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4755Re: [rishiculture] The Cave of Ordinariness (1990)

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  • radu falcon
    Dec 16, 2013
      "like children decked up by a whore's audacious whimsy"
      Sounds like Swamiji's "Frankly Speaking", but in verse... :)

      On Monday, December 16, 2013 4:25:47 AM, yognat <yognat@...> wrote:
      Divine World Family
      This poem was born of a realization that there is absolutely no need at all in the spiritual life to be rich and famous, nor is it necessary to be successful in the worldly sense. In fact, as the Zen monks say, best we become: “No body special.” That may be the highest achievement of all!
      Affectionately Yours in Yoga,
      Poetry from My Notebook
      The Cave of Ordinariness      (1990)                                                                            
       By Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani
      A cave, these days, is not
      A place for a seeker after truth!
      From the foot of the sacred hill,
      Cinema songs ride wind currents,
      Like vultures seeking rotted flesh.
      Pilgrims are tourists, after all,
      Enjoyment and pleasure both their
      Journey and their destination.
      Gossip and chatter cracks
      The silence. Leather shoes
      Defile the mother’s breast.
      Stopping here and there for a photo,
      Camera smiles hang in billowing
      Clouds grasping the peak.
      Discarded snacks, paper cups
      And plastic sacks adorn the innocent
      Herbal bushes, who wear their raiment
      Proudly, like children decked up
      By a whore’s audacious whimsy.
      Where is that place,
      Suitable for a seeker of the Spirit?
      Perlexed, sit I, on a rock, and ask Thee.
       Before even the
      Thought crests into consciousness,
      I have the answer in the
      Palm of my hand.
      The place is anywhere and everywhere!
      Cloaked in the garment
      Of ordinariness…
      Camou flaged by the commonplace,
      Plain and simple, one may safely roam the world.
      Thus disguised, find refuge
      From crude and ignorant eyes,
      Secure in the ordinary,
           as in remote Himalayan caves.
      There exquisite Sadhana may be crafted,
      Priceless gems hidden, protected from thieves and despoilers.
      The ignorant man could never think to look for treasure.
      Here, right under his very own nose!

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