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  • Al Gray
    Jul 21, 2014
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      I don't pay much attention to channeled messages. Most of them are the standard Love and Light stuff. I did listen to this one, though, because it originated from Lee Carroll. Lee Carroll is one of the few people, myself included, who did not buy into the 2012 hype that went on for so many years.
      So, I listened. The video is billed as a revelation of what comes next in the last half of 2014. Sounded interesting. Not far into the video he's advising us to act with integrity. Well, that's always good advice. Then comes the assertion that the world is gonna change and EVERYONE is going to act with integrity. Everyone. Including the banks.
      That's what he said. The banks. So he's telling us that Goldman Sachs, Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo, et al, are going to act with integrity? I hope y'all understand that this is very hard to believe. In fact, I don't believe it. But he goes on. Everyone is going to act with integrity. Starting some time this year, I reckon, 'cause the title of the video is all about what's in store for the second half of 2014.
      Integrity. It's what's happening. Everyone is gonna be into it. Even Dick Cheney?
      Can you picture Dick Cheney in a Santa Claus costume in the local mall listening to little kids tell him what they want for Christmas?
      And the pope is gonna confess to all the sins of the Catholic Church over the last 1500 years. And Netanyahu is gonna tear down the walls that divide his country and let the Palestinians live in peace, and vote, and hold public office.
      The list of integrity-deficient individuals and institutions seems to go on and on. But you get the point. Integrity. Yeah. Sure. They're gonna buy into that idea.
      He tells us to stop 'spinning' in these conspiracy theories 'cause, 'did you notice', it ain't bringing about peace on earth. Hey Kryon! Did you notice that before people took notice of these conspiracy theories there wasn't peace on earth then? It was only after they killed JFK that people began to wake up and organize and spread the word that something is very wrong in this country, and they began to look for the forces responsible.
      And they found them. The people found the forces responsible for all the ills of this country. And it is because they did, because the perpetrators have been exposed, that Kryon can talk about how it is that we know that the banks do not act with integrity. We know, because some one, some 'conspiracy nut', found out the truth and told us. It didn't start with the banks, and it doesn't stop with the banks.
      Thanks to all those who have been searching for and finding the truth, we now know the truth about 9/11, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the Mossad, the NSA and the CIA and the Secret Shadow Government with its space fleet. We now know that elections are rigged, likely have always been rigged. We know the truth about the Federal Reserve and the IMF. All these things, and so much more.
      If we don't get on the internet, if we don't talk to our neighbors and co-workers, then how are we going to be able to do what Sun Tzu counseled us to do 2500 years ago in his book, The Art of War?
      Know your enemy, he said.
      That cannot be over-emphasized. Sun Tzu's book is still in print 2500 years after he died. Who's gonna remember Kryon 2500 years from now?
      For sure, develop your intuition like he said. Act with integrity in all things. Can't argue against that.
      The earth is gonna change, but he doesn't tell us what forces are causing that. He tells us that there is a time capsule in Mt. Shasta and one in Turkey. Turkey? He doesn't tell us who put them there.
      I listened to the whole thing once and reviewed excerpts before I began to craft a response. My physical, gut, feeling is that there's less substance here than you'll find in cotton candy.
      My intuitive self says that the whole thing is well-crafted hopium.
      My self that acts with integrity advises anyone who listens to this to use their discernment.
      My skeptical self says to Lee Carroll and Kryon, 'come see me in January and tell me all about how the banks are now acting with integrity'.

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      Folks, I found this to be a great listen! If interested, see if you agree...

      Kryon - What's Next? In Last Half of 2014


      Published on Jul 10, 2014

      "The Next Step"
      Kryon with Lee Carroll
      Music by Robert Coxon
      Saturday, June 28th, 2014
      Syracuse, New York

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