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  • Christina Clapham
    No, sorry to get you excited...it s not out, but since I have an in with the author (best friend), I got to read it back when it was being worked on and again
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      No, sorry to get you excited...it's not out, but since I have an in with the author (best friend), I got to read it back when it was being worked on and again just recently when I got an ARC (uncorrected proof).  You'll have to wait until it's released in January.  However, since Richelle is super busy, I too will have to wait for subsequent books in the future.  Don't worry...I'll make sure not to give any important details away so you can savor them all next year (as you read five pages at a time ;-)).

      Christina Clapham

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      SB2 is already out?!
      Whats up!???????
      Monty Wawatai
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      Elaine, I am so glad you enjoyed Richelle's books.  I too, find that though they classified VA as YA, it is really a great read for all ages.  Sure, the characters are young and dealing with many of the issues that face teens, but the book is filled with so much more than just teenage squabbles and power plays.  It is about trust, friendship, and coming to terms with oneself.  Though I haven't had the pleasure of a sneak peak, I can say that VA2 is likely to be just as good based on the description.  As for SB2, I can say that it is AWESOME!  I finished reading it a few weeks ago (got an ARC from Richelle) and this one definitely is a good read.  I would say that it is a bit more explicit than the first one, but not in such a way as to degrade the quality of the writing.  It's just necessary to have it for the plot (after all, she is a succubus!).  She does a lot of great character development (not just the old characters you already know and love, but some new ones too!) in this one and you'll get a glimpse into Georgina's past.  Oh, if you haven't read it yet, you should pick up an anthology called Dreams and Desires (you can see it on Richelle's webpage).  It has a short story in it about Georgina from her past...if I remember right, it gives you a picture of how she came to be a succubus as well as begins her character development.
      Oh, it's not out for a bit, but Richelle has another series in the works (tentatively called Dark Swan) that is also very good.  Welcome to the fan club!

      Christina Clapham

      Math Teacher
      Chrysalis School
      cbclapham@hotmail. com

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      Hi everyone. I am somewhat new to the group. Been reading for a
      couple of weeks without posting, unsure really of what to say. I
      bought Vampire Academy a couple of weeks ago at random. I read the
      back of the book, it seemed pretty cool, low cover price, so I
      figured, What the heck. Wow! To be honest, outside of Buffy, which
      I loved for its quick wit and humanity(even of the non-human
      characters), I have never been a huge fan of Vampire stories. Love
      the mythology, but can't really get in to things like Anne Rice and
      the like. I was so impressed with Vampire Academy that I finished it
      the first night, researched the author, and the very next day went to
      the bookstore and bought Succubus Blues. Also a pretty good read,
      though I'd be lying to say I didn't prefer Vampire Academy. At 27, I
      was only slightly hopeful that I would enjoy what the bookstore clerk
      told me was a book only aimed at teens. He was dead wrong. I loved
      it. I would like to hear from some of you out there, what you
      thought of the book, what you recommend along similar lines. To
      Richelle, you are AMAZING and gifted. You put a humanity in your
      characters that draws people in from the first paragraph and never
      lets go. I can't wait for the sequel. That's all I will say for
      now, I tend to get long winded. Look forward to talking to some of

      P.S. Thank you for stopping "Social Calendar Girl" from clogging up
      my e-mail further.

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