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3296Re: [Richie Rich's Vault] Sobering article in Business Week

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  • Phil Carpenter
    Nov 1, 2013
      Richie bags are common because of Harvey where house,
      Over street is a joke for lots of reasons!!! 

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      On Oct 31, 2013, at 10:38 PM, Tony Hill <bellczar@...> wrote:


      Your old comics are probably worthless, according to the article.


      But here's the thing: Richie and earlier comics are apt to be more valuable.  Comics were a mass-market thing until the early 80s.  Comics were everywhere: grocery stores, drug stores, convenience stores, gas stations, in 3 and 6-packs on racks, etc.  They cost 35 cents in the late 70s.  Then the prices went up not only due to inflation but also comics being transformed from a mass-market into a specialty item mostly available in collector's shops for $2.99 or something outrageous.  As a result, very few of the mass-market era comics survived; whereas nearly all of the specialty-era comics not only survived but went unread straight into poly bags.  So the Richie comics that are left are indeed rarities.

      Even so, Overstreet pricing is pure nonsense.  I always use the example of Zillions #1, which is more plentiful and less in demand than Zillions #2, but contains an ignorant Overstreet price.  And why should Zillions #1 be any rarer than the other Richie comics issued the same day.


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