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  • Robert
    Dec 24, 2013
      Many of you may have noticed that Acoustic Sounds is now offering hi resolution downloads on it's website. Chad Kassem seems to be setting up a competing site with HD Tracks and David Chesky. This is a good thing. It is also great that Sony & Warner have now allowed a huge number of titles to be downloaded that we have not previously seen in an "HD" (high resolution) format.
      I decided to try the Acoustic Sounds site since most of us are very familiar with HD Tracks. My first apprehension came when I saw the file that was downloading had a zip file extension. I have many bad memories of trying to "unpack" zip files and getting errors and missing data, My first thought was OMG why are they doing this.
      However, it appears this is being done to compress the file and allow a quicker download. And the good news is the file is a self extracting ZIP format which means once it is resident on your drive it automatically becomes a FLAC or WAV or whatever you ordered. No zip programs needed to unpack. It is automatic. But is all the data still there? How do you really know for sure what "zipping" does to the data?
      I hAve been listening to the new Willie Nelson duets (All the Girls) that came out last week and it is quite good and well recorded. Worth the $17.95 that Acoustic Sounds charged my Pay Pal account. The bottom line is this site works as advertised and the sound quality is as good as HD Tracks as far as I can tell.Zip or not. I encourage RCAS members to give it a try and get some new music. If you notice anything amiss please let us all know on this board.
      Now as for getting your computer audio to work all the time, without losing synch, corrupted data, cable issues, computer conflicts, improper drivers, DACS that won't accept USB output, program drop outs, reboots etc etc issues and the myriad of small items that crash the system nothing much has changed. John and I had a nice discussion on this subject last night! But, when hi resolution audio works properly through a great DAC it can sound glorious!
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