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2205Re: [rivercityaudiosociety] RCAS BBQ

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  • Joseph Bohan
    Jun 15, 2014
      I failed to write down your address , please respond. I can get there fine    Joe

      On Saturday, June 14, 2014 5:32 PM, "Matt thudeets@... [rivercityaudiosociety]" <rivercityaudiosociety@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      If you need my address to get to the BBQ next Saturday (June 21, 2014) please email I will send it you.

      The BBQ starts at 1PM.

      RCAS is funding the lion's share of the food this year. (What a great group!) 

      I'll be able to get take-out with all the trimmings from a good BBQ place; and a few members have also committed to bringing some great additional food items. There should be plenty to eat and drink.

      I will carve out some space in the house for the swap meet, the traditional area for buying, selling, and trade between members. Please feel free to bring gear for any of afore mentioned activities if you want.

      There will be a two channel system and a surround sound system available to hear. The two channel room can accommodate about three people at a time comfortably; the surround sound area will accommodate more than that. Between the two systems all the common audio formats should be playable. Alan is bringing a DSD DAC also.

      Feel free to bring a favorite piece of music or two if you want.

      I cannot say anything else about the BBQ that Bob and John have not already said perfectly in previous posts, so again please email me if you need directions, and I'll email back with the information in a private reply.


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