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52189Project “Wake Up the World to VT” Launche s Now!

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  • Al Gray
    Jul 21, 2014
      Veterans Today is the most reliable source of information on the web. If you're not familiar with it, then now's the time to start reading it. VT does not deal in sensationalism as countless numbers of other sites do. Some of those sites' names are household words; like Alex Jones and Rumor Mill News.
      These sensationalist sites depend on advertisers for support. Sensationalism draws viewers, and more viewers means more advertising revenue. VT deals in facts and they have inside sources. By 'inside', I mean they have connections with intelligence services all over the world. So if the truth about the recent airliner crash ever comes out, it'll likely be from Veterans Today.
      Liberate yourself from these fear porn peddlers. All they're gonna do for you is give you adrenal burnout from over-stimulation.
      And while you're at it, free yourself from the Love and Light hopium peddlers, too.