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Re: HAS this Saturday 6th.

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  • stevenzaiontz
    Don, The Zaph bookshelfs are a completely different design. John Krutke Zaph is a well known figure in the DIY audio community. He s a straight to the
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      The Zaph bookshelfs are a completely different design. John Krutke "Zaph" is a well known figure in the DIY audio community. He's a straight to the punch, no B.S. kinda guy. His designs are based on real world testing and experience with some of the best speaker components in existence. The drivers are Seas, a Norwegian manufacturer. The woofer is a Seas 7" Reed/Paper Pulp cone and the tweeter is a Seas Prestige fabric dome with a glass fiber reinforced plastic chassis.

      While Zaph doesn't believe in boutique crossover components, I went ahead and had them upgraded "just for grins". This is a kit that can be bought here ( http://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/seas-soft-dome-tweeters/seas-prestige-27tdfc-h1189-textile-dome-tweeter/ ) for as little as $425 (I highly recommend adding the accessory package). In any case, I think it sounds fantastic. It's a very modern sounding speaker that plays well with all kinds of music and holds it's composure at high listening levels. On that note, anyone who has been over to my house before for a listening session is welcome to come on back. My system is completely different, employing my class D amp, Electra-Print PVA passive preamp, Zaph SR71 speakers, and CSS subwoofer.

      As always, I'm willing to help anyone with any interest in DIY as long as it's within my capabilities.


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      > Hi, Steven:
      > Those new Zaph bookshelves look very similar externally to the ones I bought from you. I assume the internal crossover components on these new ones are upgraded over what's in mine. Are the drivers the same? They look to be about the same size and appearance. I recently paired those bookshelf speakers with my NAD Bee 375 integrated amp and Audioengine D1 DAC and the extra power of the NAD unit really brought these speakers to life (150 wpc).
      > Don
      > ---- stevenzaiontz <szaiontz@...> wrote:
      > > Would it be okay if I tagged along? I could bring my newest set of bookshelf speakers. They are a DIY design by Zaph Audio and are called the SR71. I opted for the boutique parts in the crossover which consists of a Clarity ESA capacitor in the tweeter circuit and Goertz copper foil inductor in the woofer circuit. They sound quite nice. You can see them here ( http://imgur.com/a/S3zv6#0 )
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      > > -Steven
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      > > > Well Alan can't make it, but I'm still driving over for the Houston Audio Society's meeting this Saturday. If anyone would like to tag along, I will be leaving from my house around 8:30am. The meetings usually only last 2-3 hours and then I'll be heading back to SA.
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