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1939Re: [rivercityaudiosociety] RCAS News: Monthly Meetings in 2014

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  • Robert Guerin
    Dec 26, 2013
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      The items that I can contribute to the meetings effort as needed:

      B&W CDM1 Bookshelf speakers (up to four) with stands
      Monster high quality speaker cables
      Nordost Red Dawn speaker cables
      Clearaudio Blue Motion turntable or vintage Yamaha Linear Tracking turntable
      Heron Preamplifier
      Pioneer & Sony CD/SACD players


      P.S. Sorry I couldnt attend your party, it was Sharnels birthday dinner night. Next year?

      From: Matt <thudeets@...>
      To: "rivercityaudiosociety@yahoogroups.com" <rivercityaudiosociety@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Thursday, December 26, 2013 8:10 AM
      Subject: Re: [rivercityaudiosociety] RCAS News: Monthly Meetings in 2014

      Alan, thank you.

      On Wednesday, December 25, 2013 3:26 PM, Alan Hendler <alanhendler@...> wrote:
      Hi Matt,
      Happy holidays. I had a great time at your party
      As you know I can always supply gear. Here is a list
      Sony 5400 SACD player
      Mytek stereo 192 DSD dac with laptop and HiRez downloads
      Berning ZH270 power amp
      VTL ST-85 power amp
       Sonic Euphoria passive preamp
      From: Matt <thudeets@...>
      To: "rivercityaudiosociety@yahoogroups.com" <rivercityaudiosociety@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Wednesday, December 25, 2013 10:10 AM
      Subject: Re: [rivercityaudiosociety] RCAS News: Monthly Meetings in 2014
      As a follow-up to Bob’s great news that the RCAS will try introducing the monthly meeting format back into the schedule beginning in January, please send me an e-mail or post a message on the group board if you have audio gear that you want to share in a monthly meeting.
      Bob and John want to keep the monthly meeting format as easy and fuss-free as possible by setting a standardized agenda of general club news, visiting and discussing our favorite hobby, setting up a basic but good system using members gear, and listening to a wide variety of music
      I am happy to make the phone calls and handle the logistics so that a basic but good system using members' gear is always available.
      The best results will probably come if members are willing to help out by sending me - in advance - descriptions of personal audio gear/accessories they would not mind sharing.  So, if you have a basic but good set of speakers, disc player, turntable, amplifier, pre-amplifier, DAC, tape deck, interconnects, power chords, power strips, USB cables, speaker wires, (Tube, solid state, hybrid, digital, analogue, balanced, unbalanced, etc.) that you want to share please let me know.
      If there is enough participation I will make the calls and/or send the emails for gear commitments before each meeting based off the share-list. If possible gear which has not been used at a meeting would be considered before gear which has been used, so as the year progresses the expectation is that eventually everyone who wants to share gear will have the opportunity.---Matt
      On Tuesday, December 24, 2013 2:02 PM, Robert <godzilla56@...> wrote:
      If you missed the Christmas Party at Luther's house you may not have heard that the RCAS's will again try a monthly meeting format starting in January 2014. The dates will be the third Saturday of the month, the time will be 1pM and the location will be Bjorns. We will aim to get the back room with the better acoustics. The normal monthly meeting will NOT have a specific subject. It will be oriented to general club news, visiting and discussing our favorite hobby, setting up a basic but good system using members gear, and listening to a wide variety of music. We have created a new club officer position, equipment manager, and that will be taken by Matt. He will contact members in advance of the meeting to coordinate the equipment needed for that month. Please be responsive and make it easy for Matt to get this done with a minimum of hassle. We can all share the load with equipment. Matt will probably make a separate posting on this subject so I won't try to put words in his mouth on how this will work. At least 3 times a year, and maybe more, we will have meetings with a specific subject as we have in the past. Again, it can be a club member or a industry representative giving us a presentation. It is up the the club membership to decide on topics and help generate the material for an interesting meeting. Considering the fabulous meetings we have had from Vade, Don, Alan, Matt, Luther, Audio Fred and others I don't anticipate a problem with that. If I forgot to mention anyone I apologize it's just the meds……. and of course we will always have get togethers at members houses, try to have a field trip to Austin and who knows what else? Finally, although we all have issues/concerns with the Yahoo site and format it will continue as our primary club site. We urge you to visit it on a regular basis and scroll through a few pages to stay current. I will also try to keep the calendar section updated and Don will post the club pictures directly to the photo section. I can't guarantee that the practice of sending individual emails the week before the meeting will continue as it is very time consuming for me and many members don't keep us apprised of address changes. Happy Holidays and see you all soon! Bob

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