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Captain's Log 1 May 2005

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  • Al Gray
    Greetings, Everyone! Our forward observer up in Sedona reported weird energies all day long. The Air Force flew planes right over the vortexes there, which
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2005
      Greetings, Everyone!

      Our forward observer up in Sedona reported weird energies all day long. The
      Air Force flew planes right over the vortexes there, which must've been
      really bad for the tourist business. This just doesn't happen in Sedona.
      The spray planes spewed their load over the city, and some big ships came
      in to hover over the town. The cloudbuster up there kept the skies clear,
      and the big ships seemed to use what was left, drawing it to themselves to
      cloak their craft.

      Mike, up in Phoenix, reported seeing spray planes up there, but it was
      probably overspray from the intense activity over Sedona. I'm 45 miles
      south of the Phoenix city limits, and I pointed my cloudbuster in that
      direction at 0845 to see what effect it would have. They stopped spraying
      around 1000. MaryK was in the Valley and reported that the sylphs ate the
      chemtrails before they started again. There was a pause in the spraying
      over Sedona while they adjusted to the unexpected force of the cloudbuster,
      and then they resumed. We didn't get much down here.

      All day long, my thoughts kept returning to Antarctica. Diane had reported
      what she saw, and that gave me a visual target to focus on, and the image
      wouldn't leave me alone all day long. By late afternoon, I knew I had to
      hit that place as hard as I could around sundown. David suggested that I
      charge up the earth's crystal core, and triangulate their base. I never got
      around to doing that, and later on I learned that Archie and Loohan had
      already done it! That worked out very well with what happened later.

      I was hyped and ready for battle as sundown approached. I loaded up my
      Overkill PowerWand with the appropriate energy signatures and laid it out
      on the bed of my truck. Checked the PowerWand that I call The Widowmaker,
      and set it out there too. Just before sundown, I took the Widowmaker and
      made a couple of passes through there just to harrass them. After the
      sundown ceremony, the battle was on.

      Diane and MaryK had already reported the results of previous attacks. Their
      power source was down, the working area was in semi-darkness, and whatever
      that tower was that I saw, the one that resembled the Eiffel Tower, was
      non-functional. The sub that was to have delivered the children for
      sacrifice was still overdue, and some debris had been found. Lots of
      commotion and uncertainty in that place. The head honchos were holed up in
      their crystal palace 'safe house', doing rituals to keep themselves
      isolated from the trouble outside. It was those guys, in that place, that I
      was after.

      After the initial skirmish, I went inside and posted it on the forum. That
      brought Loohan and Archie, and maybe others that I am not aware of, into
      the fray. And what a fight it was!

      The critters were using the earth's central crystal as a power source. So
      when Archie and Loohan charged it up with our kind of energy, it was
      working against them after that. I brought in Ra, with the first rays of
      the morning shining on them in their lair. The Overkill is a three-barrel
      gatling gun, firing each barrel in rotation at 15 times per second. It is
      loaded with all kinds of good stuff, and from above them I aimed it at the
      center of the room and flooded the place with the energy. The Widowmaker
      came in from the side.

      This place is Command Central for all the Dark Side nasty places around the
      globe. So, I sent that energy down the etheric 'wires' to all their little
      outposts and outlets. No way I could see them all, but there were two that
      caught my attention. The Skull and Bones place at Yale, and the Mormon
      Temple in Salt Lake City. What I saw at S and B was as if it was filled
      with Light from the inside, kind of like what happened to Agent Smith just
      before he de-materialized. I don't think that the building dematerialized,
      but I'll bet that whoever was in there last night was not comfortable.

      Underneath the Mormon Temple, I saw an intense light, too. Whatever else
      happened there I don't know. When I told this to MaryK, she said I should
      focus on that prison in Manhattan, the 150 year old place that they call
      The Tombs. So, they were blessed with Light last night, also.

      By this time, the story is on the forum, and Archie and Loohan and others
      too, I suppose, were fully engaged. It wasn't until long after dark that I
      realized what day this was. April 30 I had already remembered as Camerone
      Day, a special day of rememberance for the French Foreign Legion. If the
      Legionaires had won that battle, all the Mexicans sneaking over our borders
      would be speaking French now. Picture that in your mind!

      April 30 is also the evening before May first, which is a favorite Dark
      Side ritual day. MaryK tells me that it is kind of like another Halloween
      for them, being 6 months from the actual Halloween date. No wonder the
      energies in Sedona were weird yesterday!

      I stayed outside and kept the pressure on the crystal house critters, and
      periodically came back inside to find out what MaryK could see down there.
      At one point, she reported that one of them was down on the floor, and
      others were trying to revive him. Someone was waving incense around like a
      Catholic priest would do. This went on till about 2130 local time, when I
      came in for supper.

      MaryK reported that she saw electrical sparks flying around in the outside
      area, where the ordinary activities take place. Major malfunction of some
      sort. Pieces of crystal from the crystal dome were falling down, too. At
      one point, the sonic shield that keeps the whales out failed, too. And
      after supper, MaryK and I went down there and brought that sound into the
      central sea, taking it through the submarine tunnels. First thing I saw
      when we went there was a whale bumping into a submarine. That may have been
      only symbolic, indicating that the whale sounds were now penetrating what
      had been a closed area for them.

      Just as I wrote that last sentence, Diane's post came in from the forum,
      and she reported what she saw. Thanks, Diane! And sh came up with an
      excellent idea about charging all the crystals at the Tucson gem show.
      Let's take it a bit farther, Diane. There are gem shows everywhere. Plus,
      dig this.....

      Why not go right to the deBeers mines and charge up all their diamonds?!
      That'll really agitate their molecules.

      This was to have been a sacrifice day for those guys, but the submarine
      didn't arrive in time with the human cargo. In this case, it was to have
      been a little girl. MaryK said that when the sub got in trouble in the
      tunnel, the crew panicked and put the little girl ashore because they
      figured she had jinxed them. This was not an ordinary little girl off the
      streets, but someone special to a tribe somewhere. Details are not clear on
      that, at least not to me. When the whales arrived, one of them opened its
      mouth and took the little girl inside. That's a big mouth, and there's air
      in there. Brought the little girl out of the tunnel and back to land
      somewhere. 3-D, or symbolic story? Take your choice. Main thing is, there
      was no ritual, and no sacrifice. And probably a lot of interrupted rituals
      around the world.

      Diane's post fills in details that I/we didn't see. And as much as we did
      to them last night, we knew that it was not over, and she confirmed that
      this morning. There are so many of us, with so many creative ways of going
      after them, that the outcome is not in doubt. Archie, for instance,
      programmed the crystals in the crystal dome with the energy they've been
      using from Chris' rocks. That's what made some of the crystals fall off
      their ceiling. The sky really was falling in their world.

      Went back there this morning after the ceremony and put my flaming pyramid
      right in the center of their ritual area. It filled the room with a
      beautiful amythyst light with streaks of white in it. I just left it there,
      and let Nature take its course. Today was to have been Their Day. It will
      be ours now, to assess the effects of what has been done, and plan from

      Before I finished writing this log entry, Diane and others began to post on
      the forum. For those outside the Yahoo forum who are reading this, click


      This log entry was finished two hours ago, but I lost my internet
      connection and only now have been able to re-connect. We'll all have a
      clearer picture of what has been done and what is left to be done by the
      end of the day.

      To all of you out there who have contributed so much to this effort; thank

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