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  • Sri Bala Ratnam
    Dear Sonia, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I ve great respect for your open mindedness and strength of your convictions. I also do accept that
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 4, 2006
      Dear Sonia,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

      I've great respect for your open mindedness and strength of your

      I also do accept that there are different forms of yoga, but what I wrote
      was to reiterate that Swamiji has taught us a practice "but in the end
      thought is stilled, falls silent and is transcended" (quotation from your

      The stilling of the aberrations of the mind is Yoga, for when you still the
      mind self consciousness attunes to Cosmic Consciousness. I was a bundle of
      energy with a restless mind. As you now know I am more a practical than a
      theory man. I am aware and glad of your interest in experimentation [which
      was confirmed by your student Sue (?) as well]. Thanks for acknowledging my

      In the message referred to I mention my experience in two practices [Shiva
      Mantra (12 yrs) & Pranava AUM Pranayama (15 yrs)]. It may interest you to
      know that I have also done Nasargha Bhastrika in 36 rounds x 120 times/round
      = 4320 times in one go, and the final step in Nadi Shoddhana and Nadi
      Shuddhi in 9 times of 64in:32held-in::64out:32held-out = 192 seconds or 3
      minutes and 12 seconds for one breath. Hence please be understanding if I
      take the liberty to share my experience with my colleagues in fulfilling the
      purpose of this forum.

      Where I salute Swamiji is that he taught me how to absorb and regulate prana
      in ratios and deeper rhythms to regenerate and rejuvenate, to intone the
      primal sound AUM, to integrate the three planes of existence, transcend the
      three states of consciousness and attune to the state of causal silence
      within. Due to my intense practice I was divinely led and I feel equally
      inspired by Swamiji (whom I remember daily in my prayers) to meditate at the
      Heart Centre, the seat of the soul, to neutralise the traumas and tension
      stored there, enhance psychic qualities of compassion and love and activate
      a process of healing at all three planes of existence etc.

      What I have done is integrate the multifaceted components of Pranava AUM
      Pranayama with Meditation at the Chakras (associated with the three planes
      of existence) including the Anahata Chakra, the seat of the soul, into
      harmoniously blended three month programs, more like an inspiring,
      invigorating and redeeming symphony to experience a state of wellbeing, with
      resultant good health, rehabilitation from ill health and even spiritual
      evolution. I concede that it is not for every one. It demands too great a
      dedication and discipline for the average student/patient.

      The following reflections of Dr Kuan Chin, an Australian citizen of Chinese
      descent, an advanced soul and an eminent physician consultant, who is also a
      dedicated student of mine for the last five years, will inform you where I
      stand with respect to what I have achieved. It may interest you to know why
      he sought to learn from me. It was purely to be as healthy as I when he
      reaches eighty years of age. He was then only 40 years of age. Please note
      the incredible change that has taken place in him after five years of daily

      "Do not despair.

      No one in "authority' listened to Jesus either.

      Remember, you are doing this for the good Lord, not for mankind...if you
      know my meaning. and the few you have shown the way will open the floodgates
      when the Divine time is at hand. Your children will pick it up one day
      because it is their legacy. They are not interested now only because it
      confronts their mortality. People like me do it day in, day out. I see the
      face of the Lord again and again. Fear and despondence is not what I
      encounter now, but rather an understanding of the workings of the Divine and
      man's choice to veer or follow God. I do it for the good Lord. I am not
      attached to either my work or its results as such, but every act is done
      with my very best effort as an offering to the good Lord. Only my best, for
      the best. You do that too. The good Karma I have accumulated is serving its
      purpose of giving me the Lord's blessings of great introspective capacity.
      Please be strong and rest in the good Lord's wisdom and timing.."

      I fulfilled it not only as His mission for me, but also as a dedicated
      student based on Truth to Swamiji in eternal indebtedness for having shown
      me the path to my salvation. It was never my intention to upstage or upset
      any "apple cart". Too much of a gentlemen to do it. If you are experiencing
      good health, and confident that your practices are sufficient to
      rehabilitate you from ill health and to experience a long and healthy life,
      my message is not for you. It may however be food for thought for others.

      You are doing a fantastic job as a stalwart of Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga in

      Greater strength to your elbow!


      Sri Bala.

      Founder, Vibrational Breath Therapy

      based on Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga

      Email: sribala@...

      Website: www.vbt.com.au

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      From: "gary wall" <ether@...>
      To: <rishiculture@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2006 5:18 AM
      Subject: In Praise of questionsRe: [rishiculture] Re: A post for Kalavathi

      > Namastey.
      > whilst understanding and agreeing with your view, i am also aware of "
      > different strokes for different folks"... That is why there are different
      > Yogas..Karma Bhakti..etc. and of course ,Jnana Yoga, the way of
      > knowledge,
      > which uses conscious reasoning to penetrate the viels of ignorance.
      > According to James Hewitt in his book Complete yoga..the Jnani Yogi uses
      > his
      > penetrating power of thoughts to open out a way to the inmost centre,but
      > in
      > the end thought is stilled ,falls silent and is transcended .
      > " Yoga is not blind faith but practical , reasonable intuitive and its
      > results can be felt on every level.
      > To deny intellect would be to deny using the God given faculty that sets
      > Man
      > above the animals.
      > Swamiji told me he didnot want to teach sheep..questions show someones
      > state
      > of mind and what they are trying to digest
      > Yajnavakya was asked questions in the Upanishads, and so Natchitiotas of
      > Lord Yama. Arjuna asked Krishna in the gita, and in the bible it says
      > "ask
      > and it will be given"
      > For me asking profound questions opens a "window" in my mind , creating a
      > space for an answer!
      > love in yoga sonia
      > From: "Sri Bala Ratnam" <sribala@...>
      > To: <rishiculture@yahoogroups.com>
      > Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2006 8:27 AM
      > Subject: Re: [rishiculture] Re: A post for Kalavathi
      >> Never was a statement made with greater profundity. As colleague Antonio
      >> says "Yoga is an experiential science" and only serious, dedicated, and
      >> disciplined practice of it will pay dividends. It is not an intellectual
      >> exercise/discipline
      >> Those of you who are subscribers to the Yoga Life may have read my life
      >> story under the caption "Getting Ready for the Guru "in the December 2005
      >> issue. It states how my deceased grandmother instructed me through a
      >> spiritual medium to make a trident and pray morning and evening in order
      > to
      >> combat my troubles, which were then overwhelming me. That was in 1965 and
      > it
      >> initiated my career in Yoga and I have continued it to date. What did she
      >> do? She introduced me to Mantra Yoga, in a simple and straightforward
      >> manner, which helped me to rise above my problems, achieve some peace of
      >> mind, and get on with my life. She did not try to explain intellectually
      >> what it was all about. I had faith in doing what she told me, and had the
      >> desired result.
      >> The hand of God confirmed the power of mantra in 1969 when I attended my
      >> fist Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka. Yogi Ramiah who conducted it, in order to
      >> show us the power of mantra, got us to chant their Kriya Babaji Sangham's
      >> mantra for 24 hours over an auspicious fire and brought down rain to
      > parched
      >> Colombo. It was a mind boggling event. I could not have hoped for a more
      >> dramatic confirmation of the power of mantra.
      >> I became so inspired that for about ten years thereafter (1970-80) I
      > chanted
      >> the Shiva mantra108 x 108 times = 11,664 times daily. During this period
      >> I
      >> was able to save my infant grandson from the jaws of death by the sheer
      >> power of my chanting the mantra.
      >> So my dear colleagues, do any one practice sincerely and seriously for
      > years
      >> on end, and the truth of that practice will be truly revealed to you.
      >> This
      >> was our revered Swamiji's exhortation to us all.
      >> Also for the last sixteen years I have been practising Pranava AUM
      > Pranayama
      >> daily, incorporating the multifaceted features of Hathenas, Mahat Yoga
      >> Pranayama, Mudras, ratios, rhythms and ending the session with meditation
      > at
      >> the Heart Centre, all developed into powerful three month programs. The
      >> programs are conducted under the captions "Chakra Meditation for Good
      > Health
      >> & Longevity" (Basic) & "Chakra Meditation for Self Healing" (Advanced),
      >> By sheer knowledge, arising from the vast experience I .have gathered,
      >> supported by that of my students/patients, I can boldly declare that
      >> there
      >> is no condition which cannot be rehabilitated wholly or improved
      >> substantially (within the constraints of one's karma) with daily
      >> dedicated
      >> and sustained practice. Today I have perfected the practice into an art.
      >> Please read the article to understand how I came to develop the practice
      >> into unique 3 month programs, which develop one physically, emotionally,
      >> mentally and spiritually, with resultant good health.
      >> Yoga is an experiential science. Its truth can be experienced only
      >> through
      >> diligent, disciplined and dedicated practice. I now do six hours of
      > sadhana
      >> daily. Hence I can afford to speak with conviction, based on my personal
      >> experience, and confirm what my esteemed colleague Antonio has stated.
      >> Sri Bala
      >> Founder, Vibrational Breath Therapy (based on Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga)
      >> Email: sribala@... Website: www.vbt.com.au
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      >> From: <antonio@...>
      >> To: <rishiculture@yahoogroups.com>
      >> Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2006 4:32 AM
      >> Subject: Re: [rishiculture] Re: A post for Kalavathi
      >> > Namaste
      >> >
      >> > Being a psychotherapist who has been integrating Yoga and western body
      >> > oriented psychotherapeutic techniques for almost 20 years now, I would
      >> > feel inclined to inquire about the nature of the 'need' of this student
      >> > for such highly intellectually elaborated understanding of
      >> > enlightenment
      >> > when, indeed, enlightenment is an experience that the mind can only
      > grasp
      >> > to understand. It's been my experience that these kind of questions can
      >> > sometimes be in the core of some difficulties in 'experiencing'
      >> > enlightenment and therefore practice is the prescription and not
      > answers.
      >> >
      >> > Respectfully.
      >> >
      >> >
      >> > Antonio.
      >> >
      >> >
      >> >> Namaste :-)
      >> >>
      >> >> Karlavartee is currently taking a month off from teaching yoga to
      >> >> the
      >> >> elderly in the local community education centre. Before she left, her
      >> >> students asked what they should study and practice so as not to slow
      >> >> their journey towards yoga in her absence. Rather than listing
      > chapters
      >> >> from books, or advising marathon asana sessions, she simple advised
      > them
      >> >> to live good and honest lives.
      >> >>
      >> >> I think this fits in with Mr Tiwari's advice.
      >> >>
      >> >> Dai.
      >> >>
      >> >> vijay tiwari <vijaytiwariji@...> wrote:
      >> >> dear friend
      >> >>
      >> >> kindly ask the student to think about food & health for people and
      >> >> peace for mankind, let him think about visible things first.
      >> >>
      >> >> vijay tiwari
      >> >>
      >> >>
      >> >> Milos Buchacek <yogaveda_mb@...> wrote:
      >> >> --- In rishiculture@yahoogroups.com, "Yogacharya Dr.Ananda
      >> >> Bhavanani" wrote:
      >> >>>
      >> >>> Happy New Year everyone!
      >> >>>
      >> >>> I have a student who has a great enquiring mind which certainly
      >> >> is keeping me on my toes! I have copied his latest questions here
      >> >> for you to mull over and to post up your views and comments....
      >> >>>
      >> >>> 1. What's the difference between the existentialist concept of
      >> >> death as freedom from life in terms of everlasting nothingness, and
      >> >> the Hindu concept of Moshka as escape from reincarnation in terms of
      >> >> oneness with the Supreme?
      >> >>>
      >> >>> 2. I'm still really fuzzy on the concept of prana, despite your
      >> >> best attempts to explain in terms that even I could understand.
      >> >> Light and heat from the sun travel to the earth through the vacum of
      >> >> space. Without this energy life on earth would wither. Does this
      >> >> mean that the sun emmits prana? Can prana be created or destroyed,
      >> >> or is it like physical energy in the sense that it can only be
      >> >> transferred? I've heard prana be compared to the vibration found at
      >> >> the atomic level. Is this a good analogy?
      >> >>>
      >> >>> 3. Do animals need free will if they are to evolve into humans by
      >> >> means of reincarnation by accruing positive karma. Do animals
      >> >> acquire good karma involuntarily by randomly developing conditioned
      >> >> responses based on their environment. Or do they just get automatic
      >> >> promotion like civil servants who've served their time? ;-)
      >> >>>
      >> >>> 4. When you say that some people aren't ready for yoga, do you
      >> >> mean in terms of personal development in this lifetime, or in terms
      >> >> of lack of evolution by reincarnation?
      >> >>>
      >> >>> Enjoy!
      >> >>>
      >> >>> Kalavathi
      >> >>> kalavathi.devi@n...
      >> >>>
      >> >>> Dear Kalavathi,
      >> >>
      >> >> I would like to offer also some thoughts or comments on this topic
      >> >> or on some of that matter. I think the most important question we
      >> >> have to ask is who or what is evolving or developing. From that we
      >> >> can get insides about other things mentioned in your questions also.
      >> >> If we take the scriptures as the authority we know that the Self is
      >> >> only ONE, it is all knowing and omnipresent. Since it is omnipresent
      >> >> it cannot move, it is still and more important it cannot be broken
      >> >> to any particles - it has no parts. The Self is the Seer and also is
      >> >> That Entity which is associated with the life and since we know, we
      >> >> as well as the animals can see or observe and are living beings
      >> >> there must be Self involved within our bodies as well as within
      >> >> bodies of the animals. Since we know that the Self is all knowing,
      >> >> from that follows that the Self is not the one who is evolving or
      >> >> developing in humans as well as in animals. Also one important thing
      >> >> must be understood and that is the Self cannot be broken to any
      >> >> pieces since it is omnipresent and it is not of matter origin. From
      >> >> this follows, there cannot be any individualization of the Self.
      >> >> Individual Self cannot therefore be in existence and it is mere
      >> >> illusion. From this illusion comes a great confusion since there is
      >> >> some believe people are Individualized Selves that are developing
      >> >> themselves until they merge into Universal Self or Supreme Self. In
      >> >> fact the Self cannot jump from body to body neither can he leave or
      >> >> enter any bodies. He simply interpenetrates all substances in
      >> >> universe and therefore he is present in all objects that have been
      >> >> created by Prakriti. Since the Self is independent from Prakriti or
      >> >> Matter there is no release or Moksha for the Self. The question is
      >> >> if the Self is not the one who is evolving or developing what is it
      >> >> that evolves or develop? It is the Mind that evolves and develop,
      >> >> not the Self. Mind, unlike the Self in Individual Universe is
      >> >> individualized and what actually makes us different is the mixture
      >> >> of gunas that compose our minds as well as the minds of the animals.
      >> >> For this reason sages and the scriptures always point out to
      >> >> cultivate the Sattva Guna since it is through the Sattvik Chitta the
      >> >> Self can see the things. More Sattva we cultivate, more we can
      >> >> understand the things of this matter until we reach Selfrealization.
      >> >> We have to actually disintegrate our bodies to be the Self in its
      >> >> own nature and the first step is stop reincarnating into Gross
      >> >> Universe.I do not think animals are evolving into humans and humans
      >> >> devolving into animals. Prakriti makes forms of the objects and
      >> >> since the Self is interpenetrating all objects he simply SEE and
      >> >> comprehends through those objects - animals, humans, insects etc.
      >> >> according to developments of their minds. Self cannot be bound by
      >> >> any Karma and is not affected by any Karma. Even if the person kills
      >> >> another being the Self cannot be affected because it is not the Self
      >> >> that kills and the Self of the person killed is also not affected
      >> >> because Self cannot be killed. Prana existed before Individualized
      >> >> Universe came to being therefore it cannot be emanating from the
      >> >> sun. According to Shree Yogeshwaranand Parmahans, subtle prana
      >> >> comes to being from close association of Braman and Prakriti since
      >> >> the Self interpenetrates the Prakriti. So this is that vital energy
      >> >> or Prana which enters every object in the universe and it is eternal
      >> >> because interpenetration of Braman and Prakriti is also eternal. But
      >> >> Prana being of material origin undergoes mutation and becomes the
      >> >> sattvik part of gross Air Element in Idividualized Universe.
      >> >>
      >> >> Best wishes,
      >> >> Milos
      >> >>
      >> >>
      >> >>
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