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ôIt is only when the people become ignorant and corrupt, when they degenerate into a populace, that they are incapable of exercising the sovereignty.
MaryK Croft
7:50 AM

Jim Self - Planetary Update - May 2015

Planetary Update - May 2015 | Mastering Alchemy ... Planetary Update - May 2015 | Mastering Alchemy Planetary Update - May 2015 | Mastering Alchemy Skip to
May 2

Another very informative interview with Simon Parkes...

Simon Parkes Reveals Mind Control Secrets: How to Detect and Remove Physical and Etheric Implants! May 1, 2015
May 1

Re: Interesting Simon Parkes interview...

Simon Parkes is always a good interview. There's also a Part One at the link below.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkQBjXTiMIw  Dragon From:
Al Gray
Apr 30

Interesting Simon Parkes interview...

Folks, I thought I would pass this along as an interesting interview; however, please be sure to turn on your discernment meter, should you decide to tune
Apr 29

Latest from David Wilcock...

Folks, this is the audio for the latest lecture delivered by David Wilcock over the weekend. It’s interesting to hear the new revelations he is releasing ...
Apr 28

Re: Make Your Own Laundry Soap.......

i have made liquid soap for hand washing with the help of this e-mail ten months later after reading it! Email was marked for later revive. i put the liquid
Murat Karadeniz
Apr 28

Fw: Carl Boudreau posted a note: ...

Astrology Status for April 24, 2015 - Better Days Just Ahead April 25, 2015 at 9:51amRethinking Almost Everything [Except for the Venus and Pluto aspects at
Apr 25

Book: Recipe for Living Without Disease

Book: Recipe for Living Without Disease by Vonderplanitz - Aajonus "Cancer, then, is basically a fat deficiency. A deficiency in the utilizable cholesterol
Murat Karadeniz
Apr 18

Lisa Renee - April 2015 - Single Soul Occupancy

Single Soul Occupancy - Energetic Synthesis ... Single Soul Occupancy - Energetic Synthesis Single Soul Occupancy - Energetic Synthesis Energetic Synthesis
Apr 15

Re: Morgellons

"We'll see if they respond." No response so far, Judy. This is not a surprise. It's like trying to sell bacon in a Moslem community. I found I got the same
Al Gray
Apr 8

Re: Morgellons

I remember that. I heard about Joni's problem when I was still involved in the Morgellon's problem. She is so surrounded by helpers and handlers that I never
Al Gray
Apr 5

Re: Morgellons

Forgot to mention - the original article was on Joni Mitchell. On Sunday, April 5, 2015 11:04 AM, "Al Gray captaindragonfarstar@... [ricksgardeningtips]"
Apr 5

Re: Morgellons

... There's an online group on fb (can we trust this?), and I just sent a personal message to the assistant telling her there was someone/something that could
Apr 5

Re: Morgellons

Kimberlee!  You're a blast from the past, Kimberlee. I remember you from the chemtrail war days. I sent you some Double Agent salt to spray on towers. There
Al Gray
Apr 5
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