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  • Sonia Allen-Wall
    May 14, 2014
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      namastey, and thank you for that!
      so true ..oh so true !
      ...life unrolls all possibiities  which lie there for our choosing!
      heaven or hell..its up to us .
      love and light sonia
      Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2014 10:33 AM
      Subject: [rishiculture] MODERN MAGIC-by Ammaji


      by Ammaji

      Alfred Clark, the well known science fiction writer once remarked: “ Modern technology borders on magic.” I would carry this one step further and say, “Modern technology is magic.”

      Isn’t it magical to sit in air conditioned, cushioned comfort watching your favorite cinema star cavorting on a small screen, while you drink a glass of delectable wine and nibble away on exotic cheeses and pastas, 35,000 feet above the ground travelling at 600 km an hour, with absolutely no skill, energy or effort exerted on your part at all! Airplane travel certainly beats any of the magic carpets of yore! Or speaking instantly at the press of a button to someone 5000 kms away? Or sending written messages and images immediately through space via e-mail? Or on a more horrific level, being able to blow a million people to smithereens at the push of a button!

      Now! If that’s not magic, then I don’t know what is! The problem is this magic is dangerous to human health! It is truly black magic, especially in the hands of undeveloped minds. What should be a boon to mankind in a large number of cases has turned out to be a bane. Modern technology has put a loaded gun in the hands of a three year old child! It’s pure dynamite!

      For every gain we make as a species there seems to be numerous negative side effects. People can communicate over long distances, but families are breaking up at a phenomenal rate for lack of communication in face to face relationships! People have 2000 friends on Facebook , but commit suicide because they are lonely. It is easier to travel long distances ,but now big cities all over the world are almost the same. People live longer but the quality of life has deteriorated. Super markets are packed with thousands of “food choices” but obesity is endemic. Even rich bodies are malnourished.

      Knowledge is power, power over the material world, but where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge! Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely! Our black magic – technology - has corrupted our human spirit. We , like Faustus, have sold our souls to the devil! A poor bargain indeed!

      Jean Rostard, a well known philosopher, has well said: “Science has made us gods, even before we are worthy of being men!” Well spoken! We now , thanks to modern technology, have god-like powers. But we as a race are still dominated by the reptilian and mammalian segments of our brain! We have not learned to use the pre-frontal lobes and hence, hardly qualify to be called human! Humans are the creatures who have the potentiality to experience “Manas” or consciousness. Consciousness can manifest only through the pre-frontal lobes of our brain. We have given guns and power( metaphorically speaking) to monkeys and foxes and even cobras and crocodiles and dinosaurs, empowering them far beyond their evolutionary development!

      In  Yogic parlance modern technology has given Siddhis or psychic powers to all mankind with the intermediary of machines. With the computer technology, we can fly through the air, sail over waters, tele transport, perform various kinds of alchemy. But this has been obtained without Tapasya, without disciplined effort, without development of any skill except the ability to make money by hook or by crook! It is ours for the asking, if we can just flash enough cash. Hence, the root of all power is money and money has become God.

      Maharishi Patanjali, the Rishi of the Yoga Sutras, warned against the lure of the Siddhis. He says they will distract the seeker from the path of truth and are barriers to the achievement of Moksha.

      Those whose aim and intention is to obtain Kaivalya, Nirvana,  Samadhi, Moksha should be cautioned well against falling slaves to the lure of this modern magic, this Mayajal. A spiritual aspirants must be well aware of the danger of this black magic, this technology, this mechanical Siddha power.

      Best we aim to become truly human , before we attempt to storm the bastions of the Gods!


      Yogacharya Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani
      Chairman: ICYER and Yoganjali Natyalayam
      25, II Cross, Iyyanar Nagar, Pondicherry, India
      Mobile: +91-98423-11433
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