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25008The Top Programming Languages @ IEEE Spectrum’s 20 14 Ranking

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  • Magno A. Cavalcante
    Jul 15, 2014
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      Pessoal, segue abaixo fragmento de texto e imagem que existe no site do IEEE sobre o ranking 2014 das linguagens de programação.

      Este ranking é iterativo, e pode ser dinamicamente configurado.


      Interactive: The Top Programming Languages

      IEEE Spectrum’s 2014 Ranking

      By Stephen Cass, Nick Diakopoulos & Joshua J. Romero


      This app ranks the popularity of dozens of programming languages. You can filter them by listing only those most relevant to particular sectors, such as web or embedded programming. Rankings are created by weighting and combining 12 metrics from 10 sources. We offer preset weightings for those interested in what's trending or most looked for by employers, or you can take complete control and create your own custom ranking by adjusting each metric's weighting yourself.


      Magno A. Cavalcante
      JUG Leader @ http://RioJUG.org