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Alzheimer's breakthrough using ultrasound

Alzheimer's breakthrough using ultrasound ...  Judy Alzheimer's breakthrough using ultrasound Alzheimer's breakthrough using ultrasound A new method of
5:14 PM

Re: dark side versus light

Illuminati is the Dark Side name that we all know. Just like Mexican drug lords, the Dark Side flies different flags. I know of no single source for the
Al Gray
11:01 AM

Letter To 008; 1 December, 2015..........

Letter To Agent 008  1 December, 2015 --- I did the calculation. 1690 years since Constantine's bishops and lackeys voted, that's the operative word here;
Al Gray
11:50 PM

dark side versus light

I was talking about dark side with an engineer. He said that dark side is illuminati. He obviously adressed the dark side. What about the light side,
Murad Karadeniz
Nov 30

Quote of the Day

"The true sign of intelligence is how fast someone can shift their belief system. To be able to go "oh I was wrong." And not hold on to it and be able to
MaryK Croft
Nov 30

Letter To 008; 30 November, 2015..........

Letter To Agent 008  30 November, 2015 --- Just when you thought the West could not get more decadent, along comes this one to top all the others. For now,
Al Gray
Nov 29

Re: Real News?

I read their lists and they were doing O.K. until I found Veterans Today listed as "clickbait". Red flags went up. Whatever Veterans Today is, it isn't
Al Gray
Nov 29

Real News?

Mary, Perhaps some of those are fake news sites, but how can anyone take this seriously when Snopes.com is one of the sources, lol. Seriously Mary? Sent from
Ginger Duckett
Nov 29

Real News?

Or not? This handy-dandy list will get your priorities straight: http://www.fakenewswatch.com/ --MaryK Courtesy is owed. Respect is earned. Love is given.
MaryK Croft
Nov 29

Letter To 008; 29 November, 2015.........

Letter To Agent 008 29 November, 2015 --- Transparent aluminum is here! Remember the old Star Trek movie? So much of what these 'science fiction' writers were
Al Gray
Nov 28

Re: Now they tell us.

I'm surprised that so many people still think that Oswald did it. Might be that most of the 30% are products of the American education prevention system. Young
Al Gray
Nov 28

Now they tell us.

Some of those outer planets are having the expected effect of uncovering long-hidden truths. My stepdad was convinced there was something really wrong with the
MaryK Croft
Nov 28

Abortion; The Debate Goes On.........

 The PTBs are beating the drums about abortion again. It began with the doctored video about Planned Parenthood exchanging baby parts for money. The video was
Al Gray
Nov 28

Letter To 008; 28 November, 2015.......

Letter To Agent 008 28 November, 2015 --- The Party of "No!". The Republican Party is the Party of No! Anything good that Obama does or proposes, they're
    Al Gray
    Nov 28
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    Re: Letter To 008; 23 November, 2015.......

    Veterans Today is one of the calmest of the sites that warn of war. They do like to dramatize. Keeps readership up. Your two posts helped me, and probably
    Al Gray
    Nov 27
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