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  • Patrick Alexander
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      This is G o o g l e's cache of http://www.freestate.tv/2007/10/29/wall-street-czars-depopulating-the-world/ as retrieved on 17 Jan 2008 07:57:34 GMT.
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      --> What crimes did those corrupt overlords commit today?


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      Wall Street Czars depopulating the World By The Congress Blog in Uncategorized on October 29th, 2007
      Afsaneh Ostovar Press TV October 25, 2007 [Leuren Moret] has devoted her life to awakening the public to the destructive consequence of depleted uranium munitions that are used by the US military. She has made relentless efforts to stop the US continuing to pullout the environment. Q. The US is using DU weapons ...

      2 Responses to “Wall Street Czars depopulating the World?lt;/H3>
      Roger Helbig said:
      October 27th, 2007 at 1:57 am
      Leuren Moret not only deliberately misportrays herself as a scientist, she also does not know what she is talking about?this is Iranian TV, not exactly the NY Times or the Christian Science Monitor. There obviously was no fact checking involved. Tell me, do you think that a bachelor’s degree in geology makes you a scientist? Moret claims to be a nuclear scientist ?she might have brushed against one when they visited the Center for Applied Scientific Computing at Lawrence Livermore, but she surely was not a nuclear scientist. She worked at Livermore for less than a year as a Senior Scientific Technologist ?in an organization where doctorates and Nobel Laureates are common, a Senior Scientific Technologist sounds like little more than a lab tech. Moret knows where to find me ?my next door neighbor tried to bring her into a court case where he felt he should get a new sewer line for his 53 year old house just because I had a tree that took advantage of the cracks in it to
      swage its thirst ?the neighbor not only lost the court case, Moret did not get to testify since she really knew nothing about a sewer, but now the neighbor has been kicked out by his wife. It’s all in the court records in Superior Court of Contra Costa County, California ?http://www.co.contra-costa.ca.us and follow the link to the Superior Court and Court Case Information ?the sewer case by Jamal Fares is in 2006 and the latest action against Fares is in in 2007. Now, you might want to remove this blatantly false trash from your blog. I hope that you really aren’t that much into bad science fiction!
      Roger W Helbig
      rwhelbig at gee mail dot com

      Leuren Moret said:
      October 27th, 2007 at 11:23 pm
      Lt. Col. Roger W. Helbig is retired from the Air Force, fired by the U.S. Navy from his civilian job at the Mare Island Naval Shipyard, and hated by his neighbors in Richmond, California, for harrassing, stalking, and attacking them for 32 years. He and his wife are both chronic alcoholics.
      I was not able to testify as a character witness (against Lt. Col. Helbig) in his lawsuit against Mr. Feres who is a Syrian born businessman in Berkeley, California, BECAUSE LT. COL. AND MRS. HELBIG DROPPED THAT PART OF THEIR LAWSUIT 5 MINUTES BEFORE I WAS GOING TO BE CALLED TO THE WITNESS STAND. Lt. Col. Helbig and his wife put Israeli flags in every window of their house on the side of the house facing Mr. Feres’s house, in an attempt to harrass him. Lt. Col. Helbig and his wife have stolen items from the Feres’s, neighbors, out of cars belonging to visitors to Mr. Feres’s home, and admitted to this in court.
      Lt. Col. Helbig has harrassed me for at least 3 years all over the internet, harrassed Major Doug Rokke who was in charge of the depleted uranium cleanup team in the Gulf region after GW I (and is now dying from his exposure to depleted uranium), and citizens/newspaper sites/activists in Hawaii regarding two depleted uranium bills which I encouraged citizens of Hawaii to introduce into the legislature in January 2007.
      Lt. Col. Roger Helbig is operating under the direction of Dr. Michael Kilpatrick directly out of the Depleted Uranium office of the Pentagon. Dr. Kilpatrick uses retired officers to harrass civilians who are working around the world to stop depleted uranium weapons from being used. The fact that depleted uranium weaponry violates all international laws, war conventions, and agreements, meets the definition of WMD under US Federal Code, and violates US military law does not seem to matter to anyone in the Dept. of Defence, US government, Congress, or international judicial bodies which should stop it.
      The University of California will forever be known as “the University that poisoned the world?because thats the where the nightmare of nuclear weapons started under the Manhattan Project. The University of California is nothing more than a weapons of mass destruction contractor to the secret society of Skull and Bones at Yale University, and to the international bankers who run the City of London. Its also known as the Brotherhood of Death.
      Leuren Moret

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