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3288RE: A Richie story that makes you think!

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  • gloriagladrich2
    Oct 25, 2013
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      I love these replies! Everyone gets something different out of a Richie story, and that is why we love them so much! I was scared to reply to this thread because I am always the last comment and when I come to this page it is all ME ME ME on the main page and it is giving me a complex. So, someone please reply after me, even it's just "Hi" so my name (well, faux name) is not up AGAIN....

      And in fun news, I put up the Richie vs. the Red Knight story yesterday if you are in the mood for more Richie-ing.... 

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      Oh, I don’t know.  This could be a pretty dull board if no one felt they could discuss the Richie stories in any detail.  Sometimes such observations can be very tongue in cheek and funny.  Besides, even the most unrealistic stories need to have internal logic for them to work.  Hopefully, we can have fun discussing the Richie stories even if it’s just to make them more humorous and get an even bigger laugh at the classic humor.
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      Well, the story made me think that I'm glad that as a kid I was better at suspending disbelief and didn't try too hard at pointing out story faults.  For example:


      1) Richie getting in and out of the lab not once, but twice?  Convenient.


      2) Why does Richie feel compelled to do everything himself?  Does this story predate Professor Keenbean?


      3) If the guard at the beginning is so competent, why didn't he look in the back of the truck and notice the lack of new bills?


      4) If exposure to water reverses the effect of the formula, how was Professor Eevil going to shrink the armored car that is at the bottom of a lake?  (Fourth panel from the end)

      I could go on but I won't.  Best to leave the deep thoughts out of comic books!


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      Hmmm, you're never going to enjoy Richie Rich if THOSE are the kind of questions that come into mind with every story.  But I must say that I am more concerned about Bascomb spending his free time at Indian casinos.   http://www.mysticlake.com




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      Well, it at least makes me think. :)

      http://richierichcomicsfanclub.wordpress.com/2013/10/17/deep-thoughts-by-richie-rich/ http://richierichcomicsfanclub.wordpress.com/2013/10/17/deep-thoughts-by-richie-rich/

      What do YOU think?
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