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  • gayle78247
    Because I feel that this is such an important issue, I am posting this in as many places as I can think of. Our Military, Govt and the Media has made a
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 3, 2002
      Because I feel that this is such an important issue, I am posting
      this in as many places as I can think of. Our Military, Govt and the
      Media has made a concerted effort to keep us in the Dark about this
      but I am determined to tell as many people as possible that this
      phenomena is real and that if you are experiencing this, You Are Not
      Alone. For additional information concerning how we have been Lied
      to I suggest the book Project Mindshift The Re-education of the
      American Public Concerning Extraterrestrial Life 1947-Present written
      by Michael Mannion.
      Hello Everyone,
      I have spent the last week studying all of the abduction materials
      that I can get my hands on. After reading The Mothman Prophecies I
      became aware that at some point in the late Sixties the knowledge
      that had been acquired concerning UFO and Entities was buried. I
      mentioned this last month but confirmation came to me from so many
      directions that I realized that it was now time to dig into the
      available materials and see what I could come up with.
      A local Psychotherapist contacted me after finding my name in a
      Chemtrails article on the Internet. In her e-mail to me she said
      that she had been aware of Chemtrails for about eighteen months. She
      said that she was an author and directed me to her website:
      http://www.reachingforreality.com/ She also gave me her phone number
      to contact her. I attempted to connect with her but was only able to
      leave a message.
      The same day, Wednesday last week, that I went to Ms Clear's site,
      my daughter Alicia asked me to take her to the library because she
      was out of reading material. While waiting for her to chose her
      books I got on the Library reference computer and looked up the book
      Reaching For Reality. Not only was it listed but it was also
      available. When I went to the shelf to locate it I found that there
      was a comprehensive section of UFO/ET books that I never knew about.
      I checked out some books that looked interesting to me including
      Reaching For Reality and started reading. I was almost finished with
      Ms Clear's book by the time that she called me back on Friday. I
      mentioned the realization that I'd had about the cover-up and she
      told me about a Life Magazine article that she had been given by a
      friend dated April 7, 1952. It was a ten page comprehensive account
      of ET/UFO
      activity that had been observed and reported up to that time. A link
      to the cover of that issue is:
      The article was entitled There Is A Case For Interplanetary Saucers.
      Constance said that the article was amazing and I hope to be able to
      read it for myself one of these days.
      I have learned alot about abductions by way of reading all of these
      books (I have been back to the Library again to get more since my
      discovery of the UFO/ET section) Lets just say that the shelf is
      pretty empty. One of the more disturbing items was that such a
      large percentage of the population of Earth is being Taken.
      Speilberg has made a film by that name that will be coming out around
      Christmas. From what I understand it is based on a book written by
      Dr. Karla Turner entitled Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction
      I have also learned that many of the symptoms that I have experienced
      over the years is common to Abductees. Until I decide whether I will
      be hypnotized, I will only Know for myself that this is the Truth for
      me. Spirit tells me that not only have I been Taken for most of my
      life but that my Mother was abducted also. I have also been told
      that all four of my children have been examined at various times in
      their lives and that my Husband has been a victim, but only because
      of his connection with me. My youngest, Jenny, was recently Taken and
      woke up in the morning on Saturday with two four inch long scratches
      on her shoulder and one on her leg, along with numerous bruises that
      she can't account for. At the same time that she was experiencing
      this I woke up with conjunctivitis, which I now know is a symptom of
      exposure to ETs and UFOs. Colloidal Silver was very helpful in
      clearing up my right eye and I found out about it by "accident". The
      night before I had gotten some Silver in my left eye when I put some
      on a raw spot on my eyebrow. The next morning I only had the red mess
      in my right eye. My left eye was completely clear. I proceeded to
      put some Silver in my right eye and it cleared up in a few hours. It
      wasn't until reading The Mothman Prophecies that I found out that
      conjunctivitis symptoms are common among abductees.
      Some other common symptoms are waking up feeling like you've been
      beaten, history of interaction with the Military in some way,
      recurrent ear infections, nosebleeds and sinus congestion,
      unexplained bruises and raw spots on your skin, numbness in your
      hands and feet. You also might recall hearing strange beeping sounds,
      buzzing or experienced vibrations throughout your body. There are
      reports of missing time and extreme fear of being alone or in the
      dark. I have been through it all but until doing this research I
      wasn't aware that there was a connection between these things.
      Ms Clear has been asked to help in putting together a show on
      abductions that will be shown on the Sci-Fi channel sometime this
      year and she asked me yesterday if I would be willing to participate
      with my children. I have told her that I need to Pray about it and
      she said that she would give me all the time that I need. I can tell
      you that I feel that it has been kept secret long enough, that enough
      people have suffered in silence, that knowing that your children are
      being Taken is a horrible, helpless feeling and that it is time to
      bring this issue out into the Open.
    • rick_n_la
      Gayle, thanks for posting this information - I can only imagine that it must have been pretty hard for you and I appreciate it. We have at least a couple of
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 3, 2002
        Gayle, thanks for posting this information - I can only imagine that it
        must have been pretty hard for you and I appreciate it. We have at
        least a couple of members that I know of who can relate and hopefully
        add to this.

        Any takers?

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