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Hello Fellow RCAS

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  • wardsweb
    Thank you for your continuing participation and attendance at the February 26 meeting. Once again it was standing room only and I had to borrow some chairs
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2011
      Thank you for your continuing participation and attendance at the February 26 meeting. Once again it was standing room only and I had to borrow some chairs from one of Bjorn's other seminars.

      As expected Vade Forrester put on one heck of a presentation about the world of server based music and the members in attendance asked a lot of thoughtful questions which Vade and some of the members answered with explanations which we all could understand. Since we ran out of time to answer all of the questions we will revisit this topic again in the future with the large venue and smaller member's home based meetings. During the second half of the meeting we were all enthralled to hear some wonderful preamps which without an Audio Society we may have never had the chance to hear and enjoy. Thanks to all of the members who volunteered and brought their preamps.

      To catch everyone up on the latest happenings and musings I prepared the following list to help inform and entertain.

      1.In order to have time to prepare and to ensure a high interest level for meeting topics for the large venue meetings (I.E. Bjorn's) we have decided to hold these meetings quarterly through out the year. The large meetings then would be held in March, June, September, and a combo party and meeting in December. To keep the membership interest and momentum going the RCAS will help put together and arrange monthly home based meetings from a list of volunteers. After a member/host has been chosen that member will let us know how many members he/she can entertain and then we will email everyone on a first come first get basis for those slots. We anticipate that these meetings will average around 6-12 members depending on the size of the members listening room.

      2.The first home based meeting will be at my home this Saturday 3-5-11 from 12pm to 4pm or until the refreshments/treats run out. Sorry about this short notice. If location is a factor for you geographically my home is in Sonoma Ranch which is at the corner of Kyle Seale and 1604 West next to La Canterra. The address and directions will be sent to the first 8 members who sign up. Please email me directly at trugrithifi@... for your reservation. I guarantee that all attendee's will have there fill of Girl Scouts Thin Mint cookies and that 4 hours will seem like 15 minutes!

      3.Great news! I spoke with Galen Carol (San Antonio based High End Audio Dealer) today and he has tentatively agreed to sponsor the 6-18-11 quarterly meeting. He will try to make this meeting a do not miss occasion by inviting some of his dealer reps to show and tell their latest products. Stay tuned for confirmations and further developments.

      4.At the 2-26-11 meeting it was agreed by all in attendance to start charging a small membership fee of $5.00 per year. I will be sending out electronic receipts and official certificates of membership to the River City Audio Society within the next couple of weeks. Please encourage your friends and fellow audio enthusiasts who were not able to attend the last meeting to come to the next meeting and officially join the RCAS.

      I need to get this email out before bedtime so I will follow up with more updates later.

      Happy listening,

      John Schurman
      River City Audio Society
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