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3299RE: New question and some yech

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  • aracona
    Nov 19, 2013

      Heh, yeah - it seems like it should be innocent enough but some folks have their minds in the gutter. LOL! It looks to me like Ernie Colon art. He did a pretty nice job on this one.  :-)


      ---In richierichsvault@yahoogroups.com, <gloriagladrich2@...> wrote:

      Howdy, a reader on my blog is trying to find the story where Gloria puts on a football uniform and plays football with the boys. Do any of you remember this story? I don't. I put up the one where Mrs. Rich plays football, but I don't remember Gloria.

      In other news, I found this website the other day that is creeping me out. I thought it was just a fun blog with Richie and Gloria stories, but I guess it is a blog for people who like to see cartoon girls tied up. I know there are much worse things people do in this world, but I am a bit freaked out on behalf on my namesake.

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