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  • John Zarafonetis
    Audioholics has a review on the Weizhi:   http://www.audioholics.com/reviews/power-conditioners/weizhi-precision-prs-6-fl   General consensus from our
    Message 1 of 8 , Apr 13, 2011
      Audioholics has a review on the Weizhi:
      General consensus from our meeting (HAS - Saturday April 09, 2011) somewhat split between the Weizhi and the Bybee Wire Power Purifier I.
      IMO - your idea to try it before you buy it:  excellent idea.
      Dedicated line - here again, just my opinion, but it yields the best improvement for the money.
      Best regards to all,

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      From: Robert godzilla56@...
      I will comment on the Weizhi after I have had a chance to listen to it. I have been somewhat dubious about these devices... but in Houston several members have this in their systems and are quite happy with it. I usually dont buy anything i cant audition first, so Im lucky that a friend is bringing one down from Houston for me to listen to for a week or so, then I have to take it back. It seems to me that power conditioners, high end switch boxes & such have the potential to do good...but, in some cases can do damage to the overall sound by filter/capacitor issues. I think the most common thing I have heard is that they can reduce system dynamics. There is a lot of comment online on these subjects. The Houston club just did an evaluation last month at their meeting and their web site is full of discussion/opinions. This is a new area for me...so, one toe in the water I guess......
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