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Re: [Rick's Gardening Tips] pstarks or starkspm?/Zorrowoman

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  • zorrowoman
    I am hopin to locate somebody else to split the cost of the resin and meet to divide, say Bend?, Mt. Shasta, Eureka even. If it will save $$ as compared to
    Message 1 of 46 , Apr 1, 2004
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      I am hopin' to locate somebody else to split the cost of the resin
      and meet to divide, say Bend?, Mt. Shasta, Eureka even. If it will
      save $$ as compared to just 5 gallons at a time. See,I have several
      sets of pipe with spacers and crystals and shavings I am working on.
      @ 2gallons a CB or so,, I would need 8 gallons. Many HHg molds are
      just waiting in my shop for me to fill up! Christmas gifting is part
      of my big plan for Oregon Orgone spread as I do not know any
      Orgononians LOL out there as of yet? Oregon anyone? Most all of my
      family and old freinds live in and around Portland and parents in
      Albany/Eugene and Salem. Those are 3 cities that get hammered
      extreme. I dread going over the hill into town as My Head will take
      day's to clear once I get home. The chance of 1or2 CB's helping out
      would be remote! 4-5 spread strategicly alongwith busting towers
      along the Hywy 101 and I5 corridor might make all the difference.
      When i go to the city, I wanna shop, have dinner out and catch a gig
      or two without being miserable and asleep! I may have a little more
      scenery and fresh air where I live, but boring it is and little in
      the way of intelligent minded persons.There's only the drifters and
      cast-outs oh yeah, let's not leave out the tourists! Remember when I
      posted Purple Oily Goo, N.OR Coast at CTTUSA a few yrs. back, and was
      explaining to all how frustrated I was when a tourist I had pointed
      out the pretty chem-crap sunset to, explaining to her that it was not
      time for the Sun to be setting yet, was not what it appeared to be,
      and when I began to convince her of the why? factor, she jumped up at
      me telling me to go away, "you're scaring my children!" She stated
      that they were there on vacation and wanted to just enjoy the
      chemset. I know they too, all 4 of them, woke-up that day. Seems that
      3 years later the same scenarios are still playing out. Not a bit
      different today as back then. Oh Well, I have you all here to hear me
      venting, that IS different compared to back then in that then I was
      feeling BLUE, bad that I had to awaken them and crying because I did.
      No time for all that I am Mad as hell and no longer try to break it
      to them gently, ya know!
      OK... enough of my blabbering,sorry!
      Sincerely Sheryl/zorrowoman

      --- In ricksgardeningtips@yahoogroups.com, "Kurt" <beachtowner@s...>
      > > I truly beieve that God has given each soul a purpose here on
      > > and I have found mine. He has been testing me all of my life and
      > made
      > > me strong enough to stand up, wake up, look up or die!
      > > Hope you will get back to me about the resin,yes, a 55 gallon
      > > drum would help us here in Oregon quite a bit!! I have my own
      > > Service and after 13 years being outdoors working with plants,
      > Wow, sounds like an excellent opportunity to gift while you are out
      > and about! As for the resin, why don't you send me your e-mail
      > address of list, then when I have the info., I can get back with
      > right away! I'll probbaly be able to find out something in the
      > few days. One thing to consider though is this, depending on what
      > could be purchased for in San Francisco, Sacramento, Redding or ?,
      > i.e., closer to you, it may be cheaper than driving down to
      > California, or paying the shipping charges. Something to consider.
      > Kurt
    • Kurt
      Sheryl, That s hilarious! I can relate, though. I m talking to my Dad about chemtrails the other day, and he being the retired high school teacher takes me,
      Message 46 of 46 , Apr 1, 2004
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        That's hilarious! I can relate, though. I'm talking to my Dad about
        chemtrails the other day, and he being the retired high school
        teacher takes me, the attorney, to task just like he would with any
        high school student in his class, when I am attempting to have a
        conversation with him about chemtrails. (Keep in mind that I have
        been bringing him along S L O W L Y! lol) He says, Kurt, who is
        saying these things? Whereupon, I reply, yes, there are thousands of
        people watching them bombard their cities all day long across the
        country, and there are former government research scientists (such as
        Clifford Carnicom) who have performed scientific testing on them and
        confirmed what they are made of. He quietly went back to digging
        weeds out of his front lawn with a screwdriver! Meanwhile, the
        chemspewers are spraying away almost directly overhead, and he
        refuses to even look up! lol

        (I think I need to sew some orgone into his shorts!)


        In ricksgardeningtips@yahoogroups.com, zorrowoman <no_reply@y...>
        > Yes,i want to make em' pretty!! My family still has not become
        > enlighted about any of this stuff. My dad was a Sailor, so
        > even political discussion is tabboo, to make matters worse my
        > and his wife are both cops. Can you guess I am the blacksheep?LOL
        > being the oldest, I am supposed to set good examples ???!!!Go
        > LOL At least I can now just grin about this as they open their
        > Christmas gifts to be mailed early to be under the tree's or
        > they hide em' before the holidays!!! What they don't know won't
        > them, right!!! My mom has returned all of links and e-mail having
        > do with any of it saying"Don't send us anymore of this stuff,
        > Sheryl,we just don't want to know." that is an exact quote, mind
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