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Re: [rlcpb] I have already voted for Johnson... here are some Libertarian FL election issues

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  • Michael Horowitz
    Note how the writer only attacks Romney and not Obama. The writer is not a libertarian but a liberal Obama supporter. In order for Obamacare to stay the
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      Note how the writer only attacks Romney and not Obama.

      The writer is not a libertarian but a liberal Obama supporter.  In order for Obamacare to stay the socialists need to convince libertarians to throw away their vote for Johnson and give Florida to Obama.  After 4 more years of Obama the libertarian movement will be dead. Private health care will no longer exist, free speech will require a government license and freedom or religion will be gone.

      Note the blatent racist appeals against Mormonism.  While Obama going to a anti American church is off limits for discussion somehow Romney is responsible for a Mormon owned private ranch in Florida.   Of course the accusations against the ranch itself are baseless but are good to generate violent hatred of a minority religion. Of course the left will never allow us to criticize the religion of peace for 9-11 because that would be a phobia.

      And of course what libertarian would be for the government telling private businesses they can't drill for oil.  Last time I checked libertarians weren't all that crazy about government regulation.

      And libertarians generally don't go for a minimum wage.  Nor do they think medicare is the greatest idea in the world.  The writer while pretending to be a libertarian clearly shows he is a statist who wants the government to run everything. Every single issue he attacks Romney for is a libertarian issue.

      On 10/24/2012 5:38 PM, cbc1123 wrote:

      2012 Florida Election Environmental And Other Issues

      Please email this public domain article.


      1 The Mormon church owns Florida's biggest cattle ranch, Deseret, whose 300,000 acres sprawl over 3 counties, whose pollution has caused county water boards to be involved. The Deseret ranch has 44,000 cows and steers. Whips are used on the calves (baby cows) who are referred to as 'head'. The Mormons link owned businesses to their church more than other sects. Such animal agriculture investments cause the populace heart disease, cancer, arthritis, kidney disease, food poisoning, strokes and other animal flesh generated conditions, as well as global heating, energy waste, drought through deforestation, and animal agony.

      The people of Osceola have lost to Deseret Ranch over the issue of drilling for water which will reduce the water table and affect water purity.

      Florida is just one of several states in which the Mormon church owns cattle, sheep ranches, factory farms.



      2 Florida's beaches in the panhandle and further south were affected by the latest BP oil spill. Tar balls, oil, and neurotoxic Corexit killed marine mammals, birds, fishes.. Mitt Romney wants to double the offshore drilling permits. The trillions of gallons of Corexit dumped by BP to break up the oil made fish consumption more lethal. Romney has also pushed for offshore drililng off the coast of Virginia many of whose coastal residents depend on the tourism industry.

      3 Mitt Romney and Governor Scott of Florida (like Governors Kasich of Ohio and Walker of Wisconsin) are tied to the oil industry. All three governors returned hundreds of millions of dollars in mass transit money to the federal government.


      1 In 2012, only 9 US states have had governors committing gubernatorial murder. 8 of these states have Republican governors. 41 states are not involved in government murder, nor are 88% of the world's countries. Florida and Ohio are 2 of the 9 states. Mitt Romney sought unsuccessfully to bring capital punishment to Massachusetts, a state which has repudiated him ever since he was governor.


      Romney was on the board of Damon, a company fined 83 million dollars for Medicare fraud. Romney and Ryan want to voucherize, privatize Medicare, opening the populace to exploitation by insurance companies, hospitals, HMO's, doctors whose primary drive is money and the profit motive. Romney's record of using bankruptcy as a tool to seize corporate assets and pension funds indicates he should not be trusted with the nation's Social Security Trust Fund. Ronald Reagan in 1983 made the first assault on that fund, by executive order transferring TWO TRILLION dollars to the general fund which he used to triple war profiteer spending with a great deal of money going to his sponsor General Electric, which is still one of the nation's biggest war profiteers.

      What You Should Know About Romney Before You Vote

      1. While Romney claimed in the debate he worked well with political opponents, Romney had a record breaking 844 vetoes as governor of Massachusetts. 707 were overridden by the legislature. There were several instances of unanimous overrides, as the 13% of the legislature who were Republican joined in publicly recording their opposition to his tactics.
      2. Romney vetoed a bill which provided elevators to the disabled. Later he would, in his 5th home, a 12 million dollar one, put car elevators in his 2 floor garage.
      3. He vetoed a minimum wage bill.
      4. He vetoed over the counter access to the morning after pill.
      5. He vetoed $220,000 in shelters for the homeless.
      6. He vetoed glasses for the poorest of the poor.
      7. Shortly after election Romney proposed eliminating preferential hiring for

      8. He vetoed a bill recognizing students' right to refuse to carve up living or
      dead animals in biology or premed classes.
      9. Romney claimed he worked well with Democrats in Massachusetts. In reality he
      was an obstructionist governor whose vetoes were
      so commonly overridden that he was an ineffective governor as well.

      1 Romney was board member of Damon, a company indicted for Medicare fraud and
      fined 83 million dollars.
      2. Romney raided pension funds, stole corporate assets. As workers fell into
      poverty, Romney became a quarter-billionaire. Can such a man be trusted with the
      Social Security Fund?
      3. Romney under public scrutiny ended his Swiss bank relationship.
      4. Romney is still evading taxes with Cayman Islands accounts.
      5. In Massachusetts, Romney cut taxes only for the very rich.
      6. Romney as head of Bain Capital bought Clear Channel radio network, itself a
      network in violation of original FCC rules. Therefore
      his radio station hosts are promoting his campaign 24×4.
      7. Romney has raised over a billion dollars for his campaign which means that
      after November 6th, he will have profiteered from all the ads that his campaign,
      Karl Rove, the Koch Brothers, and Sheldon Adelson have run on Clear Channel
      stations. Adelson who gave 100 million to Romney and is funding campaigns for Josh Mandel, Eric Cantor and others is an international gambling casino owner who is funding "Faith And Freedom" attack ads against Romney for right wing hawkish Christians.
      8. Republicans control over 81% of the voting machine companies in the US.
      Diebold sold its machines to Dominion of Canada which
      arranged for Governor Walker's recall. Election Systems and Software CEO Chuck
      Hagel installed himself as a US senator from
      Nebraska, counting his own votes. What other country allows the party of the
      rich to control the count?
      9. Romney's tax plan would give 500 billion in tax cuts to 120,000 families.
      10. Romney is 20 points behind where he was a governor (Massachusetts) and 7
      points behind where he lived (Michigan).
      11. Romney ran an espionage operation against twice New Mexico governor Gary
      Johnson, attempting to keep him out of the limelight.

      12. Gary Johnson on WNYC spoke of Republican operatives keeping him, twice governor of New Mexico, out of primary debates.
      13. The New York Times reported that Romney paid people to spy on Gary Johnson's movements and to keep him out of Republican events such as one at the Iowa State Fair.

      1. Romney outsourced calls to India while governor while as CEO of Bain Capital he outsourced to China and Mexico.
      2. In his term, Massachusetts was 47th of 50 states in job creation.
      3. Romney fired tens of thousands of people as CEO and sole voting stock holder of Bain Capital
      4. Romney's tax plan would give tax credit to companies outsourcing to China,
      Mexico and other countries, just the opposite of American job creation.
      5. Romney tried to pressure the Pentagon into giving American jobs to Chinese
      company Huawei, a company connected to the Chinese army.
      6. Romney lost 44,000 manufacturing jobs in Massachusetts

      7. In his only political experience, Romney as 1 term governor of Massachusetts
      brought the unemployment rate down less than 1%
      8. Romney's Bain Capital is planning on exporting Freeport Illinois jobs to

      1. There have been 3 Republican wars in the last 21 years... Iraq 1, Iraq 2 and Afghanistan... started by Bush 1 and Bush 2. . Ryan voted several times for more money for the 3 illegal Bush wars whose
      cost has been greater than the US deficit and whose cost is a trillion a year in
      interest to bankers in China, Japan, Israel, Switzerland, the UK, Canada etc. Romney publicly promoted them all.
      2. Romney during the Bush years asked for 50,000 more troops for the illegal
      Bush invasion of Iraq. Asked by a reporter about his own military service, he
      had none. Asked about his 5 sons, none of them either had military service. Yet
      he wanted to send others into harm's way for the agenda of warwagers, war
      profiteers and petroplutocrat fat cats.
      3. . Romney wants the war in Afghanistan, the graveyard of empires, to continue
      endlessly. His position has flipflopped many times.
      4. Romney wants 2 TRILLION more for military spending and war profiteering,
      though the military has not asked for it. Ronald Reagan removed 2 TRILLION from
      the Social Security Trust Fund.. and put it into the general fund for the
      tripling of military spending to General
      Electric (his mentor for many years and one of the nation's biggest
      war profiteers).


      Romney has refused to classify waterboarding as torture and said at a news conference in Charleston, S.C., last year: "We'll use enhanced interrogation techniques which go beyond those that are in the military handbook right now."
      Only 9 states of 50 are still committing government murder by executing prisoners. 8 of these states have Republican governors. Romney tried to bring capital punishment to Massachusetts but was not successful in the state which has repudiated him ever since 2007. Only 12% of the world's countries kill prisoners in hidden execution chambers or in public stonings and decapitations. Amnesty.org

      1. Women cannot be elders in the Mormon church. Romney as a lifetime Mormon and
      bishop for 10 years has tithed to this church and enforced its policies.
      2. Romney has flipflopped on abortion and prolife issues with 4 different positions at 4 different times.
      First Romney's position was women should not be allowed by men to have abortions.
      Second he ran for governor in Massachusetts and in order to be elected said women (who could die in childbirth) had the right to control decisions about their own bodies.
      Third, after election, he vetoed bills allowing abortion or access to over the counter morning after pills. (Such contraception takes money away from gynecologists and hospitals.)
      Fourth: Now after many decades of saying otherwise he in the October 16th debate said women should have access to contraceptives.
      3. Ryan authored legislation which would deny abortions to the victims of incest
      and rape.
      4. Romney as bishop enforced the Mormon church policy that single women must be
      excommunicated or give their baby up for adoption... Peggy Hayes, victim of this, has taken her story to the Boston Globe and BBC.
      5. He vetoed a bill which would have made over the counter morning after
      contraception available......
      6. Ryan voted against equal pay for women who do equal work
      7. Romney from the Boston Phoenix receives another Pinocchio award for claiming he initiated the search for women http://blog.thephoenix.com/BLOGS/talkingpolitics/archive/2012/10/16/mind-the-binder.aspx


      1. Republican representative Duncan Hunter, candidate for president in 2008,
      accused Romney of treason as Romney had tried to pressure the Pentagon into
      giving contracts to Chinese army connected Chinese company Huawei.

      1. Romney increased Massachusetts government debt by 2.6 billion dollars.
      2. He left the next governor a billion dollar deficit.
      3. Under his thumb, Massachusetts had the highest per capita debt in the nation.
      4 Romney wants 2 TRILLION dollars more spent in corporate welfare to war
      5 . The federal government had to pay the pensions of workers whose companies he
      dismantled and whose pensions he raided.
      6. Romney has supported each of the 3 illegal wars of Bush 1 and 2, whose
      combined cost is greater than the national deficit.
      7. Romney increased the debt of the Massachusetts government


      1. Romney attempted unionbusting by outsourcing Massachusetts jobs to India.
      2. Romney's contempt for the coalminer is shown in his promotion of the coal
      industry despite miner deaths in methane explosions, cave-ins, suffocating black
      lung disease.
      3. Romney's entire outsourcing has been the exploitation of cheap labor in
      where child labor, no worker or environmental protection are in play.

      1. While some were in Vietnam and others were conscientiously objecting to the
      Vietnam war, Romney was in Paris in 1969 telling
      French blacks they could not be elders or priests in the Mormon church.
      Threatened with a boycott by the NAACP in the 70′s the
      church changed its policy.
      Tea Party supporters of Romney have excluded blacks from events in at least 1 state.

      BIG OIL

      1. Would the biggest oil companies around the world be giving hundreds of millionsof dollars in contributions to Mitt Romney if they thought he would lower oil prices?
      2. Why doesn't Romney admit that our Alaskan oil is going to Japan and China and that's where the Keystone Pipeline, if he were through fraud to be elected, and were big oil to prevail in bisecting the US with water poisoning pipe, would go?
      3. Why does Romney want more neurotoxin Corexitand oil spills in the Gulf.
      4. Why is it that corrupt Republican governors Walker of Wisconsin,Kasich of Ohio, and Scott of Florida have returned billions to the Obama administration, money designatedfor earth protecting mass transit? Big oil.

      1. As a counselor and bishop of the Mormon church in Massachusetts, Romney
      enforced the Mormon policy that single women who have given birth must each give her baby to the church for adoption or face excommunication. That policy is in conflict with the laws of the US.

      1. Romney and Ryan want to voucherize Medicare, leaving the health of the nation
      to profit oriented insurance companies which continually try to eliminate those
      in most need of help.
      2. Paul Ryan supports obesity and waste by arranging dairy price subsidies for
      Wisconsin dairy farms while
      campaigning against such waste. Milk is designed to make a calf a 1000 lb.
      animal in a few months and is a factor in American obesity. http://notmilk.com
      3. Romney's reddish complexion during the debates indicates a condition of
      blocked arteries

      1 Romney for 10 years was bishop of the Mormon church which owns Florida's biggest cattle ranch, Deseret, whose 300,000 acres sprawl over 3 counties, whose pollution has caused county water boards to be involved. The Deseret ranch has 44,000 cows and steers. Whips are used on the calves (baby cows) who are referred to as 'head'. The Mormons link owned businesses to their church more than other sects. Such animal agriculture investments cause the populace heart disease, cancer, arthritis, kidney disease, food poisoning, strokes and other animal flesh generated conditions, as well as global heating, energy waste, drought through deforestation, and animal agony.

      The people of Osceola have lost to Deseret Ranch over the issue of drilling for water which will reduce the water table and affect water purity.

      Florida is just one of several states in which the Mormon church owns cattle, sheep ranches, factory farms.



      Romney supports removing regulations re coal. This would continue to crush
      workers in mine cave-ins, continue miner killing
      methane explosions, black lung disease, acid rain, and add to the thousands
      of square miles in WV, KY, PA, OH and other states
      which look like barren moonscape because of mountaintop mining which poisons
      the watershed, kills animals and destroys their habitat.
      2. Romney supports nuclear power, despite Three Mile Island, Fukushima,
      Chernobyl, boric acid leaks at nuclear plants in Lake Erie etc.
      3. Romney has stated that the government should not support green power. In
      effect that means the government should not protect the
      citizens nor Mother Earth.
      4. Romney does not want subsidies for mass transit. He and the Republican
      governors of Wisconsin, Florida and Ohio are pawns of the
      industry. The governors have sent back hundreds of millions to Washington in
      order that their states continue to be pricegouged by
      the oil industry and choked by gas fumes.


      Despite the fact that Republicans
      1. control the major tv networks and virtually all of radio
      (our airwaves they lease for pennies on the dollar)
      2. control the propaganda firms calling themselves pollsters (the worst of which are
      Rasmussen, Gallup and Pew)
      3. control at least 81% of the alleged voting machines Election Systems and Software and
      Dominion (the new owner of Diebold which twice installed Bush)
      4. control mammon through the obscene donations of many such as Sheldon Adelson, billionaire casino owner of fleecing joints in Nevada, Singapore, China, as well as a hawkish Israeli newspaper) (Adelson hopes his candidate will win and follow Netanyahu's hawkish agenda and and exempt his foreign holdings from tax)

      In 1997 Romney bought German animal torture company Behring and expanded its
      animal research to Miami, Florida renaming it Dade Behring. He invested in
      slaughterhouse products, brought brutal rodeo into the nonviolent Olympics, had
      an aggressive promotion of toxic animal flesh ads on Clear Channel, refused to
      sign a bill acknowledging the right of students to refuse to dissect animals in
      biology classes, filled the state wildlife agency with that 4.5% of the
      population which hunts,
      treated his family dog terribly while breaking Massachusetts law. He has harmed
      millions of animals. He said "I've always been a rodent and rabbit hunter." Rob
      Portman, touted as a possible vice presidential candidate, is a leader of the
      drive to bring hunters into the national parks, endangering citizens, their
      children, and international tourists, not to mention the animals. Paul Ryan
      voted no on protecting horses and burros. Ryan has voted consistently for
      rancher and dairy industry subsidies which benefit Wisconsin agribusiness


      Romney initiated, despite the protest of many humane societies and animal rights
      groups, brutal calf roping rodeos in the Olympics, events in which calves,
      horses and bulls have their necks broken, their legs fractured. Romney,
      prevented Massachusetts students from avoiding brutal dissection, kept hunters
      and fishers disproportionately on Massachusetts agencies, bought vivisection
      companies, tithes to the Mormon church which owns the biggest cattle ranch in
      Florida etc.


      Romney has supported and continues to support
      every illegal animal-bombing war of our government, (wanting 50,000 more troops
      but not his own 5 sons to go to war). In the wars he supported, bears have been
      sealed forever into caves in which they hibernated, birds have been burned by
      bombs, animals have been blinded, donkeys and dogs have been shot at
      checkpoints, dogs have been blown apart as minesniffers, dolphins forced into
      being bomb carriers, etc.


      Romney bought a German vivisection company Behring in 1997 as CEO and the only
      voting stockholder of Bain Capital, which entity he acquired with the help of
      LDS capital. He renamed Behring Dade Behring and expanded its animal research to
      include Miami Florida. That company is now Siemens. In addition he invited
      vivisector (animal researcher) Bristol Myers Squibb to Massachusetts. He was on
      the board of Damon Clinical Laboratories, an animal research company which had
      to pay 83 million dollars in fines for Medicare fraud.



      Paul Ryan, Romney's pick for the Republican VP candidate, voted to bring hunting
      to our national parks. Where do you stand, Mr Romney, on Mormon senator Tester,
      a cattle rancher, leading the Senate Republican drive to have hunters stalk
      animals in our
      national parks? In addition, Senator Rob Portman, Romney's debate coach, once
      touted by Romney operatives as a vice presidental possibility, is working to
      have hunting in our parks, hunting
      which endangers tourists, children, and animals.


      Eric Mills of Action For Animals http://afa-online.org was one of a group who
      met with Mitt Romney and other animal guardians who asked him not to introduce
      brutal rodeo to the Olympics. He would not cancel the rodeo, not even the most
      brutal event: calf roping which breaks the necks and legs of the innocent
      mammals. The Romneys sat in the stand cheering the calf roping event.

      Rodeos frequently break the necks and legs of humans, calves and horses.


      Romney vetoed in 2004 a bill which would honor students' rights not to carve up
      living or dead animals in biology and medical school classes. As an explanation
      he wrote

      . . . biomedical research is an important component of the CommonwealthÂ's
      economy and job creation. This bill would send the unintended message that
      animal research is frowned upon."



      1200 MILES.



      Romney appointed a raft of animal unfriendly people to the state Fisheries and
      Wildlife Board, says, HSUS, even though Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly
      passed a ballot measure calling for more animal protection..


      It is indeed ironic that Matthew Scully, author of Dominion, wrote the
      convention acceptance of nomination speech for Paul Ryan, since this is what
      Matthew Scully has to say about bowhunting.

      "Bow hunting is not only cruel, it's highly ineffective, with a 50 percent
      crippling loss, leaving victims to bleed to death, die of gangrene, or be killed
      by other predators. Some `sport'! When was the last time you saw a Native
      American use bow and arrows?

      4.5% of Americans hunt, most for meat, some for trophies or to inflict
      suffering. The only reason to use an arrow over a rifle is to inflict suffering
      on animals.


      Romney's list of corporate contributions includes thousands of animal abuse
      conglomerates such as those who contribute to the socalled Center For Consumer
      Freedom, an animal rights attack site.




      gave to and received millions from the Mormon establishment whose Utah senators
      work to protect the many factory farms, ranches, and slaughterhouse operations
      owned by Mormons. Mormon controlled Utah is one of 2 states which have outlawed
      the filming of factory farms, slaughterhouses, fur farms, animal research
      operations. The LDS church owns the biggest animal concentration camp in
      Florida, Deseret Ranches, with holdings of over 312,000 acres in 3 Florida
      counties, as well as Farmland Reserve Ind, owning 228,000 acres in Nebraska,
      51,600 in Osage County Oklahoma etc. etc.and gave Romney money to buy Bain
      Capital. When Ezra Taft Benson, Mormon, was Secretary of Agriculture in the
      Eisenhower administration, he heavily promoted animal flesh and dairy products.


      advertised animal flesh constantly on illegally acquired Clear Channel, itself
      an illegal network. . Clear Channel stations constantly advertise animal and
      fish flesh, eggs and dairy. The US has the highest rate of food ads in the
      world. This is correlated to obesity, animal agony, and human disease. In
      addition some Clear Channel stations advertise stores selling spring bows and
      arrows, the barbaric sport of Paul Ryan. Romney's Clear Channel talk show hosts
      with few exceptions cut off animal rights callers.


      It is largely Republicans who belong to the Safari Club, a gathering of rich
      trophy hunters who go around the world murdering rare endangered species animals
      from helicopters or with highpowered rifles. There is a higher percentage of
      Republicans than Democrats who dine on osso buco (the flesh of a baby calf
      electroded away from his mother), caviar (eggs ripped from sturgeons), on pate
      de foie gras (made by forcefeeding geese with tubes stuck down their throats).


      Those who like Romney are invested in animal slaughter must be silent about
      their correlation to global heating, to famine, drought, many varieties of
      cancer, heart attacks and strokes, food poisoning, kidney breakdown, etc.


      invested Bain Capital in animal slaughter as its president, CEO and only voting
      stock owner. Domino's Pizza is one of the meat purveyors that Romney bought.


      advertise barbaric bow and arrow stores 14b. Some of them promote hunting by
      having weekly or daily hunting shows.


      At the request of the Humane Society of the US, PETA, and other groups, Congress
      passed a bill reintroducing horse slaughterhouses into the US, since the
      transportation of the horses to Mexico and Canada was even worse, with more
      cruel slaughterhouse conditions. This was a bipartisan effort about which
      animal rights activists have been divided.

      18. Unfortunately politics forces us to take sides. Please side with the
      innocent voiceless and helpless animals.


      The Mormon church to which Romney has given millions, a church which does less
      charity than others and which funnels the virtually forced tithing of its
      members into more businesses than other churches, helped Romney purchase Bain
      Capital and forbids caffein, dioxypurine, but is silent about the far more
      harmful and addictive trioxypurine (uric acid, pre-urine) in animal flesh, the
      chief cause of crippling arthritis. A US government study comparing Adventists
      (a religion promoting vegan diet) to Mormons, since neither group advocates
      smoking or drinking. The study found that the average 7th Day Adventist lives 7
      years longer than the average Mormon.

      Recently a study by Harvard, itself the biggest gobbler of vivisection dollars
      from the US Government with an investment portfolio heavily invested in animal
      flesh, nevertheless found with a 28 year study of 21,000 people that those who
      ate 3 ounces of mammal flesh daily were 13% more likely to die before the study
      was completed.



      Ryan is a member of the blood sports caucus of Congress.

      Normally psychopathic serial killers like to hide their deeds, but many
      bowhunters like Ted Nugent who threatened the life of President Obama recently
      and was questioned by the Secret Service like to advertise their sadism. Serial
      killers according to FBI and other profilers have had childhoods or young
      adulthoods as butchers, hunters, laboratory researchers, or backgrounds as
      trained killers in the military. Some bowhunters even form into groups called
      "Christian Bowhunters", the diabolical opposite of Jesus, the Good Shepherd. In
      the picture above, Rudolph has been slain but it is Ryan who has the red nose.
      Rifles are more accurate and less painful than bowhunting. The only reason for
      bowhunting is male ego or the desire to inflict pain. Arrow shafts go several
      inches into the muscles, the tendons, the eyes, the nose, the testicles or other
      parts of deer and other hunted animals. As Eric Mills and others have written,
      half of the victims of bowhunters die of gangrene or other effects of unremoved
      arrows. A former Cleveland Brown football player who has a talk show has stated
      he doesn't like bowhunting. A fawn wandered into his back yard, able to walk on
      only 3 legs with an arrow sticking out of the 4th.

      Paul Ryan is a noodler. He likes to catch catfish barehanded, a practice illegal
      in 38 states. Does he then a. strangle them? b. throw them in a corner slowly to
      suffocate c. chop off their heads d. throw them back having harmed them for

      Why does he enjoy inflicting pain on helpless voiceless creatures?

      Wisconsin has had more acknowledged Mad Deer (cervine spongiform encephalopathy)
      than any other state. Stalking hunters have been angered by the very careful
      investigation by the natural resources department of the state, to the point
      that Republican governor Walker, still in office because of Republican vote
      fraud in Wisconsin, and other Wisconsin Republican leaders in the state have
      promised to reduce the control of the wildlife department, thus endangering
      stalking hunters and everyone else in the state who eats lethally infected

      Only 4.5% of our nation kill mammals in blood sport or for meat. Nonegotistical
      hunters who want meat for their tables but do not like to cause unnecessary
      suffering use rifles not bows and arrows. One deer was seen still alive with 12
      arrows sticking into him.

      Ryan also in Congress voted against protecting horses as well as opposing
      endangered species legislation.

      As head of the House budget committee, Ryan engineered hundreds of billions of
      dollars at a time to the illegal war in Afghanistan, thereby causing untold
      numbers of animals, birds to be crushed by tanks, burned and bombed, etc.


      Noodling catfish is illegal in several states. Has Ryan broken the law?

      Catfish are bottom feeders, meaning that like shellfish they are coprophagous,
      eating the waste of others… to eat them is a good way to contract hepatitis.

      Picture is of bowhunter Paul Ryan with a deer he murdered.

      Issues2000 does not consider the animal rights movement supported by billions
      around the world to be important enough to list. Votesmart says it has no key
      votes of Romney on this issue, underlining he has had no federal experience but
      ignoring his 4 years as Massachusetts governor.


      Whether you want to vote antiwar Libertarian, war ending in 2014 as Obama has
      planned or other please vote against Romney. http://garyjohnson2012.com


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