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Forecast 2025

Forecast 2025 List of Countries http://www.deagel.com/country/forecast.aspx?pag=1&sort=GDP&ord=DESC
Murat Karadeniz
11:40 PM

Carl Boudreau - Nov. 2017 - Jupiter in Scorpio and the US natal char

November 2017 - Jupiter in Scorpio and the US natal chart.CARL BOUDREAU·THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2017My last post examined the global implications of the
11:17 PM

The Alabama Senate Special Election; Roy Moore

It's all over the news, so you have to know about the Republican candidate in the Alabama special election to replace Jeff Sessions. The controlled media have
Al Gray
Nov 14
Nov 12

Fw: ES News - Implanted Thoughts - November 2017 - Lisa Renee

  ...  Implanted ThoughtsDear judy,When we have a better comprehension of how Implanted Thoughts and mind control implants are used, we can better discern
Nov 11
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Fw: Picture An Elephant...........

Picture an elephant.   Big fellow. Now, picture an elephant over-dosed on Ex-Lax. You can hear the rumbling in the stomach. And you know, you just know, the
Al Gray
Nov 10
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Jose, Can You See?

 Jose, can you see? Star Spangled Banner's new opening line.  Well, not yet. But that's the trend right now if something or someone doesn't change things.
Al Gray
Nov 10

These Boots Ain't Made For Walkin'.........

With apologies to Nancy Sinatra for borrowing and reinterpreting her song title. Are Hillary’s and John McCain’s orthopedic boots actually
Al Gray
Nov 9

Lisa Renee - blog: Cosmic Mother-Father Codes

 Cosmic Mother-Father Codes - Energetic Synthesis ... Cosmic Mother-Father Codes - Energetic Synthesis By Lisa Renee Energetic Synthesis covers all aspects of
Nov 8

No Bullet Holes?

This Texas shooting, as Alice would say, gets "curiouser and curiouser". Long years of experience have taught all of us that the Establishment is not going to
Al Gray
Nov 8

A Few Good Questions............

My buddy up in Dudley Do-Right land sent this to me. So good that I have to share it. --- Dragon  A few good questions - 1 - Since only 8 million people have
Al Gray
Nov 5

If The Antifa Protests Were A Broadway Play..........

If the Antifa protests were a broadway play, it would have closed on opening night. Breitbart headline: ANTIFAIL: Low Turnouts At Nationwide ‘Refuse
Al Gray
Nov 5

Still Watching NFL Games?

Anyone out there still watching NFL football games? You might want to think about joining the thousands who've kicked the habit. I see football games on You
Al Gray
Nov 2

Fw: Who You Gonna Believe?

Who you gonna believe? Alfred. E. Neumann or Jeb Bush? Yeah. I know. Some choice! Everyone knows that Antifa will start the revolution on November 4. I was
    Al Gray
    Nov 2
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    Re: Fw: Carl Boudreau added a new photo

    My favorite, too, Dragon. You are welcome.  Judy On Wednesday, November 1, 2017 10:13 PM, "Al Gray captaindragonfarstar@... [ricksgardeningtips]"
    Nov 2
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