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4901Fwd: Are you polarizing correctly?

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  • Yogacharya Dr.Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani
    Jun 12, 2014
    Namas te
    i am taking the liberty of forwarding this email from Yogacharya Amarnath (a senior student of Swamiji from the 1960s) to all of you as the contents are exceptionally valuable
    with best wishes

    My Dear Yoga Friends,
    One of Swamiji's greatest gifts to we students has to be his "polarizing breath" technique. I remember his introduction in which he advertised the practice as a necessity if there were ever a nuclear holocaust: "Yogis will be the only survivors because the worst part of radiation is that it destroys the polarity of the cells of our physical body. Without repolarization, a slow but steady death is a certainty." (I am sure that some form of depolarization of other bodies would be involved as well.) He admonished us all to not regard his yoga practices as "throw away" techniques and I am sure that the lack of  appreciation of his students was a large factor in his early death. 
    This video inspired me to write you today. It is still urgently important to take polarization seriously: 

    http://youtu.be/ZP9_cR2PLnE  US radiation rising - A lot of people are in a lot of trouble


    If you are certain you are polarizing correctly, congratulations. If your answer is maybe, then you may find out in the next few years whether you are or not. The video helped me connect a few dots. For one thing, it answers the question why cancer is growing at the alarming rate, so is radiation:

    Early 1900's 1 in 20 got cancer
    1940's 1 in 16
    1970's 1 in 10
    Today 1 in 3
    The media would have us believe that high radiation levels in the US are due to Fukashima (the Fukinamerica theory) however the video makes it clear that is just a smoke screen for all we frogs in the pot.
    Another dot I am connecting is related to Viktor Schauberger and his implosion technology (see the attached). It goes without saying that the Swami expected a yogi to have gone beyond his polarization 101 class as a prerequisite to surviving high radiation levels. Years ago, I gave a talk to our North America Yoga Jivan Satsang about placing oneself in a point (such as at the navel between the 2nd and 3rd chakras) and emanating energy on an out breath and sensing an influx of energy on an in breath. Once you have the "hang" of that, practice with the reverse breath. Finally sense an influx on both the in and the out breath. This corresponds to an implosion which Viktor talks about. His work with the 4th state of water is obviously related to the fact that "polarization" changes liquid (or disorganized) water into crystaline water which is capable of  carrying energy. Remarkably, Viktor places great importance to vortex energy when attempting to "pack" energy - somewhat like the last bit of water being sucked into a drain. This lies at the core of the Swami's higher energy practices.
    The world has changed since the Swami left us. Many of his ideas have become mainstream areas of research. Diet experiments are much more elaborate, as are the wide variety of health "supplements". I am sure if he were alive today he would be a speaker at the biohacker's conference:
    This conference is outside my financial capabilities and I suspect if I attended it I would be overwhelmed. Maybe some of you can attend and report back to me. I have checked out some of the speakers by searching online  and am impressed with these "fine young boys". These are the kind of guys the Swami would love to have in his classes. I recall the level of interest in Swamiji's research into low-mid-high measurement increases due to yoga practices was not all that great (in plain language: disappointing for Swamiji). As an example, here's a glimpse into what goes on inside the brain of a biohacker:
    To summarize: We may need to go beyond a polarization 101 class. That was a great gift. What is coming to light today is showing just how far Swamiji was ahead of his time. In the early days, Swamiji said he could make a fortune
    just by giving "Pretty Feet Yoga" classes. Today, anyone could likewise make a fortune (and provide a real service to mankind) with Radiation Removal Yoga  classes.
    I taught my mother how to polarize and she later told me she had done it for years and felt great benefits. I have worked with polarization but have my doubts if I am polarizing correctly - meaning sufficiently well to repolarize after a heavy bout of radiation. 
    Hoping this may add to your polarization abilities and inspires you to give some RRY classes.
    Peace, Joy and Love, Amarnath

    Yogacharya Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani
    Chairman: ICYER and Yoganjali Natyalayam
    25, II Cross, Iyyanar Nagar, Pondicherry, India
    Mobile: +91-98423-11433
    www.icyer.com and www.rishiculture.org

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