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Holographic reality, dimensional shifts & cel phone towers

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  • rick_n_la
    Here s a clip from a very interesting article for what it s worth, from Montalk - ... In the books by Carlos Castaneda, something called the assemblage point
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      Here's a clip from a very interesting article for what it's worth, from Montalk -

      >>>In areas of merged dimensions, holographic inserts easily exist. In areas where dimensions are not merged, but are nonetheless thinly separated, a little technological assistance can help bridge them. Cell phone (microwave) towers are an example. Besides serving telecommunications functions, they are also purposely designed to "tenderize" the surrounding area, merging our dimension with the temporary one. This provides a fertile matrix for the projection of holographic inserts.

      In the books by Carlos Castaneda, something called the "assemblage point" is discussed. This is a glowing area of awareness on the energetic cocoon that surrounds a person.
      The cocoon exists within an intricate web of luminous conscious fibers extending outward into all directions. Depending on which of those fibers pass through the assemblage
      point, the person will experience various states of awareness and be able to perceive various different dimensions.

      The earth grid is a type of energetic cocoon as well, and manipulating the earth grid changes humanity's collective assemblage point. The clandestine purpose of microwave
      towers and other EM field generators is to contour the earth grid, to lock the collective assemblage point onto a single fiber, meaning a single dimension. This dimension is the
      temporary one in which holographic inserts are first created before being projected into ours. Another purpose of this dimensional lock is to keep other dimensions out, which
      would upset the status quo if creatures of those dimensions were to wander into ours. This happens naturally in certain portal areas, and has kept the cryptozoologists busy.
      With the break-down of reality, it would be more likely now than ever for such creatures to be sighted, were it not for dimensional locks keeping them away.<<

      (complete article here)

      Thread here (hidden purposes of cel - towers)
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