermion zoo of baryons, mesons, quarks, gluons,
      neutrinos, WIMPs, gravitons, Higg's, magnetic monopoles, and their
      antis, and their superpartners, all cascading into actuality as
      infinitesimal loops or membranes vibrating within that most spacious
      crystal of abstraction, E8XE8 Group (The Monster) Symmetry, while now
      7 additional dimensions of space are parsimoniously mandated.

      meanwhile, at the ever bigger end of said dragon, suddenly the
      galaxy!, sprinkled with pulsars and quasars,
      oh!, then an expanding universe of galaxies, salted with gamma-ray bursters,
      all swimming in huge rivers and pools and dollops of dark matter, with
      a ubiquitous profoundly mysterious dark energy inexorably increasing
      cosmic acceleration in the recent five billion years,
      oh!, that all sprang into being as a space-time bubble with zero total
      energy as an infinitesimal quantum vacuum fluctuation in "something",
      oh!, our bubble of galaxies extends 10E+25 further than the 13.7
      billion light years presently observable (that's 10E+75 greater
      volume, folks),
      oh!, might be untold zillions of universe bubbles, forever
      disconnected, each with unique intrinsic properties, effervescing
      cheerily within "something"...

      just the facts, Mamm, heh, heh.

      Funny what the principle of parsimony leads to...

      gee whiz, I near forgot, black holes, them's weird nuff, huh? Lot of
      'em, too, all sizes!
      Oops, they evaporate!
      Blow up too!
      Gravitational radiation, anyone?
      We can plain see gravitational lensing!
      How about cosmic string and cosmic texture, frozen phase changes in
      space-time itself?

      remember, if it ain't prohibited, it mandatory.
      (Is anything really prohibited?)

      I'm not complaining.
      It's surely wonderful.
      We taxpayers are getting our money's worth, and then some.

      But do you see any sign of convergence?
      Any saturation?
      Any deceleration?

      In empirical fact, isn't what we see in a mere hundred years an
      unstoppably exponential avalanche of proliferation of fantastic

      Isn't the most obvious outcome for the next century a continuation of
      this inexhaustibly creative weaving of this coat of many colors,
      worlds within worlds, without end, without any possible end, not in a
      hundred billion years of sentient evolution, not ever, forever?

      Isn't this, ahem, trend, amen, the primary observational fact of the
      last hundred years?

      I say so.

      I hereby dignify this empirical law by a suitable appellation:

      Murrray's Law:

      In the overall exponential evolution of the scientific process, the
      scale of reality available for consideration and the diversity and
      subtlety of its entities and interactions all increase exponentially,

      In 1660, the linear grid of Cartesian coordinates comprised the
      primary paradigm for scientific reality.
      On its empty black and white board Newton drew alike the falling
      apple, the orbiting Moon -- simple balls coasting smoothly along
      well-defined paths in perfect space.

      Now the archetypal image is the Mandlebrot Set, full of brilliantly
      and arbitrarily colored subtle details, forever inexhaustible in
      timeless simultaneous single entire creative fractal hyperinfinity.

      *Actually, according to AAAS, there were 5.8 million science and
      engineering researchers in 2006. [ now marvelously interlinked via the
      global Net ]
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