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Re: [rivercityaudiosociety] Consumer Electronics Show (CES )Las Vegas

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    You can buy them new online for $100 less and they come with a warranty. ________________________________ From: Steve Surbaugh To:
    Message 1 of 27 , Jan 19, 2012
      You can buy them new online for $100 less and they come with a warranty.

      From: Steve Surbaugh <stevesurbaugh@...>
      To: "rivercityaudiosociety@yahoogroups.com" <rivercityaudiosociety@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2012 5:52 PM
      Subject: Re: [rivercityaudiosociety] Consumer Electronics Show (CES )Las Vegas

      For what its worth I came across the Peachtree iDecco in a pawnshop off Austin Hwy, asking price was $899 if I recall correctly. You can certainly talk them down.......down....


      From: Steven Zaiontz <szaiontz@...>
      To: rivercityaudiosociety@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 8:10 AM
      Subject: Re: [rivercityaudiosociety] Consumer Electronics Show (CES )Las Vegas

      If you're dead set on using a passive preamp, perhaps you should take a look at the Lighter Note, and the Lightspeed Attenuator.  These two passive preamps use LDR (Light Dependent Resistors) to alter volume and are said to be some of the best.  The Lightspeed Attenuator can be bought as a complete ready to go unit, while the Lighter Note is a kit that needs to be assembled and put into an enclosure.  The Lighter Note is a much more refined design and one that I should probably build for myself.  I've seen the lighter notes paired with tube buffers such as the Dodd and Nelson Pass' B1.  Just food for thought.  Good luck!

      -Steven Z

      On Sun, Jan 15, 2012 at 9:32 PM, Alan Hendler <alanhendler@...> wrote:
      TVC is transformer volume control
      It is typically a tapped autotransformer such as
      in my Sonic Euphoria passive preamp

      Sent: Sun, January 15, 2012 8:24:04 PM

      Subject: Re: [rivercityaudiosociety] Consumer Electronics Show (CES )Las Vegas


      That was a great explanation, but you didn’t indicate what TVC stands for?
      Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2012 8:12 PM
      Subject: RE: [rivercityaudiosociety] Consumer Electronics Show (CES )Las Vegas
      Joe, Thanks for the explaination. That really helps me out. I can't say I completely understand because I don't fully understand the mechanics of it all. I may have a few more questions for you and I'd be interested in coming by to see and hear your system with the TVC. It sounds like a good time and  would probably help me get a grasp on the passives. I'll shoot you an email later in the week to see what we can set up.

      To: rivercityaudiosociety@yahoogroups.com
      From: bohan.joseph@...
      Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2012 05:30:11 -0800
      Subject: Re: [rivercityaudiosociety] Consumer Electronics Show (CES )Las Vegas

      Hey Dave ! Joe Bohan here. I have a passive pre ( TVC) in my system. What works best for any passive pre is a power amp with a high input impedance , eg, 50Kohm or better still 100K like my tube amps. Also it should have good voltage sensitivity, eg. 1 volt input for full power output. The sources ( dvd player, phono preamp,tuner,ipod) all should output apx Twice the voltage needed by the power amp and should ideally have low output impedance,preferrably 1000 ohms or less. Lower is better and higher voltage is better. Almost forgot to add that you will want to keep all your interconnects as short as possible. The voltage from your source component must drive thru the cables and the insertion loss of the passive preamp and be able to adequately drive the power amp.A TVC is less critical for matching than a resistor passive,but more expensive. What happens if the matching is less ideal is usually a rolling off of high frequencies. To get the same transparency as a good passive I believe one would need to spend a great deal more money. Here's a link to the company whose magnificent tvc I bought :     http://www.promitheusaudio.com/frontpage.html       His cosmetics are good,but not top tier. Like great homemade. His most affordable passives are probably the best you could do in that price range. If you can swing a bit more cash,and especially if you want to drive a solid state amp with lower input impedance, his apollo preamp has one triode tube gain stage with transformer output. The C-core option would be best,but adds quite a bit to the price. My preamp is no longer listed, but he would make one if asked. It was his Reference C-core passive. I hope this helps and wasn't overkill.
      Anyone is welcome to come hear my system. I work weekdays and live in a small apartment and could accomodate only about 2 people at a time.
      From: david weil <dpgdave@...>
      To: rivercityaudiosociety@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Saturday, January 14, 2012 10:59 AM
      Subject: RE: [rivercityaudiosociety] Consumer Electronics Show (CES )Las Vegas
      Thanks for the suggestion. I had no idea what a tube buffer was until you brought it to my attention -- So it's a passive pre without gain. Interesting. Right now my money needs to go to a preamp/dac but the Dodd looks like a sweet little piece. If anyone is interested, I found a deal on it:


      Can anyone explain what type of system would be a candidate for a passive pre?

      To: rivercityaudiosociety@yahoogroups.com
      From: szaiontz@...
      Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 10:46:17 -0600
      Subject: Re: [rivercityaudiosociety] Consumer Electronics Show (CES )Las Vegas

      I've heard good things of the Dodd tube buffer if you want to just add a little warmth to the signal. 
      On Sat, Jan 14, 2012 at 10:38 AM, david weil <dpgdave@...> wrote:
      Don, That's the Peachtree Grand Pre that we were referring to. Peachtree is heading up market with they're Grand series which includes the Grand Pre ($3k) and Grand integrated (4,500). You can check them out on they're website. I've heard the Dac-it and thought it was great. I also owned the original Decco as well as the Nova and thought they were great values, versatile and high quality. I'm not sure if I like were Peachtree is going with the higher priced gear... I did see the integrated at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - its 450 watts per channel ClassD and they had it driving a big set of Sonus Faber I thought it sounded great.
      For my needs, I'd love to try out the Grand Pre, but at the high price, I may just buy a used Nova and use as the preamp and dac sections-I'd use the pre outs to my amps and maybe try some tube rolling. That or I'll just buy a tube preamp and a stand alone DAC. Does anyone have any recommendations for a tube preamp? I missed the Preamp club meeting... My system consists of a Sony SACD5400 source, Belles MB-200 amps and Martin Logan CLS speakers. I want to warm the system up a little bit with the tubes.


      To: rivercityaudiosociety@yahoogroups.com
      From: ddisbennett@...
      Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 09:22:26 -0600

      Subject: Re: [rivercityaudiosociety] Consumer Electronics Show (CES )Las Vegas

      Hi, Bob:

      I have the new Peachtree Dac*it dac and it was only $499; I guess you are referring to Peachtree’s higher end model, the IDac which runs about $1,000 or so.  I am very pleased with the sound quality and especially the hidden detail from their “budget” dac.
      Sent: Friday, January 13, 2012 10:57 PM
      Subject: Re: [rivercityaudiosociety] Consumer Electronics Show (CES )Las Vegas
      I hear what your saying. New SACD were nowhere to be seen except Esoteric, and they are having managemen issues now. But i still love gheyty
      I have hear great digital at 24/96 using HD tracks and afforbable dacs, like my music hall. The peachtree is very good but a bit picey for our needs. U need to come by'y place and hear some new stuff.

      Sent from my iPad

      On Jan 13, 2012, at 9:22, david weil <dpgdave@...> wrote:


      ob: Thanks for the updates. If you see any new and affordable SACD players with digital inputs, please let me know.

      I still haven't heard a digital file sound better than an SACD (and I won't even mention vinyl). With an SACD player w/digital input, one could play CDs, SACDs, or digital music from a computer, including hi-def, straight through the player without having to buy both a dac and SACD player (SACD player is needed because the SACD format cannot be outputted through a transport/dac). I was shopping for such a player but couldn't find anything with the digital input that was still affordable - high end Esoteric, Wadia & Luxman players had the digital input but far too expensive for me. I ended up with a Sony SACD5400 which I think is very good but no digital input.

      Another option for me would be a preamp with a Dac in it to run my CD/SACD player in analog and computer in digital. I've seen the Benchmark pre but I'd like something with tubes. Dac integration in a tube preamp seems to go against the tube gear design philosophy of isolation and simplicity. So far I've only found the Peachtree Grand Pre which could work for me but it's brand new and pricey.
      So if you see anything like that at the show, please let me know. That would be very helpful.

      As for the meetings, I've got my digital rig up and running with Wassapi, the output that bypasses Windows media on PC (windows media cannot output 24 bit).
      I'd be happy to hold a meeting to show the guys how to get they're hi-def digital up and running correctly.


      To: rivercityaudiosociety@yahoogroups.com
      From: thudeets@...
      Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 07:41:34 -0800
      Subject: Re: [rivercityaudiosociety] Consumer Electronics Show (CES )Las Vegas

      Bob, will do regarding the future mini-meeting logistics. Also, I agree with Don. Thank you for the great report. One comment on your findings -- I know there may be a sense of growing dismay as the availability of the CD format dwindles, and gets replaced by yet another (Computers and DACs?). That said I have heard people say digital audio files sound great these days. I have also heard people contradict the idea that digital audio files sound great. I guess one's perception may be dependent on the quality of the equipment used for playback. My experience is that the file is not the weak-link it used to be when the compression formats like MP3 were the only option. Just a thought. Again, thank you for some great insight.
      Don, nothing added or changed regarding the setup similar to yours. I have another setup (two-channel) which is the one that is down for improvements at this time. Nothing has been added though. It is undergoing a checkup and possibly some parts replacements as an upgrade) --- Matt
      From: Don Disbennett <ddisbennett@...>
      To: rivercityaudiosociety@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2012 7:38 PM
      Subject: Re: [rivercityaudiosociety] Consumer Electronics Show (CES )Las Vegas
      Great report on CES!  We are so glad you are there representing the RCA’s and for your insight into developing trends from the show.  I also was very pleased to hear that Mat will be hosting a mini meet later this year and curious what equipment he is adding as his old system was very similar to my main HT system.
      Looking forward to our next meeting; I have two recommendations for future topics:  DAC’s (which is already in the mill I believe) and Powered speakers which seem to be having a resurgence of popularity recently.
      Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2012 6:28 PM
      Subject: Re: [rivercityaudiosociety] Consumer Electronics Show (CES )Las Vegas
      Matt, thanks for the comments. When you are ready fir a mini meeting just let me know how many members can fit in you listening area and i will announce it. It can be a few or as large as you wish. There is no responsibility to provide anything other than allowing members to hear your system.
      CES was great, Im finished now it,s very demanding physically for me and i have hit my limit. A few trends comments:
      1.Very few cd players anywhere. The Oppo 95 (stock) was in several rooms and sounded very good.

      2. Amara software was the main choice on Apple sytems. HD tracks very popular.
      3.  More vinyl & tube equipment than new solid state.
      4.  Too many DACs to pick from. How do you chose? They all sound good. Doesnt seem necessary to spend over $500.
        5. Talked to Tom Norton from Home Theater magazine. He posts a great blog from the show and is the best reviewer I have ever met. No ego, loves audio & video, talks to everyone.
        6.  The SHOW also goes on duing CES and is yet another venue of exhibits and great stuff. Many small companies cant pay CES fees so this alternative is great. They dont charge admission if you have a CES badge.
      7.  The SHOW and Cary audio held a concert with Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul & Mary. They recorded it, and played it back later on their 60 watt tube amps. I can report NO loss of sound quality. It is nice that we can now buy gear that can really give you exactly what the musician wants. Even Paul spoke about this as well as expressing disdain for much current music that is style/show more than quality. Paul has been in the business over 50 years and knows of what he speaks....... He is still a top performer, i hope Cary releases this as an album.
      8. Met Galen Carol here and he has agreed to host another meeting at his store thus summer.
      Thats it from here. Should be a lot of stuff online. Tomorrow im flying by helicopter to the grand canyon......cant be in hi fi mode all the time.

      Sent from my iPad

      On Jan 12, 2012, at 10:49, Matt Solorio <thudeets@...> wrote:

      Bob, as per your comment for "mini" meeting hosts, I would be happy to do one. I am not sure when yet. My main listening system is down for improvements at this time, and of course, it will be operational for a “mini” meet; it should be up soon, right-as-rain, and better than ever. Will follow up
      In addition, I finished reading all the great dialogue so far on the CES thread. Thank you for conferring with the members back here is SA. The convention sounds awesome. So do this year’s plans for RCAS meetings and events. This is a great society to be involved. --- Matt
      From: Robert <godzilla56@...>
      To: rivercityaudiosociety@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2012 9:18 AM
      Subject: [rivercityaudiosociety] Consumer Electronics Show (CES )Las Vegas
      The RCAS is represented at CES. I am here this week to see stuff that wasnt in Denver. Will try to evaluate DAC's and computer audio as I know interest is high in this area. John and I have been discussing a future meeting to revisit this subject. There are also members of our sister club, Houston Audio Society here as well. If I see any really hot items ill mention it, but other sites have full time reporters who will post pictures etc, so I dont plan to try to duplicate their efforts. We are still working on the 2012 meeting schedule, and we need other members to volunteer to host a "mini" meeting at their home. The Bjorn events are quarterly unless we have access to a speaker or company rep. I will also be working on that in my meetings here this week. Also will be working on the home concert plan when I return. 2012 will be busy! Hope to see everyone soon.

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