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RE: [rishiculture] "Heal Thy Self with Pranava AUM"

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  • Sri Bala
    Dear Ananda, Thank you very much. Deeply appreciated. You may be happy to hear that I have fully recovered. I do four hours of daily sadhana, complementing my
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 1, 2007

      Dear Ananda,

      Thank you very much. Deeply appreciated.

      You may be happy to hear that I have fully recovered. I do four hours of daily sadhana, complementing my medication.

      I’m presently producing an abbreviated version of “Heal Thy Self with Pranava AUM” 81 day programme for “Good Health with Pranava AUM””.

      I’m also developing a Harmonising & Tranquillising series (three month/81 day programme) for Stress-related and Immune-deficient conditions, comprising three CDs as follows:

      1.       Harmonising Body-bio rhythms

      2.       Harmonising & Stabilising the Mind

      3.       Regenerating & Rejuvenating the Body

      Each CD has three practices:

      1.       Rhythmic Breath & Meditational Walk

      2.       Introspection incorporating the specific Rhythmic Breath

      3.       Yoga Nidra incorporating the specific Rhythmic Breath

      Shall keep you posted of how I’m progressing.


      Sri Bala.




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      Man’s rehabilitation from a serious illness is no different from man’s ultimate salvation/emancipation from the cycle of births and deaths. Both culminate in attuning to the source from whence man originated, Divine/Cosmic Consciousness. The practice of the deeper aspects of Yoga (the breathing, chanting and meditation) as taught by the late Yogamaharishi Dr Swami Gitananda Giri Guru Maharaj is Yoga Therapy in its pristine purity.


      Man is essentially Self Consciousness, part and parcel of Divine/Cosmic Consciousness. The Christians call it Christ Consciousness, the Hindus call it Krishna Consciousness, the Buddhists call it Buddha Consciousness, and Muslins call it Allah.


      Man lives in three states of Consciousness in this worldly life, Wakeful, Dream, and Deep Sleep States of Consciousness attuned to the three Planes of Existence, Physical, Astral and Causal, in keeping with the basis of creation – the three modes of nature: Tamas, Rajas and Sattva.

      These three Planes of Existence are manifestation of Prana, They are Physical, Astral, and Causal Energy Bodies, created and sustained by the cosmic vibratory energy of Pranava AUM.

      These three Energy Bodies may be classified as follows:

      Physical Energy Body   physical body                Annamaya Kosha

      Astral Energy Body       electromagnetic field      Pranamaya Kosha

                                          lower mind                    Manomaya Kosha

                                          higher mind                   Vijnanamaya Kosha

      Causal Energy Body      bliss body                    Anandamaya Kosha


      Healing in Yoga Therapy is helping a student-patient to rise above body and conscious mind, negate ego consciousness and attune to the state of causal silence within, where renewal, repair and healing take place. This is achieved by helping the student-patient to develop physically, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, and spiritually at the five koshas/energy bodies. The healing follows naturally, within the constraints of one’s karma.


      All above vibratory energy bodies (including the cells in the physical body) need daily sustenance of energy and the vibratory frequency of Pranava AUM to experience a state of wellbeing and experience good physical and mental health. The energy is supplied by Mahat Yoga Pranayama, while the vibratory resonant frequency is supplied by Pranava AUM.


      Mahat Yoga Pranayama regenerates and rejuvenates the physical body when done to an 81 day programme,   incorporating Adham, Madhyam and Adyam Pranayamas. It is done in five sessions in different ratios to generate healthy blood and glandular cells and bodily fluids. It is also done in deeper rhythms to slow down the rate of breathing, which in turn slows down the bodily processes giving a greater duration of time for renewal, repair and healing to take place. It may be remembered in this context that the ancient secret to good physical and mental health and longevity was breathing deeply, slowly and rhythmically.


      Pranava AUM consists of chanting “Aaaa” at the lower lungs, “Uuuu” at the mid lungs, and “Mmmm” at the upper lungs, and “AUM” at the complete lungs.

      “Aaaa” attunes to the vibratory sound of the physical body, universe, and a Wakeful State of Consciousness.

      “Uuuu” attunes to the vibratory sound of the mind, cosmic mind, and a Dream State of Consciousness.

      “Mmmm” attunes to the vibratory sound of self consciousness, cosmic consciousness, and a Deep Sleep State of Consciousness.

      “AUM” integrates the body, mind and self-consciousness, the universe, cosmic mind and cosmic consciousness and transcends the Wakeful, Dream, and the Deep Sleep Stare of Consciousness and leads the student-patient to the fourth state, Turiya, beyond conceptualization.  I call it the State of Causal Silence within, the abode of happiness, peace, tranquility, creativity, intuition, health, knowledge and freedom - the source of everything.


      Emotional traumas and tensions of this and previous births are stored in the Chakras preventing the free flow of prana into the nerve plexuses and endocrine glands under them.

      These are neutralized by Chakra Meditation at the Navel Centre (Manipura Chakra) associated with the Physical Plane of Existence , at the Throat Centre (Vishuddha Chakra) associated with the Astral  Plane of Existence and at the Brow Centre (Ajna Chakra) associated with the Causal Plane of Existence.  It is also done at the Heart centre (Anahata Chakra) the seat of the soul.


      Chakra Meditation, if done at the Physical Plane of Existence, is as follows:

      ”Aaaa” is allowed to vibrate and resonate three times each at the Navel Centre, reptilian part of the brain, and the Physical Energy Body radiating from the Navel Centre. The three Planes of Existence are then integrated at the Navel Centre by allowing “AUM” to vibrate and resonate at the Navel Centre nine times, veered to silence and the silence experienced for three minutes. Then the Navel Centre is visualized with one pointed awareness as a ten petalled lotus (or water lily). This activates the Centre and it is experienced as a whirling sensation leading to a sense of pulsation, when “AUM” or “AMEN” or one’s personal One Word Mantra is mentally chanted for five minutes to synchronize with it. This process neutralizes emotional traumas or tensions stored at the Navel Centre, enhances its psychic quality of personal power, and initiates a process of healing at the Physical Plane of Existence. The enhancing of the psychic qualities of the Centres also transform the personality and character.


      If I may cite a feedback to substantiate my claim from Milijana – a clairvoyant, Victoria, Australia

      “I have been practicing VBT since June 2003 which resulted in the following:

      ·         removal of energy blockages,

      ·         detoxification of the body and

      ·         opening up of the psychic system. In other words I had a quantum leap in every aspect of my life as a result of the spiritual development triggered by VBT practices.”


      Healing is effected by taking awareness to the organ needing healing and allowing “AUM” to vibrate and resonate there. The focus of the awareness activates the consciousness of the cells in the organ, the breathing at Mahat Yoga Pranayama energizes the cells, and the vibratory resonant frequency of “AUM” makes the cells holistic to experience a state of wellbeing so healing can take effect.


      In order to facilitate this, the Psychic Passage (Shushmna Nadi) is first cleansed by moving “AUM” up the spinal column nine times, the Physical, Astral and Causal Planes of Existence integrated at the Navel, Throat and Brow Centres, the reptilian, mammalian, and neo-cortex parts of the brain, and the Physical, Astral and Causal Energy Bodies (extended to infinity).


      The cosmic vibratory energy of Pranava AUM is done 27 times at the organ needing healing on the first day, and increased by one more chant every day for 81 days, until a total of 108 chants are reached and leveled off. The chanting of “AUM” is veered to silence and experienced for three minutes. Awareness is then taken to the Heart Centre (Anahata Chakra) the seat of the soul, and meditation is done on “AUM”. This is progressively lengthened.  The session is ended with an affirmation. This practice is done in the morning to set the tone for the day.


      This main practice of Vibrational Breath Healing/Pranava AUM and Meditation is complemented with Rhythmic Breath (Savitri Pranayama) [and Meditational Walk to the same rhythm] once every two/three hours during the day or when stressed, tense, depressed or even tired. Psychic Sleep (Yoga Nidra) is done when going to sleep or during an afternoon siesta. Both these practices create a state of wellbeing and enhance the process of healing.


      Additional practices to cater for specific conditions, including traumas locked in the nervous system etc,( which we learnt at the Ashram) are introduced, if and when necessary. Fortunately we have learnt the deeper versions of all practices and they are most effective. But the main practice always remains only Pranava AUM and Meditation.


      Brief feedback from a leading medical practitioner from Melbourne, who has attended my 81 day programme and is a dedicated student, may help you to appreciate the unique character and “heal thy self” quality of Pranava AUM better.

       “Remember, you are doing this for the good Lord, not for mankind…..if you know my meaning… and the few you have shown the way will open the floodgates when the Divine time is at hand…. People like me do it day in, day out. I see the face of the Lord again and again. Fear and despondence is not what I encounter now, but rather an understanding of the workings of the Divine and man’s choice to veer or follow God”.                                                                                                                             Dr Kuan Chin, Physician Consultant

      Sri Bala Ratnam, Yoga Therapist

      Founder, Vibrational Breath Therapy

      (based on Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga)

      Email address: sribala@...,au;

      Website: www.vbt.com.au (being reconstructed)


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