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Call For Proposals - edUi 2010 Conference

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    Don t See The Images? Visit: http://www.virginiafoundation.org/enewsletter/edui/2010/call-for-proposa ls.html
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      Don't See The Images? Visit: http://www.virginiafoundation.org/enewsletter/edui/2010/call-for-proposals.html

      edUi 2010 Conference November 8-9
      Charlottesville, VA

      A learning opportunity for web professionals serving institutions of learning.

      ============ We Invite You To Be A Part of edUi 2010! ============
      We seek dynamic speakers willing to share their knowledge and expertise about
      Web design, user experience design and development. Preference is given to
      presentations that offer practical methods and ready-to-use techniques and

      • Have you completed an innovative Web project at your institution that you want to tell others about?
      • Are you enthusiastic about introducing new technologies and techniques to other Web professionals?
      • Do you want to share your ideas about user experience design and development?
      • Are you ready to add something exciting to your CV or resume?

      Then Submit Your Proposal Now!
      Deadline for Proposals: July 16, 2010

      ============ Discounts ============
      • Submit a proposal and we'll give you $100 off the conference registration fee.
      • If your proposal is accepted, we'll include a full conference registration for free!

      ============ Headline Speakers ============
      If your proposal is accepted, you'll be speaking alongside some of the top names in web design!

      Paul Boag
      David Berman
      Nick DeNardis
      Alistair MacDonald
      Greg Rewis
      Stephanie Sullivan

      ============ Get Connected ============
      • Website: http://www.eduiconf.org/
      • Facebook: http://eduiconf.org/facebook
      • Twitter: http://twitter.com/eduiconf
      • Crowdvine: http://eduiconf.crowdvine.com/

      edUi is Produced By:
      Virginia Foundation for the Humanities
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