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Re: [rivercityaudiosociety] Re: Saturday's Meeting

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  • Robert Guerin
    My recollection is that the third cable was john s Crimson brand, a British audiophile cable. Im expecting John to publish the entire results. Bob
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      My recollection is that the third cable was john's "Crimson" brand, a British audiophile cable. Im expecting John to publish the entire results.

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      Hi, Dave:

      I won’t give you my “opinion” of the results as they would obviously have my bias, so I will just give the facts that I can recall.  We first evaluated all the cables (10) by playing 30 seconds of an instrumental and one vocal song and each member ranked each cable in turn using a numeric scale.  At the end, the numbers were totaled and entered besides the cables name, retail cost, etc.  The top three cables were the Nordost, the Analysis and a third I am not familiar with and can’t recall, but it was a audiophile grade cable.  There was actually a tie for third place with some 16 ga. zip cord tying the high-end cable for third place.  Interestingly too, the most expensive cable, a Cardas cable costing $2,200 was mid-pack.  After the initial round of listening tests as described above, we had a “face off” among the top three cables, not including the zip wire, to see if the order would change.  We used the same songs and same procedure as in the first test.  The order came out exactly the same in the face-off, with the Nordost, the Analysis and the other audiophile cable placing one, two and three again.  I think we were all a bit surprised at the results being the same the second time around.  I also must point out that the numeric differences between the top cables and even the lower-ranked cables were not large and we did not do any statistical analysis of the results to see if they were statistically significant or just due to random chance.  But it was very interesting and I think everyone had fun.  As has been pointed out by Matt already, Luther did a great job of designing and constructing the audio setup so we (he) could change cables behind the scenes and non of the members could see which cable was being tested as they were all just assigned a number.  Luther also provided a very nice set of monitor speakers and a great sounding tube integrated amp. for the tests.  The songs were played from an attached hdd in FLAC format using my Oppo universal blu-ray player (BDP-93).
      If I have left out anything important or gotten the facts wrong, any member who was there please feel free to correct me.
      I hope the above helps, Dave, and also lets any other members who were not able to attend how these tests were conducted.
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      Subject: [rivercityaudiosociety] Re: Saturday's Meeting

      I was unable to attend due to work events but glad everyone had a great time.  Was there a consensus about the differences among speaker cables?  Or was the standard Zip cord indistinguishable from the mega buck blends?  Was curious to attend and try my own hand (or ears, actually) seeing what (if anything) I could determine on this topic so will look forward to those who were in attendance providing their thoughts.  
      Dave Burgin
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