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  • Al Gray
    Jul 29, 2014
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      What follows is from an on line correspondent. The message is self-explanatory. If what he says is true, then we have a huge problem to deal with. Those who are charged with the task of dealing with the problem have done and are doing nothing to help and impeding the work of those assigned to help. You know who they are. And if you don't, then you don't need to be reading this. What you need to do is find the political equivalent of Sesame Street and learn the basics. Then get back to me.
      His name is withheld by request.
      Al, We haven't discussed the border situation, I don't know how familiar with gangs you are, but I have a great deal of knowledge about them. For the past 25 years, before I retired 2 years ago, I worked with juvenile gangsters daily. I've accumulated a little knowledge about them. I've presented gang awareness classes to other staff, and to local sheriff and city police departments over the years. I have several 3 ring binders of papers taken from students in class that contain all the common gang signs, symbols, and "secret gangsta nolege." Their only function is to distribute the drugs our government brings in. They are all government employees, in a sense.
      I know all the Crip and blood signs by sight. I can recognize by the tattoos how many people a MS-13 member has shot, stabbed, or killed. How many rapes, how many felonies committed. I learned Ebonics from them in order to communicate better in class. I already know a fair amount of Spanish as well.
       I fear MS-13 the most. Bloods and Crips are dangerous, usually to each other.  But MS-13 has to be dangerous, in order to be initiated into the gang. An initiate is often taken in only after making a confirmed kill. The set leader chooses the target. Usually targets are local rivals in their areas, but often it is a random choice of innocents that may have pissed off the set leader somehow. Maybe a convenience store clerk that "dissed" him one day is chosen to be shot and robbed, by a 10 year old. When I retired to SE Georgia we had migrants to harvest the tobacco, peanuts, and sweet onions, and etc.. They were and are gentle people, and generally well liked and respected. Now we have large numbers of Hispanics that do not work the fields, most are decent people and many are my friends. First, La Familia began acting in the area, and drug use rose. The Dixie Mafia who usually took care of this business had new competition, or maybe now they just front the money. La Familia is still here and seems to have taken over. The past few years I began seeing more and more MS-13 tags around my area dissing the La Familia tags. Today, I see MS-13 tattoos on young teens in our local Wal-Mart about every time I go, (it's about the only store left in town now).
      Regardless of the gang the kid belongs to, they usually are not very smart about hiding such information, because those are the signs of power that will gain them more power within the gangs. They all some day want to become set leaders. Most of them know little about the power structure above set leader. I've had Crip and Blood students whose father was also his set leader in charge of 25-50 gangsters in his hood. Some of these kids are as young as 9 years old. I worked with 15-17 year olds, all convicted felons, and 90% on average were veteran gangsters. Most started below the age of 10, depending on his environment. The ones who started young were usually raised in govt. housing projects, and whose mothers were not only on welfare, but were also prostitutes, users and dealers.
      Latin gangs such as MS-13, 18th St., and the Latin Kings tend to have more family values, but still the gang becomes their primary family, and they will die for it.
      Ok, about the border. As you probably know, MS-13 originated in El Salvador during Reagans little war down there against the Contra's in Honduras. As you know from history, El Salvador was ripped apart by civil war, creating thousands of orphans whom the drug cartels organized, and MS-13 evolved from those roots. It moved into the southwest and took root there. Gangsters from LA were often deported back to El Salvador and they trained the home gangs the North American style.
      Honduras, was once my favorite places on Earth, an American is not safe there now. I was married to a beautiful Honduran I met as a soldier at Ft. Monroe, Va. She was a WAC stenographer to a 3 star general and worked in a top secret position in CONARC. She came to Miami at 12 to get an American education, and became naturalized at 17.  Her mother was a successful restaurant, bar, and hotel owner. Her father was an employee of the United Fruit Company...and probably CIA, based on how quickly she got her top secret clearance.
      Today MS-13 and their drug cartel handlers rule Honduras. Many, and I mean many of these young teenagers coming to the US are initiated gang members. Their family in the US is the gang, and that is how they will support their family at home. Some of these kids can earn thousands of dollars a month selling drugs. I know this. I've taught 16 year olds who owned brand new $40,000 Lexus and Acura's. One kid told me he was bringing in $3000 a week when he got busted. One of my students was busted by the FBI 3 days after graduating with top honors from our program, getting his "scat" (car) out of a locked storage shed. It had 6 M-16 rifles ("gats" or stolen guns) hidden in the trunk. The rifles were stolen from Ft. Stewart.
      MS-13 will triple in size within months with this new influx. Maybe coming to a neighborhood near you. La Raza will recruit the gangs when they arm up for Atzlan implementation.

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