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Re: July Meeting Photos Posted & General News

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  • thudeets
    Robert, et al: Below are three nominations to consider including in the club-CD. I think the CD is a great idea! Track: Wichita Lineman Artist: Jimmy Webb
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 1 3:43 AM
      Robert, et al:

      Below are three nominations to consider including in the club-CD. I think the CD is a great idea!

      Track: Wichita Lineman
      Artist: Jimmy Webb
      Album: Just Across the River
      Mastered By: Unknown
      Engineered By: Alan Crossland
      Digital Editing By: Lanny Fiel and Alan Crossland
      Format: Redbook CD
      Release date: June 29, 2010
      Note: This version of Wichita Lineman is stunning for sound quality. Though it was Glen Campbell's version that most people are familiar with, knowing that the person who wrote the song is singing it here gives it an undeniable credibility. If you do not know already, you may want to play this one on a good system and try to identify the second voice on the first listen.

      Track: Blood on the Saddle
      Artist: Cowboy Nation
      Album: A Journey Out of Time
      Mastered By: Robert Vosgien and Pete Papageorges at Capital Records
      Format: Redbook CD
      Release date: July 13, 2000
      Recorded at: Busy Bee Studios
      Note: Blood on the Saddle is an awesome recording with regard to sound quality. The arrangement is simple: electric bass, acoustic guitar and vocals. I have heard the CD played on a couple of systems. Full-range floor-standing speakers might be a good idea.

      Track: Hair on the Windshield
      Artist: Carry Swinney
      Album: Human Masquerade
      Mastered By: Unknown
      Engineered by Alan Crossland
      Digital Editing by Lanny Fiel & Alan Crossland
      Produced by Alan Crossland & Carry Swinney
      Format: Redbook CD
      Release date: February 7, 1997
      Note: The liner notes do not provide information on how they recorded the introduction on this song. The car that wizzes by; and the glass bottle that hits the pavement were done perfectly.

      --- In rivercityaudiosociety@yahoogroups.com, "Robert" <godzilla56@...> wrote:
      > Our July meeting went very well and we literally had more small bookshelf speakers than we had time to listen to. This is a good problem to have during our meetings. Thank to everyone for bringing in speakers and also for the door prize donations.
      > One development since we adjourned is regarding the use of a church facility and live music for our next meeting. It sounded good, but, as these things go it wasn't meant to be. The church will only allow us access if we pay to rent the space. John and I are in agreement that the club doesn't have funds nor do we want to go this direction. Bjorn's lets us use the facilities without charge and our club dues are minimal. We want to keep it that way.
      > Finally, I have had some input regarding the club CD and how it should/could be compiled. Nothing is set in cement. We are asking you to submit your favorite audiophile song titles/info (please post to this site) and then perhaps we can discuss once we have an idea how many songs have been suggested, Maybe you might want one longer piece or three shorter ones....I for one would like to see each members top 10 song and album choices on our web site. I am always looking for new music and enjoy knowing what other audiophiles are listening to. Thanks Joe for your input on this subject. Thanks also for bringing that really cool clear 45rpm box set to the meeting. I want it!
      > Bob
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