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Captain's Log 3 January 2006

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  • Al Gray
    Hello Everyone, and Happy New Year! It is going to be a big one, and an important one, for our side. Let s get started. The old year closed out with no
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      Hello Everyone, and Happy New Year!

      It is going to be a big one, and an important one, for
      our side.
      Let's get started.

      The old year closed out with no "terrorist" incidents.
      They missed
      the solstice, they missed the New Moon last Friday on
      the holiday
      weekend. In- fighting is the reason we see from here.
      This year,
      let's resolve to give them more reasons for

      Eliminating chemtrails isn't as simple as it used to
      be back in the early days of this movement. All we had
      to do was build a
      cloudbuster, and it would punch a hole in the sky,
      leaving us to do other things. Other things being
      stuff like busting towers and
      underground bases. Build enough of them, and you free
      a whole
      region of chemtrails. Things have changed, and it
      requires a
      different approach now. Sometime during the height of
      activity in
      Stuart's forum, we began to get reports of
      cloudbusters not working as well as they used to do.
      We know now that it was because they have found a way
      to override the cloudbuster's effect. In areas where
      the cloudbuster has been reinforced with agnihotra
      and/or widespread dissemination of mud balls, the
      spray does not stick very well. They have not found a
      way to override that, and I doubt they ever will.

      A man named Robert Platteter, a member of Rick's
      forum, has shown
      us the way to the next step. He has claimed as his
      protectorate a five mile diameter sphere centered over
      his home in
      Pasadena. I hope I'm getting the name and place
      correct, here. I
      had to change computers and all my references and
      history are on the other one.

      Robert uses his mind to do this, and he has agreed to
      Rick's group on the 7th of January and explain and
      teach others to
      do it. I have had some communication with him, and he
      told me the
      history of how this came about. He began doing this in
      New Mexico,
      and learned that he could cover a very large
      territory. He has that innate ability. He would have
      had to practice a bit to hold it completely, but the
      experience was there and the lesson was
      learned. Now he is going to teach others, and I think
      that they're
      going to produce a CD or DVD of the meeting. This will
      be a
      tremendous contribution to our overall effort.

      I am convinced that what he is doing is the next step.
      Those of us
      who are committed to eliminating chemtrails are also
      on the path of expanding and evolving. Our minds are
      much more powerful than we have been allowed to
      understand. Our work here at Z-Force HQ has followed a
      parallel path, discovering by doing, linking the mind
      with agnihotra.

      One of my projects during the last quarter of the year
      was to
      convince the Mojave generating plant in Bullhead City
      that we could clean up their air and prevent them from
      having to shut down and spend several million dollars
      for high-tech equipment to scrub the exhaust stacks.
      They were not interested, and later I learned that the
      plant is getting on up there in years and that they
      probably make more money by selling pollution credits
      than by
      generating electricity. Still, the idea of clean air
      has its own
      charm. So, when it became apparent that they were not
      going to do
      anything, I decided to do something myself. They were
      going to have clean air whether they wanted it or not!

      I constructed a simple device using agnihotra as the
      ingredient, plugged it into the wall and mentally
      connected to it.
      The Laughlin, Nevada web cam showed clear skies for
      every day that
      I had the device in operation. But the web cam doesn't
      scan, and I
      had no observers up there.

      There's another coal burning plant in Page, Arizona.
      And we do have an observer up there. Slidersmom! So, I
      sent my mind up there and got reports from her. She
      reported a definite improvement in air quality. I left
      the mind and device engaged in the project for
      several days, until I had to use the box for something
      else. The
      air quality gradually returned to its original
      condition. The test
      demonstrated that the mind could be sent to a distant
      location and
      work effectively there.

      This was also done in New Jersey, and Anita was my
      forward observer there. This is the next step in our
      evolution. We can do this, and they can't override it.
      I sent out a call for volunteers to form a mental SWAT
      team, and Lightgrrl has already responded. Others, I'm
      sure, will be ready to join now that the holiday
      season is over. Lightgrrl up in Tampa and Cowboy down
      on Humphrey Bogart's island would make a natural pair
      to liberate Florida. Practice now on chemtrails, and
      when the hurricane season comes you'll be unstoppable.
      Do you see where I'm headed with this thing? A group
      of mental skysweepers who will respond when the call
      comes in that a region is being hit with chemcrud.
      We'll just swoop right on down and clear the sky. That
      will really confuse the Scum Lords. Maybe they'll just
      stop spraying, hang out in the coffee shop, and
      compare ideas on new career choices.

      We'll develop this idea more after the meeting next
      Saturday. I
      want to hear what this man has to say, and we'll go
      from there.

      Ken Adachi, of the Educate-Yourself web site, gets
      letters and e-
      mails from dozens of people who are being harrassed
      electronically. They are being hit with microwaves,
      their homes are being entered, and their health and
      well- being are at risk from these attacks. It may be
      that some of them are implanted, and the control and
      harrassment is being delivered that way. Ken doesn't
      know why they come to him. He hasn't put up a sign on
      his web site to attract their attention. But here they
      are, and he responds to the best of his ability. He
      sends them orgonite and Succor Punches, but that
      doesn't seem to have any effect.

      In desperation, he turned to me. We had some early
      experience with
      implants and mind control back in the early days of
      the movement.
      We never got very deep into the subject, but
      subsequent research
      revealed just how large this problem is. And then in
      June of '04,
      we made contact with a couple up in Colorado who were
      intensely harrassed by electronic and chemical
      attacks. They were
      surrounded by Agents residing in all the houses around
      them. We
      engaged the Agents in remote combat, and this was all
      reported in
      Captain's Log entries current to that time. This
      familiarized us with the way the black ops people
      operate, and we
      learned that they could be defeated. All this was
      months before
      agnihotra came on the scene. Wish I had known then
      what I know now! We could have put an even greater
      hurt on the black ops boys.

      So when Ken asked if we'd try to help these people, I
      leaped at the chance. Engage the black ops boys in
      combat again? How could I
      resist?! He sent me the names of some of the worst
      cases, and we've been working with some of them since.
      And learned a lot more in the process.

      Later on this month, barring unforseen problems, there
      will appear
      on Ken's site a click-on for Z-Force Group, and the
      focus will be
      on helping mind control victims. We intend to help
      them to help
      themselves. When someone writes in to Ken with those
      kind of
      problems, he can refer them to our site. I have
      prepared a series
      of essays to help people get acquainted with what we
      do, how or why they are in their situation [most do
      not know], and how we can help them to help

      This is all new territory here. There are people and
      groups out
      there who are already engaged in this kind of
      activity, and some
      have become household names. All of the ones that I am
      with are part of the Establishment, and connected to
      Universities or have a past connection to the
      government or the
      military. And none of them focus on personal
      empowerment. The best
      they can do is show people how to deal with the
      problem with
      counseling and medication. To my way of thinking, this
      path leads
      to inaction, and at worst, a form of dependency. What
      we are going
      to do is show people the route to personal
      empowerment, and help
      them help themselves to get free of their tormentors.

      And the real payoff for us is, it will identify groups
      practicioners that can then be hunted down and
      neutralized. How
      could I resist a opportunity like that?

      This is the next battle front. Captain Kirk had it
      almost right.
      Space. The final frontier. Inner space. That's the
      final frontier.
      If you don't own your own thoughts, you will never be
      free. And
      what the black ops boys are doing to this minority of
      people will
      eventually be used on us. The introduced AIDS into an
      marginalized community, and now it is everywhere. They
      marginalized the mind control victims, so that they
      have no
      credibility and no place to go.

      They are learning how, honing their skills for
      managing individuals and crowds, and they have some
      advanced technology to use. And just like they did
      with the gay community, they will come after all of us
      next. Most of us are already mind controlled, and have
      no idea that this is so. For those who are already
      steeped in the dominant culture, eating microwaved
      foods, watching TV, and taking medications, it will be
      no contest. They're hooked already, and don't even
      know it. Soon, the velvet glove will come off,
      revealing the iron fist inside. It will be too late

      We have our own technology here at Z-Force Group, and
      it goes up to the spiritual level. It's the only way
      we have of countering their efforts. And it works, but
      we need to get it in the hands of more people. The
      devices that I make here at ACME World Headquarters
      [ACME=Arizona Coalition of Metaphysical Engineers]
      blend advanced technology with the high spiritual
      realms. These have been tested in the field and proven
      in 'combat' conditions. If there was a way to teach
      everyone how to make their own, I would have already
      put the information out on the 'net. Unfortunately, it
      is not as simple as making a cloudbuster, or even a
      Power Wand. So, here we are.

      The agnihotra practice, and the residual ash, are
      available to
      everyone. And the more of us who use it, and the more
      creative uses we find for it, the more successful we
      will be as a group. And it has become even more
      important just recently. The depleted uranium, or DU,
      has been found in Great Britain. The cover story is
      that it was blown over from the dust of Iraq. What is
      more likely is that it was an ingredient in chemspray.
      'What neutralizes DU?', I askedthe Guides. I was told
      that agnihotra does it. No field testing has been
      done, but we may soon get to find out in our own back
      yards. If they can slip it into the mix over the UK,
      then how long do you think it will be before it shows
      up over here?

      Want to be on the mental SWAT team? Write to me. We
      can do this.
      And if we can successfully think our way out of
      bombardment, then we have until March 15 to think our
      way out of
      the US/Israeli plan to bomb Iran. More on that later.

      Till next time.....


      Yahoo! for Good - Make a difference this year.
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