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Limon Tree New Year's Message

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  • gayle78247
    I was talking to Grayeagle, a good/GOD friend, last week. I was reminded of a Miracle that GOD did for Me three years ago. I felt the Urge of Y2K. Many
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2003
      I was talking to Grayeagle, a good/GOD friend, last week. I was
      reminded of a Miracle that GOD did for Me three years ago. I felt
      the Urge of Y2K. Many Spiritual Beings Did. There are Those in Our
      Lives that Used it Against Us and Use it Still When We Dare to Speak
      of What We See and ForeSee. It Didn't Happen As We Being Advised It
      Would. Yet Many were on Spiritual Energy Alert. Some of Us are
      Embarrassed that Our Guidance Didn't Lead Us Where We Thought WE Were
      Headed. There was almost a let-down Feeling involved. Some of US
      spent huge amounts of money to stock up on Food, Water, and survival
      equipment. Some of Us Still have it tucked away.
      I say that it is time to change our minds on what that experience
      was about. I say that it Was and Is proof that Prayer Works. It is a
      Huge Blessing that We Didn't have live through the consequences of
      what We Felt would Occur after Y2k. I can tell you for sure that I
      wasn't excited about the prospect and I am Thankful that it didn't
      happen as I felt it would. I wasn't Ready Spiritually or Physically
      and I didn't feel any sense of excitement about the Future as I do
      As difficult and physically demanding the Days to Come will be, the
      Spiritual Warriors are now Connected in Ways that I couldn't have
      foreseen years ago. I Knew of the Promise and Thought that it was
      meant for those Days. I was afraid because I hadn't found many
      others that were of like mind. Now I feel a Kinship with so many
      people all over the world. GOD is Working in the Hearts of the Many.
      I am Ready to Face What GOD has Planned for Me. More Ready Now Than
      I've Ever Been.
      I am now throwing away the food that I bought. It is too old and the
      product inside the cans looks degraded. If you have checked into the
      shelf Life of Cans You will understand the stamped codes on your cans
      and be able to tell how old it is and whether it is safe to eat. The
      Swelling and bowed top is definitely a good sign that the food isn't
      edible anymore. We Learned some Valuable Lessons by all that we
      studied in those Days and We bought some equipment that will serve
      Us Well in the Days Ahead.
      I heard a story once about some Civil War Era Canned Food that was
      still good and safe to eat. I wonder how they decided that. Who got
      to taste it? They didn't go into details. I do think that we can
      use the cans even after the fresh date at least for a period of time
      but I don't know for sure how We will be able to tell. Without GOD.
      We won't have scientists to test the cans for US. We Will Have to
      Ask GOD which Decision to Make. Eat it or Not. This example is but
      a small one in comparison to what We have ahead.
      Anyway, I bought two trees for Y2K. I thought that I was buying
      Lemon trees. That is what I was told by the lady that I purchased
      them from in late 1999. I love Lemons and I figured that We wouldn't
      be getting much Vitamin C in Canned Foods after Y2K. The next year
      in Spring the blossoms burst and limes grew all over the two trees.
      Little limes, like key limes. Seeds galore and they were extremely
      bitter. I remember feeling down one day and telling GOD that it was
      Bummer that the trees were Lime trees and not Lemon. That it sure
      would be Neat if at least one of them was a Lemon tree. Two days
      later I went outside and looked at the trees. One of them had a
      small yellow fruit. At first I thought that maybe it was a
      shrivelled up Lime turned yellow but I left it on the tree. The
      small yellow fruit continued to grow but stopped at the same size as
      the key limes. GOD said pick it. After I picked it I cut it open to
      check it out and sure enough it was a Lemon not a Lime. Anyone that
      has taken the time to smell both Know that the two fruits smell
      different. I thanked GOD for the gift. It was an AWESOME Example of
      What GOD Is. Many of Us Do Not Have a Clue. YET!!
      Grayeagle asked Me If I had saved the seeds of the miracle Lemon. I
      didn't even think of It. I kept it in the refrigerator until it was
      shrivelled past recognition and then threw it away. I didn't See any
      Future in It. Grayeagle is so Connected with the Earth. I have much
      to learn and I Pray that he is a Patient Teacher. For Our World is
      Going to Change. There are Many of US who KNOW It? There are Many
      of US that Desire It. We Know That We as a Planet are on a Death
      March if We Do Not Do Our Part. Many can't Imagine a World Without
      War yet We Yearn for It With All Our Hearts. A Peaceful Planet.
      KNOW that there Will be Much Destruction and Devastation ahead for
      the Entire Planet before We Come out on the Other Side. But We will
      be Shown the Way to Safety if We Desire It. If We Pray it Together.
      GOD never said that it would be Easy. The Ones of You that Remain in
      the Physical will have to Restart Society. We Will Have to Learn
      from the Bottom Up What it Means to Live a GOD Connected Life in
      Harmony with the Earth. We Have Never Been Taught This in Man's
      Systems. The Irony is that We Never Needed Them to Tell Us
      anything. We Connect with GOD without them.
      We Have Been Taught to look down on the Poor Uncivilized Societies of
      the Past and Present. We Have Been Taught that We Must Go to them
      and Change Their Way of Life. We Must Force ourselves on them and
      Tell them a Better Way to BE.
      This Must Stop. The Poor Uncivilized of our Planet know perfectly
      Well How to Stay Alive without massive amounts of personal
      possessions. It is We Who are Enslaved By the THINGS. We Must Pray
      to Have the Understanding that has been buried and Kept Secret from
      US. We Must Honor those in the Native American Community Who KNOW
      what it is to Be Connected to Creator. Who are only Now Finding
      Their Voices after so many years in Captivity.
      No We didn't Make them Slaves. We Took Away their Freedom. We
      Tortured their minds and attempted to Steal Their Identity. We
      Couldn't Break their Spirit but we introduced a life of Alcoholism
      that deadened the Minds and Hearts of Many. We didn't Harm Creator
      by penning them Up. Creator is and Always Will Be a Guiding Force
      within Them. They continued to stay connected to the Earth and her
      Spirits and are Willing to Share their Knowledge with US If We Would
      Give them a Voice within all of our Hearts and Minds. Not Many of US
      have had to Live in the Conditions that the Native Americans were
      forced to Accept for their People. In order to Survive.
      I have often Wondered Where GOD was when they were Taken Prisoner and
      Removed from their Sacred Grounds. Made to adjust to often horrible
      living conditions on land that could not support their food crops.
      At least in the Way that they had known in their former way of life.
      With Their Loved Ones on the lands that they Loved and Understood.
      It is Time to Honor them for the Path that they Took. For the Lessons
      that they learned and Hold in their Hearts. The Native American
      People Learned how to survive no Matter How difficult the
      Circumstances. We will need to Learn Their Understanding of How
      Connected We are with the Earth and Creator.
      They Know of Things that Many are experiencing in their daily lives.
      We don't have the Words to Describe the Visions and the Experiences
      that We having. In Many Ways there are No Words to Speak of the
      Wonders and Super-Natural events that We are Taking Part in and Will
      Experience in the Coming Days. We Must get Past the Nervousness and
      Fear of Telling Others of our Path and the Lessons Learned along the
      Way. If We Dare to Share What is going on with US in our Individual
      Walk with GOD Many will be Assisted in Understanding Theirs.
      At Present Many sit in silence thinking that they are Alone with
      their Life Experiences. That they Dare Not Speak about what is
      happening out loud. They will be thought Mad, Certifiable. Know
      that GOD is All Around You, All The Time. GOD Will Guide You to the
      Minds that Desire to Hear. If You are Guided to Speak to Someone
      about Your Spiritual Path Try It, You'll Love It. Connecting with
      another Human on a Spiritual Level has no Equal. There are other
      Connections that We Make Between fellow Humans and they are Life and
      Soul Enriching, Love and Sex to name a couple. But the Spiritual
      Connection Human to Human with GOD in the Midst is the Most
      Incredible Experience that We Can As Humans Share. It does a
      Heart/Earth GOOD/GOD. Happy New Year Everyone. May You All Be
      Blessed Each and Every Day.
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