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  • Robert Guerin
    Hello everyone. It looks like we will have at least 3-4 tables saturday. I set up a Clear Audio Blue Emotion (German table) with a Grado Gold moving magnet
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      Hello everyone. It looks like we will have at least 3-4 tables saturday. I set up a Clear Audio Blue Emotion (German table) with a Grado Gold moving magnet cart yesterday. We will have an vintage linear table from Don, a Technics vintage and perhaps more. My thought is we will play some music on each one and then perhaps by the break decide which table to use for the second half, or however the members want to do it. Our club system this month will be the tables, my Usher preamp with built in phono stage (that I am listing on Audiogon for sale if anyone needs a preamp), the B&W CDM bookshelf speakers, and John is bringing the amplifier & cables. We can play 45's as well as 33's and will have "super duper audiophile records as well as common "here is what you find at the 1/2 price store, how good are they?". I would also like to ask if anyone has an stereo/audio related books to donate to our club library. I have a few on setting up systems, hi fi A-Z, even a recent overview on the fall of the music industry that tracks the vinyl business, rise and fall of the Cd and now internet music. Members could have the material for one month and then return them at the next meeting. Anyone with a background or unusual insight into vinyl & tables is is also welcome to make comments at the meeting. Finally, John and I would like to survey members for upcoming months and the Xmas party. Dont forget to wear your RCAS club badge!
      See you at Bjorns Saturday, Bob 

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      I have a Technics SL 5300 DD Quartz truntable I can bring. It does play 45's, just don't know where the adapter is after purchasing it in 1979. It could be anywhere from here to California. Using an Audio Technica 130 cartridge. Also have an Ortofon Concorde 20, but never could get it to track properly.
      See you guys Saturday.

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      > Cool! vinyl...Do you know yet what table we will be using? I was wondering if it would do 45? No biggie if not, I have plenty of regular stuff. I will offer to bring my Sota record cleaner. We can clean the vinyl to be played.
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      > > Just a quick note for your calendars, our RCAS meeting has been set for Saturday 24 Sept 11. I am finalizing the location at this moment and will post it along with additional details shortly. The subject will be Vinyl.........so start thinking about your favorite records and songs to bring to the meeting......
      > > Bob
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