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  • Magno Cavalcante
    ... Download of the Week - Java 2 Standard Edition, JDK 1.4 (Beta 2) ... A Beta 2 release of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition version 1.4 is now available
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      Download of the Week - Java 2 Standard Edition, JDK 1.4 (Beta 2)

      A Beta 2 release of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition
      version 1.4 is now available for Windows, Linux, and
      Solaris platforms. Also called "Merlin", JDK 1.4 includes
      new features and functionality. Here's a brief list of
      important additions and changes:

      * New features in the JFC/Swing, JavaTM Web Start, Java
      Plug-in, and internationalization make it easier to develop
      rich clients for Web services.

      * Enhanced connectivity via XML, CORBA, IPv6, and JDBC 3.0.

      * New security features, including Java Secure Socket and
      Java Cryptography extensions, Java Authentication and
      Authorization Service, Kerberos support, and a Certificate
      Path API.

      * High-performance, scalable I/O.

      * Java virtual machine improvements.

      * New Simple Assertion facility

      * Logging APIs

      Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition, v 1.4 Beta 2 (SDK)

      Java 2 SDK, Runtime Environment, Standard Edition, v 1.4
      Beta 2 (JRE)

      Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, v 1.4 Beta 2
      Documentation (Docs)

      Enterprise Computing around the Web

      Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 2.0 introduces new features and

      * Message-driven beans

      * Improved container-managed persistence

      * Container-managed relationships for entity beans with
      container-managed persistence

      * Local interfaces

      * Enterprise JavaBeans Query Language (EJB QL)

      Beth Stearns' recent article for Java Developer Connection
      isn't an introduction to EJBs. Instead, it focuses on how
      enterprise bean developers and application developers can
      best migrate their application components from the earlier
      EJB 1.1 architecture to the new EJB 2.0 architecture. There
      is lots of useful advice in this article.


      Java around the Web

      Have you downloaded the new Java JDK 1.4? If not, we have
      the links for you in our "Download of the Week" section.

      There are lots of new classes, features, and interfaces in
      JDK 1.4. One of the areas most affected is Java I/O. Merlin
      adds nonblocking I/O, character conversion, memory-mapped
      files, and buffer management. Michael Nygard's article on
      the JavaWorld site will give you an excellent introduction
      to the improvements in Java I/O.


      Software Engineering around the Web

      The Java programming language includes explicit support for
      threading and concurrency. Developers need more than
      threading and concurrency programming features. They also
      need to understand some very important issue in
      multithreaded programming in order to leverage those

      Brian Goetz has completed two parts of a three-part article
      series for IBM developerWorks that teach the basics of
      multithreaded programming with Java.

      Part 1: When do we have to synchronize, and how expensive
      is it really?

      Improve application performance by staying out of your
      own way

      XML around the Web

      Xbeans is an interesting development in XML processing.
      Xbeans marries together XML and JavaBeans technology,
      allowing programmers to develop software components that can
      create XML applications quickly and easily.

      Java Pro magazine has an article this month by John B.
      O'Donahue that introduces readers to Xbeans. You can read
      it by clicking our link below.



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