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Nullification by State legislature of National ID Act.

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  • libertyman50
    Attached, please find a press release from LP Brevard. It seeks for our state legislature to nullify the ID act in that Florida will not participate in same.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 18, 2005
      Attached, please find a press release from LP Brevard. It seeks for
      our state legislature to nullify the ID act in that Florida will not
      participate in same. It is an apparent violation of the 10th
      ammnedment to the U.S. Constitution. I want our name to be added to
      this press release and urge the State RLCFL to vote in favor of
      releasing this press release. Also I urge that each of you with minor
      changes release this press release to your local newspapers in that
      we join the LP in this effort. We now have a viable state issue Al
      Gutierrez, FLRLC State Chair.

      Fw: News Release-Libertarian Party condems Real ID Act
      Date: 5/17/2005 12:35:47 PM Eastern Standard Time
      From: chair@... (Chairman LP Brevard)
      To: Libertyman50@... (Al Gutierrez)

      Just sent this out to the media and the delegation.. :)

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      Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2005 12:02 PM
      Subject: News Release-Libertarian Party condems Real ID Act

      May 18, 2005

      Libertarian Party of Brevard urges nullification of Real ID Act

      (Cocoa, May 17) The Libertarian Party of Brevard today urged the
      Brevard County legislative delegation to support introduction of a
      bill to nullify the provisions of the recently passed Real ID Act.

      According to Brevard Libertarian Chairman, Bruce Wechsler, the Real
      ID Act violates the rights of Floridians and all States' citizens to
      travel freely within the United States. "It creates for all intents
      and purposes an internal passport requirement just as was done in
      Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union", Wechsler said.

      Provisions of the Act create a minimum standard for driver's license
      issuance and standardized machine readable technology, with a
      centralized database maintained by the Department of Homeland
      Security. The law further allows the Department of Homeland Security
      to add additional information requirements without any legislative or
      judicial review. In the future, it may even require radio frequency
      identification chips (RFID) embedded in the licenses. Under the
      current provisions of the law, anyone that doesn't have
      identification approved by the Department of Homeland Security, would
      not be allowed to board a plane or into any federal facilities.

      Although the stated intention to fight terrorism may be valid, the
      reality is the Florida Legislature in 2002 tightened the requirements
      for issuance of driver's licenses-correcting that problem. "The real
      problem with the Real ID Act lies in how it may be used in the
      future. One of the really scary things" said Wechsler "is that this
      database of American's personal and financial information may be
      shared with foreign governments under the requirement to conform with
      the "Drivers License Agreement" according to Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)"

      "This is an unacceptable assault on our liberties as free Floridians
      and free Americans" said Wechsler. "There is no provision in the
      Constitution of the United States for the federal government to be
      involved in the licensing of a privilege within the States, such as a
      driver's license." The only choice, he continued "was to ask the
      legislatures of the various States to nullify or refuse to comply
      with the provisions of the federal law."

      Wechsler said the Libertarian Party in Brevard and across Florida
      will begin a grass-roots campaign to educate the public about the
      true effects of the Real ID Act and to support legislators who will
      vote to nullify its provisions.

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      Contact Information

      Bruce Wechsler
      Chairman, Libertarian Party of Brevard
      (321) 728-1211
      (321) 693-6164 (mobile)

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