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Sent this to the EPA and FAA

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  • rick_n_la
    EPA 10/1/00 Dear Doris, Here is a copy of a letter I have sent Michael Griffiths at the FAA regarding the chemical spraying that is keeping
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      EPA 10/1/00<br><br>Dear Doris, <br><br>Here is a
      copy of a letter I have sent Michael Griffiths at the
      FAA regarding the chemical spraying that is keeping
      emergency rooms across the country full. I know that you
      are unable/unwilling to respond to this issue, but
      I'm keeping you "in the loop" so that I will have
      accurate records of who knew what and when.
      <br><br>Eventually our public officials WILL be held accountable for
      their inaction.<br><br>Dear Michael,<br><br>Never heard
      back from you after your first email so I don't know
      if you're getting these or not, but as a concerned
      American citizen it is my job to keep trying.<br><br>I'm
      sending you a link where I have posted shots of contrail
      activity in the Santa Monica area. Since you have already
      stated that what I am seeing are normal contrails, I
      won't argue that point. I would like to call your
      attention to, and get your opinion about, the incredible
      number of anomalous aerial objects turning up in my
      photographs lately. Oddly enough, I only see these objects in
      the presence of these "normal contrails." At no other
      time have I ever seen them, and I'm looking at the sky
      all the time these days. There are other photos there
      which depict contrail activity you can skip, since
      you've already determined that these are normal. Just
      check out the ones with "UFO" or "unusual object" etc,
      in the titles.<br><br>This would be very simple for
      you to check out - just click the mouse and you're
      there. I would appreciate getting your opinion on these
      photgraphs, and as an FAA official I would think that you
      would be interested in such activity.
      <br><br><a href=http://www.chemtrailcentral.com/cgi-bin/db-search.cgi?template=img-summary&dbname=img&keywords=moors&action=searchdbdisplay target=new>http://www.chemtrailcentral.com/cgi-bin/db-search.cgi?template=img-summary&dbnam
      e=img&keywords=moors&action=searchdbdisplay</a><br><br>Thank you,<br><br>Rick Moors
    • Stephen Krala
      I received the post. Stephen Krala stephenkralawxexpert4ever@comcast.net ... From: rick_n_la To:
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        I received the post.

        Stephen Krala

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