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Re: [rivercityaudiosociety] Re: January/Feb Meetings/Doors 45rpm/CES

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  • redbeemer01
    Hi, Ulises: I don t have much vinyl and only occasionally play what I have using a very old Mitsubishi Linear Tracking turntable with a new Shure n97xe
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 22, 2013
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      Hi, Ulises:

      I don't have much vinyl and only occasionally play what I have using a very old Mitsubishi Linear Tracking turntable with a new Shure n97xe cartridge. I quit vinyl years ago after cd came out and the vinyl was mostly all crap with reground old records and terrible warps and surface noise. I listen mostly to digital music these days from my music servers using either Twonky or JRiver Media server software. Most people anymore don't use a high end sound card in their computers, but rather use an external usb DAC to get the file out of the computer and convert it to an analog signal which is then passed along to their receiver or pre-amp and amp for listening. I could bring my laptop with JRiver Media Center and an external usb DAC to the meeting if you like and have most of my files ripped to flac which is lossless. I don't believe the music from Rhapsody or Napster is hi-rez at all. About the highest resolution streaming music you can get these days is from MOG which is 320 kbps mp3 and sounds quite good (I subscribe to it). Most true high resolution music these days comes from HDTracks site as 96/24 or 88/24 or 192/24 flac files, but it is download only (purchase), not streaming. There are a few other sites which also feature high resolution flac or wav files, but they usually have only lesser known (but sometimes very talented) artists, unlike HDTracks which has most of the big names.
      Let me know if you need more information or want me to bring my laptop and DAC.

      ---- Ulises A Hubbard <uhubbard@...> wrote:
      > Hi Don and Bob,
      > I do have a vintage Pioneer turntable with a brand new Shure m97xe cartridge and a shure m91ed cartridge with an Ed Saunders stylus. So far I prefer the m97xe because it has less sibilance. Tomorrow I'm ordering an Audio Technica AT 440MLA, I want to try them and decide which one to keep. I also have a new Pro-Ject 1.3 (Genie) turntable and I can use any of those cartridges on it (the original Sumiko Pearl is broken). I'm barely getting into vinyl, so any help from members is greatly appreciated, specialty around how to set my turntable up correctly! (I've just been winging it)
      > As far as high rez music, I don't have anything like a media server (I should! I'm a computer guy for God's sake! ). I assume I can play high rez files with a normal computer with a decent sound card? If I need to install some specific software just tell me where to get it and I'd be happy to get that prepared and ready for the meeting. This would be a great opportunity for me to start experimenting and getting into digital music. I use Napster/Rhapsody for casual listening; they do advertise that the music is "HD" whatever that means in music...
      > Ulises.
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