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Re: [rivercityaudiosociety] Re: Please allow me to introduce myself...

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  • Don Disbennett
    Hi, Kevin: I was one of the very first purchasers of the XDA-2 since I had seen the prototype at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver in October.
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 12, 2013
      Hi, Kevin:

      I was one of the very first purchasers of the XDA-2 since I had seen the prototype at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver in October.  Unfortunately, mine came with a very early firmware and some computers, including mine had problems with that firmware.  So I had to do a firmware upgrade even though this unit is not intended for users to alter the firmware (I spoke to the Emotiva engineer who sent me very explicit instructions for the process).  Anyway, all is good since the new firmware was installed and it sounds very clean, although I am only using it (for now) as a desktop DAC with my AirMotiv 4 powered speakers (also from Emotiva).  It is a bit large for that application and probably overkill in other ways too, but I may move it to one of my two channel systems in the future.  What output mode are you using with the JRiver?  I use WASAPI Event Style on my setup.  By the way, the XDA-2 has a very nice headphone amp built in if you ever use high quality headphones for listening.
      From: knickkev
      Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 5:15 PM
      Subject: [rivercityaudiosociety] Re: Please allow me to introduce myself...

      Hi Don--

      Thank you for the quick reply! I left a message with Martin, so hope to
      hear from him soon. I just purchased JRiver last night and had been
      playing with it for the last 30 days after reviewing others. I came to
      the same conclusion as you and find that it is a great tool for digitial
      audio playback and music library. I do get distortion from time to time
      that I attribute to my laptop that probably needs to be reimaged. Have
      you had any issues with the XDA-2 DAC? Opinions? I have not listened to
      any others so just curious.



      --- In mailto:rivercityaudiosociety%40yahoogroups.com, wrote:

      > Hi, Kevin:
      > It was nice meeting you at the
      meeting on Saturday. I have Emotiva
      amplifiers in my HT system and also have the new XDA-2 DAC from Emotiva
      as well, although I do not use it with my HT. I believe the new Emotiva
      surround sound processor has a HT Bypass function which allows you to
      connect a separate two channel system into your HT if you want to go
      that route. Of course, you can also run your HT surround sound system in
      two channel mode if you prefer that for music. As I mentioned at the
      meeting, Bjorn's used to be a B&O dealer and they have an excellent
      repair dept., so they might be willing to fix any of your equipment if
      they can get the parts for it. Martin is their main technician and is
      very helpful, although his office is not in the store, but rather the
      old store over on loop 410 near Broadway which is now their warehouse
      and repair dept.
      > As for your laptop having problems, I am
      not sure what is going on
      with that. I didn't "clean up" any of my computers, either desktop or
      laptop when playing digital music, so not sure what you are doing in
      that regard. What music playback software are you using on your laptop?
      I use the JRiver Media Center on my computers and it is excellent and
      has been highly rated and reviewed in many places. It costs $50, but is
      worth it in my opinion.
      > Let me know if you need anything
      > Don
      > ---- knickkev wrote:
      > > Hello
      > >
      > > I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting on Saturday
      and was glad I
      persevered the highway 281 obstacles to get there. I gave a brief
      introduction at the meeting and had to leave early so here is some more
      information and questions, I hope you don't mind:
      > >
      > > My name is Kevin Knickrehm and I moved to San Antonio a little over
      a year ago from Omaha, still finding my way around. I currently own
      "classic" Bang and Olufsen equipment because that is what I envied in
      the "70s and '80s and could not afford back then. Since then I have
      bought and sold a lot of B&O equipment, but also had a great repair
      person that I could count on (I am not a DIY, but am fascinated by those
      that are). I have great need for a local San Antonio repair shop or
      person that can help with some of my equipment. If you know of anyone,
      it would be much appreciated.
      > >
      > > I mentioned at the meeting that I purchased the Emotiva DAC II
      am enjoying the digital audio world now but need to clean up my PC
      laptop because of interruptions from time to time during music playback.
      If any of you have experienced the same, would love some suggestions.
      > >
      > > Another item that I find perpexing is the
      fact that my listening
      room and Home Theatre room have to be one in the same. It is not large
      and I don't want to give up 2-channel equipment for a Home Theatre. I
      was leaning towards Emotiva equipment for the HT, but what to do about
      the B&O equipment and 2-channel stereo? Anyone have experience with
      Emotiva and can share opinions?
      > >
      > > Finally, my
      musical tastes have a wide range and I find enjoyment in
      *almost* all genres. I am a product of the '70s (classic rock) but have
      enjoyed Jack White recently. If I had to choose one genre for now, it
      would probably be classic and orchestral Jazz and some big band.
      > >
      > > I look forward
      to meeting all of you at future events!
      > >
      > > Kevin
      > >

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