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Re: [rivercityaudiosociety] RCAS April Meeting Saturday@1pm

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  • Matt
    Kris, you re welcome. Thank you.   I also want to echo your thanks to John, Bob, Don, Alan! I thought room setup and the system were perfect.   As always
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      Kris, you're welcome. Thank you.
      I also want to echo your thanks to John, Bob, Don, Alan! I thought room setup and the system were perfect.
      As always it was great seeing and talking to everyone. This is a great group!

      From: Kris Rexroad <hdk_hdk_hdk@...>
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      Wow, just wanted to say, "Thanks Matt!"  It was a great presentation of Frank Zappa.  I'll certainly admit, I wasn't expecting to be handed a 20-page program when I entered the door.  This leads me to believe that Matt spent more than five minutes preparing for this meeting.  And it showed, lots of informative tidbits about what shapes the music Frank makes.
      I certainly liked the 'play the influence, play the FZ result' format Matt chose to present his information in.  I actually learned a lot that way.  For example, Matt said at some point, "to understand Varese is to know Zappa," or some such.  By golly, when Varese's Octandre-I was played, I thought to myself, "yup, this sounds like Zappa."  Then later, I thought it WAS Zappa, until I looked down at my program and realized we were still hearing Varese.  It would appear that Frank has lifted entire thought vehicles out of the Varese train and merely changed the engine, conductor, and caboose with more modern instrumentation a bit.
      Anyway, I had a great time.  Thanks Matt for the prep time and education.  Thanks, John, for your home.  Thanks Don, Alan, and Matt for the equipment.

      From: Robert <godzilla56@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, April 25, 2013 10:16 AM
      Subject: [rivercityaudiosociety] RCAS April Meeting Saturday@1pm
      The April meeting of the River City Audio Society will be held this Saturday, 27 April 2013, 1pm @ John's house.
      This month Matt will be leading the meeting with a focus on music and exploring the accomplishments and artistry of Frank Zappa. Matt will be playing some of the most noted recordings from the artist, as well as selections from other artists that influenced Frank Zappa during his career. Don will also complement the presentation with musical examples from other noted guitar players. In addition to the musical presentations Matt will provide background information that will educate all of us on this noted artist. The music will be played on a reference quality system that is being configured by Don and Alan. Finally, thanks to John for sponsoring this meeting in his home. This meeting is a new format with a specific emphasis on music and introducing an artist to the group who is a personal favorite of Matt's. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday! Bob
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