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Earth Mama's Selective Indignation........

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  • Al Gray
    You wanta call in Rick, Deb? O.K. Call in Rick. Rick is a fair minded person. The record will show, to Rick and anyone else who cares to look, that neither I
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2013
      You wanta call in Rick, Deb? O.K. Call in Rick. Rick is a fair minded person. The record will show, to Rick and anyone else who cares to look, that neither I nor MaryK actively initiate any verbal conflicts here. People post their opinions and most of the time my opinion does not agree with theirs. In many cases, and you're one of them, the person gets all upset and claims to be a victim of harassment.

      You have repeatedly said that everyone is entitled to their opinion. But when my opinion does not agree with yours, then you start complaining. People have opinions and post them, even if that opinion was fed to them by the wing nut press and talk radio. Most of what appears here is second hand opinion manufactured in some wing nut propaganda shop and then sent out to a waiting crowd of people all too willing to believe.

      Three basic categories of manufactured opinion:

      The anti-O'Bama rants and manufactured facts.
      The ceaseless fear porn.
      And hopium.

      The first one is self-explanatory.
      The second one, fear porn, includes gun grabbers and financial collapse warnings.
      The last one, hopium, includes Drake and his alien buddies who are going to rescue us. Newest hopium topic is OPPT.

      I have opinions about all these topics, as you know. And many times I post truth to counter the manufactured facts.

      Some people are not in search of the truth. Fear is the drug of choice for most Americans. When I express an opinion contrary to the peddlers of hopium or fear or disagree with the ODS people, no one thanks me for setting the record straight.

      I get called nasty names, Deb. Been that way for years. You were here when the Gang of Four was running rampant on this forum. Got called lots of names back then. Still get called unflattering names. Some people say I'm working for the other side. Once or twice I've been labeled as a Mason. My character and motives have been called into question repeatedly. Some say that I'm here only to sell my products. I'm making money on the DA. Ha! How can I make money on something that I give away? Good sense and logic do not impede the ones who make such charges.

      You, Deb, are guilty of selective indignation. I do not recall a single time, not one, where you came to my defense when I have been called these various unflattering names.

      Mike even went so far as to deny that DA works. Mike does not have DA. Mike listened to a member from another country who has never had DA and believed that person when he claimed that DA does not work.

      You've used DA. You did not contradict Mike. No one here did. Why? Probably because they didn't want to feel the verbal wrath of someone who bears a person animosity toward me. I can understand that. I can defend myself quite well, as you and Mike are now learning.

      You started in on me when I told you that Drake was bogus and the aliens are not gonna show. They didn't show! I was right. Your attitude toward me has been hostile since that day.

      And now here you are, jumping into my discussion with Mike. Mike has been after me like a small insignificant dog barking at someone's heels. The dog is too small to bite. All it can do is make noise. Mike is sort of like the dog; unable to actually DO anything, so all he can do is bark. You inserted yourself into this discussion claiming victimhood when it isn't about you at all. You did not add to the discussion. Mike is out-classed when it comes to verbal swordplay, and I told him so. You sense that Mike is down and out and, being as how it is that you two are of like sentiment toward me, you do what you can to help.

      You post something to defend Mike against the nasty ol' Dragon? Nope. You call in reinforcements.

      Hey Rick! Rick! Can ye help me here, Rick?

      I read her plea for help and it brought to mind a story from the adventures of Dudley Do-Right. She is seeing me as Snidely Whiplash, that evil character who ties helpless women to railroad tracks. She, of course, is the one being tied to the track.

      Help me, Dudley! I mean, Rick! Help me! That Snidely Dragon is verbally tying poor me to a railroad track.

      Ah, Debbie. You do know how to carry on. You really should reduce your drama intake. It drains the adrenals and that causes lots of problems.

      The government is not plotting to take your guns.
      Rand Paul is stupid.
      The government has no authority to use drones to kill people. Eric Holder said so.
      The aliens are not coming. Well, Drake's aliens are not coming.
      OPPT is hopium. Just wait and see.
      O'Bama was born in Hawaii.

      Delete those bogus ideas from your mind and your adrenals will repair themselves given enough time.

      And really, Debbie, I don't look anything like Snidely Whiplash. For one thing, I'm much taller than he is.



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