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FW: Emailing: Richmond Cycling Campaign > "On your bike" - Stanley Road

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  • Susan Scorer
    My first email failed. I ll see if this works. I had tried to send it to NICOLAS... but you don t exist! I wasn t sure if it was for the whole Yahoo Group.
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      My first email failed. I’ll see if this works. I had tried to send it to NICOLAS….. but you “don’t exist!” I wasn’t sure if it was for the whole Yahoo Group.


      Does the www.rcc.myzen.co.uk address still exist? If so, what is it  for please?




      From: Susan Scorer [mailto:susan_scorer@...]
      Sent: 01 December 2011 06:31
      To: 'Nick Tittle'
      Subject: FW: Emailing: Richmond Cycling Campaign > "On your bike" - Stanley Road



      You may be interested in this report on the developments in Stanley Rd., Teddington. I’m glad they considered cyclists!



      From: Lisa Fenn [mailto:L.Fenn@...]
      Sent: 30 November 2011 10:07
      To: Brianholder99@...
      Cc: Cllr Chris Harrison; Cllr Jeremy Elloy; rccrides@...; susan_scorer@...; i.dickinson@...; Mark Taplin; Piotr Slonina
      Subject: RE: Emailing: Richmond Cycling Campaign > "On your bike" - Stanley Road


      Dear Brian


      Following the recent consultation on the zebra crossing changes, there was support for the addition of a central refuge onto the existing zebra crossing on Stanley Road adjacent to the shopping parade. Councillor Harrison agreed to this going ahead yesterday. Works are programmed for early in the new year. Parking will not be affected in any way on the parade. Consideration was given to widening the footways both sides but this had cost implications from additional drainage in addition to having an impact on cyclists who would be forced to follow the new kerbline.


      With regards to Fulwell Road, we consulted on a build out on one side at the Stanley Road junction. Following detailed discussions with Tiles of Wisdom this was dropped from the proposals and we are now focussing on improved signage around the junction to deter vehicles from exiting the wrong way. There will also be significant footway work around this junction due to additional ducting requirements and posts required for the new signage. It is also proposed to upgrade a number of street lights around the zebra crossing as part of this scheme.


      Your idea for a diagonal crossing has been discussed before. This crossing distance would be greater than any of the other crossing arms and would result in a longer green man time, thus causing additional delay to traffic. This has not been investigated in any detail and given that pedestrian movements are relatively low at this junction, albeit higher at school times, I can’t see such a change in timings being supported.

      Kind Regards

      Lisa Fenn
      Principal Traffic Engineer , Highways and Transport
      London Borough of Richmond upon Thames
      Tel: 020 8487 5294 / Fax: 020 8891 7713

      Email l.fenn@....uk   
      We welcome both positive and negative customer feedback on the services we provide. If you wish to provide feedback please do so using our online feedback form. Thank you.

      From: Brianholder99@... [mailto:Brianholder99@...]
      Sent: 30 November 2011 09:09
      To: Lisa Fenn
      Cc: Cllr Chris Harrison; Cllr Jeremy Elloy; rccrides@...; susan_scorer@...; i.dickinson@...
      Subject: Fwd: Emailing: Richmond Cycling Campaign » “On your bike” – Stanley Road


      Dear Lisa,

      Can I have an update please?

      The brief summary seems to indicate that the further changes we discussed, especially the need for a Zebra Crossing upgrade, and improvements around the Fulwell Road lights, are under consideration. Were you able to get the pedestrian stats to support or reject the idea of official diagonal pedestrian routes at the lights? This would significantly reduce pedestrian delays with the crossings be done in one move, rather than two. As a matter of interest, I have quite often seen parents with pushchairs crossing from the new building side to the Belmont bakery side, but most struggled with the lack of a suitable kerb drop on the Belmont side.


      Brian H


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