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Re: [rivercityaudiosociety] What's your setup?

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  • Steve Surbaugh
    Steven, Great idea. I just joined the group. Didn t make the meeting last week. Been into High End for quite a while. Current set up...Which hasn t changed in
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 26, 2011

      Great idea. I just joined the group. Didn't make the meeting last week.
      Been into High End for quite a while.
      Current set up...Which hasn't changed in quite a few years since the Toddler came along:

      Dynaudio Contour 1.8k2...(floor standing 2 ways)
      ARC VT100..(All tube 100watt)
      Audible Illusions 2D..many different tube combos over the years. Currently with Electro Harmonix 
      VPI Junior with MK3 Platter
      Audioquest Arm
      Grado Sonata MM
      Jolida JD100 with Electro Harmonix as well.
      Cables mostly older AQ stuff.

      Had in the past:
      Vandersteen 2ces
      M-L Aerius
      Pro Ac Response 2s
      OCM Belles 100w Amp
      Aragon 100w...whatever the model was..
      ARC Classic 30
      Grado Platinum Cartridge


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      Hey guys, Steven here. I just thought it would be neat to see what equipment and speaker setups my fellow RCAS members are using. Maybe you can post a quick write up of what you're using, or possibly post some photos. As always the more the merrier.

      My current rig consists of the following:

      Pioneer SA-7800 Integrated Amplifier
      Pioneer TX-7800 Analog Tuner
      Sony BDP-S580 CD Player
      24" HP monitor @ 1200p native resolution
      Monster line conditioner

      My listening room is a work in progress so there are no pictures as of right now. Though I can say that I am in the completion stages of building a pair of Mark Audio Super Pencil cabinets for his Alpair 10 Generation 2 full range drivers. These will be used as my main speakers in my small listening room of 10' x 10' with 9' ceilings. If anyone can offer suggestions or help with room treatments, I would be highly appreciative.

      Also, just to throw this out there. I operate/program a CNC router which is accurage down to 1/1000th of an inch and have access to any type of hardwood, plywood, veneer, or fiber board you can think of. If anyone has any DIY projects they've been putting off because either you lack the materials and/or woodworking skills, I offer my help. Or if you'd like to have a custom one-off finished piece without the hassle of getting dirty I offer my services for a very reasonable price (varies for complexity of build and materials used).

      -Steven Z.

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