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3282RE: Casper=Richie and Poil=Gloria?

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  • gloriagladrich2
    Oct 10, 2013

      AAAAHHHH!!! Ernie Colon just commented too!!! I cannot believe this fantastic day! AAAAHHH!! I think a Nobel Prize would not feel this amazing! HAPPPPPPPYYYY!!!!!!!

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      Congratulations!  Very cool!

      -Jon 8-)


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       Just have to share that Sid Jacobson just commented on my blog. I am so happy I am bursting out of my skin!!! What an amazing world we live in! Hurrah!!! I cannot stop smiling and dancing around the house! Wow wow wow what a fantastic day! Yea Richie Rich!

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      Reggie Van Dough’s father seemed to have three different first names: Percival, Edgar and Reginald.
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      I don't know about Spooky but Tiny was originally written as "Runt". And before settling on Stumbo, "Dumbo" and "Bumbo" were briefly considered.


      -Ben Samuels

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      They are connected out of pure artistic simplicity: spooky is actually just a re-touched up Casper.
      I'm More interested to know who knows What the original name for spooky is?

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      On Oct 5, 2013, at 5:50 PM, <gloriagladrich2@...> wrote:


      And that is why this group is so fantastic, I had no idea that was a Simpsons joke. I've read about it on the net for years and assumed it was a secret rumor that is under the radar. I didn't know about the stock outline, very interesting!

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